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The Lycan And His Angel

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Captived and kept away from civilization for her whole life, Isabelle knows nothing about the world. On her escape from her malicious captors, she finds herself getting exposed to a new yet dangerous world, and worst of all she doesn't know her destination. Rescued by the handsome Lycan prince and being under his care, for once in her life she leans onto someone. But she doesn't know he is the mate, and neither does she understand the mate bond.A beauty, timid and fearful of even the smallest things, fragile like a petal Kaden finds himself letting go of his hard exterior for the girl who seems to land within his arms from heaven itself. But Isabelle's captors aren't going to stop chasing her, what will happen when the devils will begin chasing them? Will Kaden be able to save his Angel?


Loryane Drumheller

Review after the novel completion

Loved this love story! Vindication, devotion,made me gasp, cry & toes curl!.what a great read angel aspect was different & engrossing.throughly enjoyed every chapter could have read twice as many. Perhaps a sequel on life at the Palace and pups and how cater,Cassandra & Jason continued. Perhaps a bonfire at the bungalow to finally purge the evil that was done there & sanctify the spot. A return to the mansion for holidays, garden parties, more wolf love. Runs in the woods snuggles in the moonlight!

May 1, 2024

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