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The Lycan’s Mate

The Lycan’s Mate

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A long time ango, Lycans and humans live amongst each other, maintaining peace. What happens when the peace is tampered with due to greed and selfish reasons? Mila is a young girl taken away by the Lycan King as some sacrifice to the gods. She is a young girl still discovering her path. Alpha Roman is the Lycan King who instructed her capture. He is a cold hearted, cruel man. In the course of her stay, he realizes she is his mate. Will he let himself fall in love with such a weakling or would he rather go against the Moon Goddess?

Chapter 1

Mila’s POV

I silently made my way through the trees while almost out of breath. Although the sun hadn't yet risen, the sky was already softly lit by the tendrils of its sluggish fingertips.

I could feel the harsh, cold January air in my lungs, yet I wasn't chilled by the winter's chill. As I moved slowly through the familiar forested region, I kept an ear out for any remaining sounds of life.

I leaned against the trunk of a tree and easily reached for my firearm. I carefully prepared my bow, holding a thin arrow between my fingers as I got ready.

I sat quietly, listening to the cool air travel through the barren trees lazily. Just in the distance, something shuffled timidly yet too clumsy for its own good. I strung my bow and twisted around the tree lithely. My sight aimed at the creature; a young deer wandering silently for food. Its tail lifted and lowered as it stepped hesitantly over the floor of the woods.

Deer were noted for being suspicious and paranoid while also appearing almost elegantly naive. I liked those people. I did, however, enjoy the outdoors and wildlife in general.

I took a deep breath and slowly set my aim on the deer, preparing to strike with as little force as possible. Shortly after lifting its head, it cast a quick glance around as though it noticed me. I remained motionless where I was, effortlessly fitting in with my surroundings.

When it deemed itself momentarily safe, I began to release my arrow. "Mila!"

The cry was so close to where I was that it made me flinch. On the other hand, the deer didn't spend any time. It started, frantically trying to get away.

I rapidly followed the tree as it twisted around, taking aim as I went, and then I released the bow string with a deadly accuracy. I jumped from my position without waiting, putting my bow away to get a big knife out of the strap on my leg.

When I got to the deer, it was kicking and clinging to what little life it still had while laying on the forest floor. My intentions had not been as pure as my purpose.

"Shhhh, don't move," I whispered as I lowered myself to it carefully, lightly running my hand over its head with pity.

The deer seemed to take my suggestion to heart. It fell silent, no longer struggling against the pain I caused. I had something of a connection to the animals.

Sometimes, it was as though they could listen to me.

"I'm sorry," I whispered solemnly before drawing my knife over its throat swiftly.

"Mila, are you out here?" My brother called out determinedly closer. I cleaned my blade before putting it back in its sheath attached to my leg.

I began untwisting straps that I'd use to drag the body back to the village and frowned as my brother walked into visual


Greg and I were distantly related, but other than our eyes, we didn't resemble each other at the time. Greg was seven years younger than I was. Even though he frequently assisted my dad with hard labor tasks around the village, he was frail and gangly and lacked muscle tone. His ginger hair, which appeared odd with his disproportionate number of freckles. He was pallid as a result of being rejected by the sun, much like my mother.

I turned out more athletic and curvy than my more petite mother. My hair was black like coal which shines blue under moonlight. It stuck out between my family members being

most were either redheads or brunettes. But all doubt of heritage was smothered by the Young family eyes; a jealous green of emerald fire. My father, brother, and I all

shared the trait.

My mother on the other hand held amber copper which darkened in the night to sable. When I properly strapped the deer, I stood to gain Greg's attention.

"I was calling you," He groaned with irritation, glaring at a nearby bush that caught a hold of his sleeve stubbornly. I

smiled as he stormed moodily towards me. He would be turning eleven soon and already he showed signs of that teenage doom and gloom. I liked him despite his annoyances.

"I was hunting," I told him, "And you almost cost me game, by the way."

"You never lose the game," He muttered, disbelieving. I began walking back towards home and he followed beside me silently.

After a moment, I glanced at him curiously.

"Dad told me to get you..." He seemed really bothered; more so than usual. When he stopped moving forward, I paused as well.

"What is it?"

"We should go camping for a few days. Like how you do sometimes," Greg suggested. I laughed. "You hate camping outside!"

"Maybe I've changed my mind," He muttered unhappily. I looked at him carefully, having already guessed what was bothering him. January was the month of the Wolf Moon.

Every year, the lycans demanded sacrifice from the human villages in exchange for their use in the hunt. Since our community was one of the biggest human habitats, the likelihood that we would be sacrificed appeared remote. When hunting as I frequently did, it was more probable to be slain at random by a wandering werewolf. At least until one of Greg's closest pals got chosen last year.

The whole thing seemed unsettling. Each year, the lycan race's King Alpha announced the sacrifice's conditions, which occasionally demanded young males of legal age or the elderly.

I had never felt such raw fear as then, and so this year I could understand Greg's discomfort.

