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The Entangled Prince's Choice

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“If he live in the palace, he shall die! You must never let him grow up in the palace!” she warned as the thunder clapped loudly once more “My queen, I can’t let you die like this” Alpha Ren mumbled soberly, trying to reach for her hand “Don’t worry about me, I prepared myself for this. She will be the light in the Prince’s path, make sure you treat her well” she smiled weakly before the Beta barged in with his crew “It’s time” he announced and she was dragged out of the cell in tears. *** Prince Jaqen lost his mother and was taken out of the palace where he grew up. He never had any emotions or cared about anybody because of the hatred he harbored in his heart but that changed when he met the missing piece of his life that was supposed to guide his path. She’s not a werewolf like him and was part of the slave. Would he be humble enough to let her come closer? Will circumstances permit the love of a werewolf and human slave? Will she be able to guide the cocky Prince which was her mission?

Chapter 1 PROLOGUE

The thunder clapped very hard as bright lightning graced the sky in the span of minutes. The rain pour was so heavy that everywhere felt like it would be removed and washed away with it. The thickness of the darkness was on another level as it was so thick no one could see what was in front even if they had a light with them.

Let’s visit the prison” the king suddenly sprang up and told his right hand man who was already dozing off by the right side of the room

The prison? By this time of the night? My king you can’t go. Even the rain is falling and the darkness is blinding” Poor obi protested at the sudden request of the king which would soon turn to an order nevertheless

Are you getting ready or you still want to ask me why further?” the king thundered and just like he had said, it’s now an order

Yes, my king. We can move now” Obi replied immediately as soon as he sent a signal to the other guards through his mind lin and they all gathered within minutes.

Good” the king muttered as he draped the big leather rain jacket over his shoulder to set it well, fastened his belt and headed for the door before Obi ran in with his rubber shoes which he slipped into because of the pouring rain.

As soon as he stepped out of the patio which was empty and silent, thanks to the heavy downpour, they were experiencing in the pack.

Obi quickly opened the royal umbrella with golden wolves imprint on them and covered the Alpha’s head to protect him from the rain while they all trooped behind. They had various lamps lit on in their covers so the rain wouldn’t quench them and surrounded both the King and Obi who held the umbrella for guidance.

They marched to the prison swiftly and the light revealed a woman who was alone in the cell on the cold floor with just a tiny robe on. She sat on her legs in a meditating manner and closed her eyes even though the breeze was chilly and killing, she didn’t react and just sat there.

As soon as she heard the footsteps approaching, she slowly opened her eyes to see the Alpha King standing in front of her, water dripping from his rain jacket and lights were everywhere. The look of concern etched on his face as he watched the poor young woman alone in the silent prison.

Leia” the king gently called out to her but she just smiled a bit in return.

My king, you didn’t have to come all the way here. The rain is too much and the night is too cold. What if you catch a cold?” she greatly replied and the King shook his head continuously

Forget the cold, you will be the first to die of one at this rate” he replied with his voice laced with worry

Don’t worry my King, I am fine! This place is warmer than you think. So what brings you here?” she asked looking up to him

You were telling me something before you were arrested. I don’t understand what you mean” he asked moving closer

The Princes as you know are in darkness, even though they are agile and fit, strong and capable while at peace with each other for now, their darkness will soon take over but the moon goddess has arranged a way for them so do not worry. She will come reside in the palace and will be a light to the Prince’s pat. You must treat her well” she slowly stated and the King raised an eyebrow

“Only one of the Princes?” he asked further and she smiled

Only one, only one of them who allows the light to flood his heart will be saved. They have written their destinies by themselves so you just have to see how it plays out” she said and the King sighed

How do I believe this? I just can’t abandon one of my sons for the other” he protested

Closing her eyes for a bit, she responded “You have no say in their destiny so don’t bother to meddle in it. You should help them to identify the light and leave it for them to choose their choice”

You asked how you should believe me? I will be taken in the next minute” she stated with a smile and his eyes widened just as the soldier burst in with the Beta in front

He was putting on a leather rain coat which covered his head and all his body although it was dripping the water it retained while he was walking.

My King” he said with a bow in respect

Why are you here by the dead of the night? You should be resting for another day so you can lead the pack well” he mocked, sarcasm evident in his tone

Beta Loras was one of the ruthless Beta the pack had ever had. He doesn’t hesitate to kill off any threat and it was safe to say he was the one ruling because his words were final. He was the one that declared that Leia was a witch living in the wolf’s pack, which was a taboo and asked for her to be locked.

He made the King sign her death sentence which was to be carried out the next day but he suddenly decided that he would have her killed instead that night.

What are you doing here too? The execution is in the morning” the King countered

What if she disappear before that? We can’t go through the trouble of looking for her again” Loras replied with a smirk

But….” The Alpha proceeded to protest but Leia stopped him instead

You can’t block destiny my King. It’s my cross” she replied and stood up at the command of the Beta

The prison’s door was opened and she was led out with her hand tied while the king watched helplessly.

Leia” he called out and she smiled at him before heading out with the Beta who led her to the slaughter

Please do not come out to look, my King. I don’t want to leave a painful memory behind” she requested and turned away

You will repay all these debts with your life, do not worry” she said to the Beta as she was forced on her knees

You are super bold for a woman with a blade behind her, you should worry about yourself” he roared and she laughed

I already knew this is my fate, I worry about you. Your end will be so disgraceful” she said with a smile before the Beta suddenly signaled for the man behind her to proceed

The lightning once more graced the sky making the blade glisten in the sky and before the light could go down, the blade came down and slashed the woman on her knees. She fell to the side with her eyes closed and died immediately. The thunder that followed sounded so loud at that moment that everywhere shook, the thunder roared continuously which made everyone afraid even the Beta Loras.

Leia” the king softly called out as he watched from afar in tears

The rain washed down the blood on the slaughter patio while series of thunders were gracing the sky, her corpse was packed and buried in the mountains that same night while the Alpha went back to his room to cry his eyes out.

Chapter 2 WAR

The pack was just as natural like every other day the next day, the rain had washed away everything about the previous night and everywhere was sparkling clean. The slaves didn’t even have much to do that morning but the atmosphere started getting tensed when the Alpha refused to take any visitor for days after the incident. He didn’t let anyone into his chambers or go out to meet anyone, he ordered them not to disturb him until further notice.

You shouldn’t have met me, I just made you another sacrificial lamb. I just made you another prey for Loras who is a terror ruling this kingdom, what should I do now that you are gone?” Alpha Ren muttered as he stood in front of the huge window made with fine glass.

The way every single thing in the pack was of high quality screamed how rich the pack was. The frame of the windows were made out of pure gold which sparkled beautifully at any ray of light but that was the least of his concerns at that moment.



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