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The discovery of ATON

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The discovery of aton is all about nature.aton is an abbreviation which was introduced again by the sivilancès not knowing to them that their forefathers and foremothers came from the generations of different region which makes their family very powerful and understandable.normally,we have water,fire,air and earth.but there is one more natural ability which is dust which is kinda discovered by this same family The history of this family is written in a book called Aton alone.but they have to memorize and understand deeply the full meaning of each statement written in the book;not knowing that the book is in their school library with the signing of treate of peace between the four region at first

Becky's pov


I am so exited for the trip we are going for next week dad.i said in a very exciting tone with a smilethat lit up on my face."oh my God mhen its goanna be awesome.

i've got my video games ready,my laptop,ipad,phone."daniel said in a very exiting tone also.Well in my family, we are the sivilancès.and of course my family is very classy cos in my school they call me the queen of 18,my elder bro is 19,my younger sis is 17;my mum is an accountant and my dad is the owner of a marshmellow company with everything going well for him.

we were going out just for shoping on this very tuesday.The sun was shinning bright as we step out of the car walking towards the mall while i notice my bro staring at a girl standing by the side of the shoping basket.I watched daniel closely as the rest of my family got carried awaywith the shoping,i saw that daniel has see the girl he likes and truely loves.every girl who site daniel drool over him cos i have to admit it he is good looking.

i went to him and said"looks like somebody's fallen in love"i said as he immediately lost eye contact with her cos she was also looking at him.And he felt shy somehow and this is the first time he felt shy actually cos daniel is not only the shy type at all but also the type that likes to flaunt him self and I've gotta say he is what every girls want.

having a skyblue attracting eyes,dimples,pink lips,and his curly hair looks so breathaking to girls."well i wish i could appraoch her"he said with the feeling that am right."then go ahead mhen whats stoping you;well i understand you.your third time really falling in love again in the past three years after daniella ditched you".i encouraged him to approach her meanwhile as he went,mum called.

"dear where are you and daniel?we didn't see you or daniel since we went inside the mall"she said sounding worried."its alright mum we are just outside the mall,we'll soon be in"i responded"better hurry up cos we"ll be leaving soon she said as she hung up the call as daniel was bouncing towards me looking happy saying that

he collected her number while i gave him a thumbs up also telling me what mum told me as we head into the mall to get the things we need for the trip next tomorrow.

We were at home after 10 mins.mum also told me that nora also found who she likes when it was night,she and daniel were chatting with their new love while ibwas just thinking of my life.


While i visited the mall today, i saw another girl that caught my eyes and i collected her number.we chatted this night and the most intresting thing is that she is also going to where we are going {ÇØMØRØS ISLÃÑD}which has 62 beaches.

me telling her maybe we could meet when we get there and also instead of her spending money on airplane,i told her to us cos our dad has a private jet and she said ok.

I told becky and she replied me saying"when you see her,make sure you dont stammer while when you wanna talk to her"she said jokingly with her right eyebrow raised up.i replied proudly saing "i wouldnt"


Dad drove us to where our pj (private jet)Is.He has like 5 or 6 of em.As we entered the jet,i called Angel and she said she'll soon be here.Not less than 2mins,i saw her right From where i stood inside the jet.i went to meet her as becky and nora watched me from inside the jet

Me: how was your journey when you were coming ?

Angel:not that stressful.WØ this your dads pj(s)(she asked in a suprised tone)

Me:yes (i said proudly)(we reached the jet and we took of as we all chatted)

Mum:uuhhh...who is she (she asked as she noticed angel while becky and nora to my mum and dad telling them that's my new date while i glared at them)ooh i get it(she said as she gave me a wink playfully causing angel to give a small shy)

Suddenly we heard the pilot alarming us that we'll soon be involed in a jet crash.i hurriedly gave angel a parashut while she thanked me for saving her first and gave me a kiss asni felt her warm lips pressed against mine and she left just as we also were about to jump it was too late for us to escape the crash thinking we were gonna die as the jet crashed but we didn't except the pilot.

while we were in pain struggling to stand as nora and becky's injury is so,dad, and mum just had a lot of injuries but not that major .meanehile, angel ran towards us with her phone cos our phones know cos of the jet crash.suddenly our body started glowing in different kind of colours while angel gave her phone to dad to call his team to cumman save us as my body glows ocean blue,nora glowed red,becky glowed nature greed,mum glowed gold and dad glowed sky blue.when angel say this,she was speachless while i noticed nora who was badly injured somehow healed and she looked like she wasn't even involved in the crash at all.

"we should never speak of this to any one except angel who saw this"my dad said and we all agreed.


Hi guys how are u enjoying this story so far and i know you guys are like want to know the meaning of ATON

Buh you guys will know in chaptert5

Nora's p.o.v


Our trip is cancelled cos of the crash and after 2 weeks,we were looking good and okay.we all decided to take a walk while we were outside and we could use the opportunity to get our phones, ipads,video games we lost during the jet crash so we decided to go to the tech mall.

meanwhile when my dad was outside feeling the cool breeze he saw a young guy in black while we were in the tech mall.He saw him by the corner of the building while he was holding a gun aiming for a little girls head.

He didnt know where the energy came from,he ran as fast as he could to the little girl to guide her from the bullet.he saw the guy in black ran away but to his greatest suprise,neither him nor the girl got hit by the bullet.He went to the rest of the family explainig what happened while i watched the scene from where i was standing.

As i decided to move towards the rest of my family from afar,some set of girls pushed me purposely causing


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