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The Mischievous Beta

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"Who the f*ck give you the right to ask around about my past?" Eris was yelling at the most ruthless alpha of the werewolf world. "I am your Alpha and you will obey me like everyone else." Alpha Lucian growled at her angrily. "I don't remember submitting to you. Are you that desperate to have me in your pack?" Eris challenged the demon again. Alpha Lucian grabbed her by her hair and pulled them. "Submit to me, now!" He growled, trying to force her to submit. "You can try anything. Nothing works on me. You have to either kill me or banish me." She Challenged him back, that same mischievous grin was on her face. The next second, Alpha Lucian bent her down on his desk. He pulled her pants down, making her heart stop in fear. "You will know now why I am the demon wolf." He growled in her ear seductively. His hand suddenly collided with Eris' butt, making her gasp in surprise. She was definitely not expecting that from the ruthless monster. …………… Eris was the daughter of the Beta. Her morals were high and she never lied. That became the reason for her Doom. Her own mate abused her, and left her on the street, naked. And it was all because she dared opening her mouth against the cruelty of the alpha's family. She was always expecting for worse in her life when Alpha Lucian took over her pack. Alpha Lucian wants her to submit to him but she doesn't trust any alphas anymore. What will happen when a broken heart woman tries to fight the alpha aura. Will she succeed or will she be killed?

