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The Lycan Sassy Luna

The Lycan Sassy Luna

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You shameless whore. On what grounds do you level such allegations against me?”Alexis couldn’t believe what she had heard. It all started in a bar where she worked as a waitress. She had never seen him, and she thought he was quite the handsome one.She was still lost in his visual, when he suddenly pulled her on top of him, and breathed in her scent from her neck. He was staring straight into her eyes, like he could look into her soul, she could only stare back as though his eyes had magnetized hers and drawn them to his.He leant in and breathed her scent one more time, then turned her, so he was now on top of her. He brought his lips to her and kissed her, and then…

Chapter 1

Events had always taken place as they liked. Things had happened, they had come and they had gone. But this was the beginning of so many this yet to happen. All of this was either going to not change Alexis or it was going to change her a lot.

Sitting outside a bar at night, Alexis could only hope that the cold and mosquitoes would not be as vicious as in other times. She sat staring into the distance, and her mind kept wandering back to some childhood moments. She thought of her parents, but each time she did, she couldn’t focus properly on the image of their faces. Alexis couldn’t remember much of her parents, because she was only six years old when they died.

Most of the memories she had were form the orphanage she had stayed in for twelve years. There were things she hated, and there were things she had liked. She had made friends, but non-committal ones, they knew that the chances of them meeting after they left the orphanage was low. Some of them had left before her, others she had left behind.

Before coming to the bar on whose front steps she was sitting now, Alexis had wandered, in the cold, under the rain, and under the blistering sun. She didn’t have much possessions to her name. Everything she had was contained in a small handbag which she carried around. Most of the things had been given to her from the orphanage.

Exhaustion had finally bore down on Alexis, and somehow she managed to sleep, ignoring even the mosquitoes and the coldness of the night. She didn’t think she had been asleep for two long when voices and rustlings around her woke her up. She opened her eyes to see two guys who could have been in their late twenties. She began to panic instantly but decided to keep her cool.

One of them had a knife with which he traced her jawline, and the other just ran his fingers along her arm. She was breathing heavily now. Alexis looked around to see if anyone around could help her, she saw people milling about but no one of them seemed to care about a 19 year old girl being harrassed my two guys.

She had given up the fight and left it to nature and fate to decide what would happen to her. She closed her eyes, still breathing heavily and shaking violently. This had only drawn giggles out of the guys. Alexis still had her eyes closed when she heard a voice that seemed to frighten the guys.

“Arthur! Conrad! I warned you didn’t I? You were not put out here to harass young girls or steall from people. If I see you making anymore trouble out here, I would be shipping your arses to that little dump where I found you. Now apologise!”

Instantly they checked themselves and said a rushed apology to Alexis who was just watching.

“Come here child,” The lady motioned to her. “Why are you out here by yourself in the middle of the night?”

Alexis got up with shaky legs and went to meet the woman, she didn’t look that old maybe mid-thirties.

“Have you got a name?” the kind lady asked her.

“Alexis ma. My name is Alexis.’’

The lady smiled at her. "It's good to see someone so young have such a firm grasp on who they are." She took a seat next to Alex and held her hand. "I am Mrs. Caroline, I live down the street from you," she told her. "Would you like some tea or hot chocolate?"

"Thank you, but it's cold out there right now."

Mrs. Caroline nodded and then turned back to look out over the city as if she was watching for something.

"Are you looking for your parents?"

Alexis shook her head. "No, they don't live here anymore. They left this city six months ago. But are deceased now"

"Well you should go home before it gets any darker outside." I don't have a place to go to and my foster home's terrible." Alexis said sadly.

Mrs. Caroline frowned and stood up. "I can take you to your house. Follow me please."

They walked down the road together until they came to a large mansion. It had a red roof, white walls with black trim and windows which were made of colored glass. There was also a large fountain in the front yard and a small garden area around it.

"This is your house?" It's my foster home.

Caroline looked sad and discouraged seeing the condition the house was under.

“Beautiful child, where are you parents?”

“I don’t have parents, I lost them both in a landslide when I was six years old.”

“Oh you poor thing.”

Alexis was guided into the bar, and she clung tightly to the woman, who led her into a back room where there was no one else. She sat down, and sat Alexis down beside her holding her hand.

“My name is Caroline. Caroline Scarzolli, I own this bar. First things first I want to apologise for those guys’ behaviour. I found them in some shithole where they were being maltreated and brought them here. They opted to be stand as security outside the bar, who knew they would be up to such mischief.” she shook her head in utter disbelief.

“It’s okay ma-”

“You can just call me Caroline, everybody here calls me that.”

“Okay ma- Caroline. Thanks a lot for taking me in, it was so cold out there.”