The King Alpha required 13 to 18-year-old virgin girls. I was tucked in the middle of the prerequisite. It's not like I declared that I was a virgin. In truth, I thought about lying, but if they were discovered, those who were trying to avoid the process would endanger the lives of everyone they knew. I then acknowledged my potential and waited for the designated lycans to show up in each town on the day of the Wolf Moon.

That day happened to be today.

"I'll be fine," I told Greg, reaching to mess up his hair before pausing. Blood still dirtied my hand from the deer. Instead, I bumped into him teasingly.

"Come on. If Dad is calling for me, that means the lycans are here."

When I walked into the house, it was into a world of chaos. My mother was hysterical with panic, similar to last year when she had to present Greg to the wolves. I could still

hear her cry of sheer relief and terror when he came back untouched but in tears.

"Milena, where were you?!" She screeched in

fear. I dropped the deer in bewilderment. My close family were all buzzing around the room in panic. My aunt immediately began to pull off my clothes while my cousin

simultaneously began tugging the presentation dress over my head.

"There's no time for a bath, darling. The other potentials are already there." My aunt cooed to me as soothingly as possible, picking at the remains of the woods in my wild hair. My initial shock was turning into real fear.

"I'm late?" I asked.

"We sent Greg for you hours ago." My cousin stressed with anxiety. I stepped into the shoes placed in front of me, but it did me no good.

I looked wrecked. A glance around revealed a

guilty-appearing Greg who no doubt had tried to postpone my return to avoid having to present me. My mother was beside herself now that I was here, wailing with fear.

My father was comforting her the best he could, but he looked terrified himself.

"There's just no time, Milena. Go on. Get there as fast as your feet will take you," My aunt instructed me, her voice strained.

Before I could turn to obey, she grasped my face in her hands quickly. "Step lightly, my child.”


"Remain unseen," I breathed, repeating what had been lectured to me since the requirements had been announce.

I instantly fled back into the brisk January morning air after she let go of me. I sped to the presentation, my feet less sure. Everyone was awakening as the sky suddenly became too bright. People I knew and didn't know were standing in doorways and peering out of windows as I ran by.

My feet didn't feel light; they felt weighty. I felt really exposed and watched by everyone. Fear caused my gut to tighten.

I walked up to the Center Hall, the townhouse where the annual presentation was held. Other than my hurried breaths as I grabbed for the door, there was no sound in the area.

I hesitated, taking a moment to collect my

breath before straightening my shoulders and opening the door.

"Finally!" The village leader John declared as he saw me enter the lobby. He immediately grasped my arm, tugging me almost roughly towards a side door.

"You're late and they're extremely impatient... people."

"Im sorry," I apologized sincerely, trying not to panic as I was led into the presentation

I looked around and saw people standing, each with an expression of fear as we entered. Most were relieved when they saw it was just me, but many others seemed to be stuck in that constant terrorized state.

"Stand with them. I'l be right back," John announced, leaving me with the rest swiftly. I quickly shuffled to the end of the line, glancing at the others despite not wanting to.

I didn't want to see the face of the one chosen.

I would already be haunted enough. But as I waited, I saw that every female had been thoroughly washed. Their hair was precisely groomed. Their clothing for the presentation were flawless, free of any stains or tears. Even for a brief period, their skin was shielded from the elements.

I paused and cast a downward glance at myself.

My wild hair still had traces of my search and the woods. Because of the sprint here, my dress got torn. The blood of my prey was on my hands. I still had a lot of blood from dragging the corpse along the backs of my legs. I smelled like nature in general, the trees, and the fauna. I was terribly obvious.

Step lightly. Remain unseen.

When the door opened again loudly. The others whimpered beside me, just as terrified to be there as anyone else. I stared at the two forms that followed behind the village leader, never having laid eyes on the deity

shapeshifters before. My fear was overwhelming, but at the same time, I was horribly curious and dazed at being before

such creatures.

As he permitted the other to take the initiative, one stood apart, clearly showing respect for him. The dominant lycan was a commanding presence who was strong in his very being. I believed that even if I stared at him for hours, I would only be able to recognize a few of his features. He looked awful in person. He didn't actually glance at us, but he was putting off energy as he stepped in front of us. Short and unmaintained, his hair was either light brown or dark blonde.

He was horribly scarred on every part of him that

I could see bared which wasn't much. His face held marks of animal attacks, claws and teeth alike, but despite the apparent scars he was striking and god-like. He resembled some of the gods I had pictured in my head while I was growing up.

Chapter 2

"My name is King Alpha Roman Stone," He announced sharply, his voice a growl of distaste as he addressed us with a us as a whole; as though he couldn't actually see the potential victims. I would have been stunned by his introduction, after all the King Alpha was considered the highest on the lycan rulership and in the same way the

highest ruler over the human cattle, but my current level of panic was too high to surpass any further.

I felt downright numb.

“As you know, I'm here to select the sacrifice.Every village offers one to each pack and you will be selected for the Trinity pack," The King Alpha stopped momentarily before announcing what he deemed obvious, "My pack."

He turned to glance at John.

"This is all of them, right? Or should we just spend some time picking off members of your community until you're ready?" His tone was so dark and nasty enough as it was, but the idea that my tardiness coul


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