Chapter 1 The Beginning

THIRD PERSON'S POV:-It was like every other night in the Dark Wolf Pack. Everyone was celebrating the thirtieth birthday of Alpha Coltson's older son, Samael. Although it was almost his age to take over the pack, for some reason, he kept on delaying the ceremony. His father didn't want his younger son to take over the pack, that's why he was coping up with everything Samael threw at his father. Everyone was at the party except for the man who's birthday it was.A few miles away from the pack house, there was a dungeon where the Pack's criminals, rogues and others were locked. After 9 o'clock at night, the jail would frown in silence and darkness. Everyone went to bed before 9.Eris was sound asleep in her cell. After working in the sun for straight twelve hours was no easy job. And after that, the jailers just don't let her be. She was the criminal who had offended the Alpha and his family. Suddenly, a jailer banged the cell bars where Eris was. "Get up, Cameron. You have a visitor." The jailer shouted, waking up every other person in the cell.But Eris dared not to move. She was facing the wall, trying to hide in the corner. She knew what day it was and who might have come to visit her. Not that anyone from her family would come to see her. It was only him…"Get up, Cameron! I know you are not asleep." The jailer growled again, making Eris grit her teeth in anger. She sat up on the ground and glared at the jailer. "Tell that f*ck*r that I am not interested in seeing him tonight." Eris growled at the jailer angrily. A man was standing not too far away from the cell she was in. He looked at the ground and a smirk appeared on his face."Bring me the one who hasn't gotten her wolf." He whispered, trying to make sure that only the jailer would hear him. But he knew for sure that Eris had heard him as well. Fear gripped her heart almost immediately as her mind showed her pictures of another young wolfless girl going through the cruel stuff that she went through. Things that scarred her for the rest of her life.She stood up and walked toward the cell door without saying anything. His smirk widened as he felt her submission again. He walked away as he had to wait for her in that special room where he always took her. The jailer pulled her out of the cell and everyone else was looking at her with pity. She was always the one who sacrificed herself to save the others.In chains, she was taken to that special room where Samael was waiting for her. As she stepped in, he stood up and walked toward her. The jailer pushed Eris inside and locked the door from the outside. Eris wanted to laugh at everyone but she remained calm. It was not like she could actually run away."Are you not going to wish me, my mate?" Samael asked, amusement was glistening in his eyes. He was scratching her wound open. "I will wish you the day I see your body ripped into shreds." Eris growled at him angrily. He chuckled as he heard her, shamelessly. He took a step closer toward her. With the back of his hand, he slapped her. Eris was about to fall on the ground when he grabbed her by her chains and wrapped it around her neck. "Your mouth has gotten more troublesome. I shall put it to good use, what do you say, my mate?" Samael whispered seductively in her ear while he was choking the life out of her. The silver chains burned into her skin but she dared not shed a single tear.Samael pushed her on her knees in front of him and unzipped his pants. He pulled his throbbing c*ck out of his pants and slapped it in her face. "Open your mouth and s*ck my c*ck, you f*ck*ng wh*r*." Samael growled at her as he saw that she was being stubborn. Eris shut her mouth tightly and while glaring at him, she shook her head. He chuckled as he was enjoying her misery. He pinched her nose tightly, blocking her airways. For a while, she thought it would be for better if she could just die in that dungeon. But then again, she couldn't do that as well.About three hundred lives were dependent on her. She was practically an alpha to all of them. Protecting them from the alpha and his family. At last, for the sake of all the girls Samael would ruin if she died, Eria opened her mouth. But he didn't let her breathe. His throbbing hard c*ck was inside of her mouth, f*ck*ng her deep.He was rough, as always and he wasn't letting her breathe enough. She was struggling but the chains forbade her from pushing him away. She could only hope that he would finish before he would kill her. Samael released an animal like growl and came inside of her mouth then all over her face. He grabbed her hair and pulled her up. "Close your mouth and savor my semen inside your mouth." He growled at her. For the sake of her people, she did exactly as he asked for."Now open your mouth and show me." He growled and she did exactly as he asked for. A satisfied smile appeared on his face."Now swallow it!" He ordered and she obliged. Before she could think straight, he pulled her by her hair, slammed her against the wall, ripped her clothes into shreds and did it again.He forced himself on her again and she took it again for the sake of the innocent girls he would ruin if she tried to defy him.The jailer took her back to her cell. She was trying to hide her naked body from all the other eyes but the jailer was pulling hard on her chains. Her head was narrowed, her eyes were filled with the tears of humiliation as she walked back to her cell.The jailer pushed her in. He deliberately touched her *ss knowing she wouldn't be able to do anything. Smirking mischievously, he locked the door and walked away. While she was being r*p*d by her own mate, the jailers were watching her and masturbating. A mother walked up to her and grabbed her hand. She pulled the chains off of Eris, no matter how much it hurt her. Eris was pulled to the side where one woman was pouring water on Eris while the others were cleaning her up. They gave her clothes to cover her body."When will it stop? When can we breathe freely?" A mother asked who was in jail because she asked the alpha to pay her child support because one of the alpha's sons had her pregnant. Eris placed her hand on the woman's shoulder to help her calm down. "I believe, soon! Soon the Coltson family will pay for every single one of their sins. And that time, we will watch them suffer." Eris replied angrily while staring at the children who were sleeping soundly.……………Samael stepped out of the dungeon when suddenly, the sirens from all around the pack caught his attention. He ran up to the pack house, only to see it surrounded by a bunch of werewolves. They were not the rogues. They were following orders from an alpha who seemed stronger, at least, stronger than his father.Instead of going in and fighting like an alpha, Samael ran the other way. He crossed the borders before anyone could see him. Alpha Lucian, the most notorious alpha of all, was looking for the alpha's family. He was informed that Alpha Ramsay's younger son had been found.Alpha Lucian went to check. As he approached the captive, all of his warriors leaned forward to bow their heads in respect for their alpha. Alpha Lucian grabbed Dorian's hair and pulled them harshly. "Where are they? Where is your family? Where is the Alpha's family? Where is the beta's family? Where is the gamma's family? Where are all the soldiers?" Alpha Lucian growled at Dorian but he remained silent. "Oh! Is that how it's gonna be?" Alpha Lucian growled as he pushed Dorian on his knees in front of him and turned to look at his beta."Take him to the dungeon, Beta. And make sure he knows why my pack is the strongest of all packs." Alpha Lucian ordered his Beta. Beta Neal nodded his head. Beta Neal grabbed Dorian by his hair and dragged him to the Pack's small dungeon. He then turned to his Gamma while gritting his teeth. "Toss every single thing inside the pack house and alpha's mansion. Find out everything that you can about them. You have tonight." Alpha Lucian barked the order at his Gamma. Gamma Hank bowed in front of his alpha and walked away to get the job done. While Alpha Lucian went to the dungeon to check up on the prisoners who would be willing to give up the b*st*rd's family.

Chapter 2 The Ruthless Alpha

THIRD PERSON'S POV:-The dungeon guards were still on duty. The jailers had no idea of what was going on in the pack. Beta of the Lightning Horde Pack, Beta Neal, entered the building. The dungeon that was known to be the nightmare for all the criminals of the werewolf world, suddenly turned into something to cage only disobedient women. Then it became the place where all those young people were locked who got abused by the alpha's family. Even Luna was keeping her sex slaves locked in that building. Whenever she wanted to taste something different, she would come and abuse young men. There weren't only women locked in the dungeon, men were there too. All the criminals in that dungeon were innocent people who were being abused by the pack's officials.Beta Neal walked into the dungeon unnoticed because the guards and the jailers were all sleeping soundly. The Lightning Horde Pack had surrounded the wh


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