“No problems at all. Don’t you have any family relations to stay with here? It is too dangerous for you to be wandering all around by yourself, especially at night.”

“A relative of mine was contacted after I left the orphanage I was put in. My aunty from my Dad’s side. But she refused to take me in, saying I was too grown up for her to look after me, and that I’d seduce her son, and most probably her husband too.”

“A woman said that to you? Which pit of hell was she made from. And so she let you wander about and fend for yourself.”

“I have been working menial jobs since I left her place, but none of them lasted for long. I slept anywhere I could find. I even went to a home for girls my age, but they wouldn’t let me in because I wasn’t pregnant.”

Caroline sighed heavily and shook her head before saying; “What kind of a world do we live in now? I’m sorry Alexis, I’m really sorry that things like that had to happen to you. Nobody deserves any of it. What do you think about working for me? You could earn a lot of money from working here, and you would not have to worry about where to live, you could live with me if you want to. My house definitely needs some one to fill it up.”

“Really, I could do that? Thank you so much, Caroline.” Thinking for some moments, she added; “How about your husband, or your children?”

“They were killed three years ago.” She shook her head to clear the memory and looked back at Alexis with a smile on her face, “Why not sleep here for now, we can talk more tomorrow morning when you are rested, and have had something to eat.”

As Caroline turned to leave, Alexis thought of asking her what had happened to her husband and children, but common sense told her not to. All she could get out of her mouth was a simple thank you, that seemed to have gone missing within the four walls of the room, because Caroline’s ears definitely did not catch it.

The next morning, the sun rays coming inside through the window, woke Alexis up. She roused herself from sleep not remembering where she was at. She was still rubbing her eyes when it all came back to her. Caroline. Caroline had taken her in, given her a job and a place to stay, and didn’t even ask her for anything in return. For the first time in a long time, she prayed to a God she really didn’t believe in, and said Thank You.

She went out in search of Caroline, the morning sun was almost blinding. Caroline found her, before she did.

“Morning, Alexis. Did you sleep well?”

“Morning, Caroline. I slept better than I had in ages thanks to you. What about you? You look like you pulled an all-nighter.”

“I’m used to that now, so you shouldn’t worry about me. We should worry about you and getting some food into your system. And besides you need to shower and change your clothes. We probably should go get you new clothes. But first, food, you need to eat.”

She motioned one of the girls over. Alexis had not noticed them here yesterday, I did not even get a good look at the bar itself, so she looked around while Caroline gave certain instructions to the girl she had called.

“Alexis?” She turned away sharply from the view she was already photographing with her eyes and keeping safe in her memory.

“This is Sarah Blackthorne, she would be assisting you and showing you around the place, till you can find your footing.”

My name is Alexis cross. Alexis extended her hand to shake Sarah’s. Sarah took the hand and pulled Alexis in for a hug. She let her go and smiled.

“No need for such formalities, Alexis. If Caroline has welcomed you, then I too have welcomed you. And I personally do like you, not sure why though, but I think we would make such great bestfriends.”

Alexis smiled back at her and said; “Is everyone here as nice as you and Caroline?”

They all laughed, and Sarah answered; “Of course, there’d be some unpleasant people, but don’t worry, most of them would only be jealous they don’t look half as good as you.”

They all laughed again, and Alexis noted the wholesome relationship Caroline seemed to have with her workers.

“Okay,” Caroline interjected mid-laugh, since you’re both getting along so well, you’d have much more time to catch up later, for now we need to get Alexis something to eat, and go buy her some new clothes.”

“I could come with you, get Alexis something to eat at your house, then you can go rest, and I would take Alexis to go get some new clothes.” Sarah suggested.

“That would be mighty fine, Alexis is that okay with you?”

“How could that not be okay with me? You ladies could be the nicest people I have met.”

We just smiled in turn and remained quiet, it was Sarah who finally spoke; “That one melt my heart.” She held he hand to her chest and we all laughed again.

Chapter 2

At a time in her life, when she least, or didn’t even believe in a God, a miracle had come her way.

She would remember in many years time, she wouldn’t even forget once, the warmness with which Caroline and Sarah had welcomed her.

Inside Caroline’s car, Alexis could point out different places where she had wandered through. But through the window of the car, with the warmness that now sat in her heart, they looked different, not as scary, not as ugly, not as meaningless. Each step she had taken in each of those places led her to this moment where she met Caroline Scarzolli and Sarah Blackthorne.

Caroline’s house wasn’t so big, or filled with unnecessary grandeur, but it was beautiful. There was peacefulness about it. It felt like a home.

Sarah and Alexis left Caroline to rest up and went to shop for clothes together. On their way they laughed and talked about a lot of things, Sarah pointed out sights to Alexis. They got ice cream after shopping for they neede


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