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The Demon Lycan

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: A King
  • Chapters: 53
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 17.4K
  • 6.3
  • 💬 19


A young boy named Axel born on a cold starry night but was sought after to be killed by his father because of the prophecy that he would kill his own father and reign over the seven realms. Taken away by a powerful sorcerer, he lived and trained with witches protecting them until he found his mate. His father, Alpha Ethan struggles with the prophecy of a great war between the demon and wolves due to the resurrection of Hades seeking alliance with all the packs. Taken to another pack, Axel is forced to fight for his mate against a possessive Alpha who wants her all to himself. Would he be able to protect his mate and also save himself from being killed by his father?

Kill the boy

The night stood still and bloodied with cold darkness in the Blackmoon pack, on the day the son of the Alpha was to be born.

Waiting patiently in his meeting hall with the seven alphas of different packs.

"You can't let that child live" Alpha Jack said with a repititive force,

"Do you want him to kill his own son without knowing anything about him" Alpha Zid reverted.

"But the prophecy is not something to be dealt with, you heard the witch, she said that the boy will kill his father and mate with his mother, that is a cruel abomination" Alpha Jack said again.

He was against letting the boy live, the Blackmoon pack was the strongest pack of the seven realms of the West, Alpha Ethan ruled it with a ruthless power causing dominance and submission from the various packs.

"What if the witch was lying" Alpha Crood said raising some intuition.

He still saw some hope at the end of the tunnel.

"Has Helen ever lied" Alpha Jack replied.

Alpha Ethan sat quietly watching them but his mind had diverted from them, he couldn't let his son mate with his own mother, that was something he would never allow. This was a punishment from the moon goodness because of his sins but wasn't she too cruel with her punishment.

"I say we kill the child before this issue escalates much further" Alpha Luther lashed out.

"The Luna forbids it" Alpha Zid sneered,

"And what can the Luna do about this matter, if she going to watch her Alpha die and also mate with her son" Alpha Jack jumped banging the table in anger.

"Alpha, what do you say" Alpha Zid asked waking him from his reverie.

"I need to think, you are all dismissed" Alpha Ethan ordered.

His mind was in a mess and he couldn't take it anymore with these Alpha's arguing like they really cared about him, if they were given a chance, they would immediately betray him.

"Kill the child" were the last words his special adviser gave to him before he dismissed him.

He thought long and hard, there was no need for him to keep his child, he hadn't known him yet, killing him while he was still a baby was the best choice for him.

Then he recalled his Luna begging to spare her son's life, she was the only good thing that had ever happened to him and he had to do everything to make her happy.

The cries of a baby could be heard from the Pack's hospital, Ariana held unto her baby unwilling to let him go, she knew the cruel fate that awaits him when she lets him out of her sight.

"Luna, the Alpha is here to see you" Bridgette the Pack's nurse said.

Walking in, Alpha Ethan's dark and cold gaze fell on his son, there was a striking resemblance between him and the boy.

"Isn't he beautiful" Ariana said looking cutely at him.

"He is" he confirmed.

"I want to name him Axel" She brought his hands to touch the boy but he resisted.

Alpha Ethan didn't wish to go back on his words, he had decided to kill the boy.

"You have come to a decision, you want to kill my son" she understood his actions clearly.

She had hoped that he would change his mind when he sees his son.

"It's for the best" he sulked.

"No, I will not let you, you can't take my son away from me" she yelled shifting away from him.

"We can have another one" he uttered,

"No" She screamed, the pack members within the hospital could feel her pain.

She was their Luna and the bond was tremendous.

"Don't make this any more painful than it is. Let's do this now that we barely know him" Alpha Ethan said.

"Barely know him, ofcourse I know him, he is my son. And I will not let you harm him" She raised her voice in a commandeering tone but Alpha Ethan never submitted.

His eyes became dark with rage and he cursed within him.

Ariana held her baby with tears in her eyes, he was her only hope, her husband was already a monster before she found out that he was her mate, if he decided to kill his own son, it wasn't a new thing to him since he had killed his own father in cold blood.

"Ariana" he called, his voice laced with fear, what he was about to do was hurtful to him also, he wanted so much to have a heir but when he finally did, he had to kill him.

"Give the child to me" he ordered,

"No" she rebuked, her hands tenderly holding unto the baby in her arms.

"Do you want me your mate to die" he asked hoping she could change her mind, if he let his son live then one day he was going to kill him.

Ariana was dumbfounded, she didn't know what to answer, she had never thought about it that way, all she cared about was for her son to be alive.

"No" she answered, she loved him so much.

"Do you want your son to mate with you" he asked again.

Ariana was stunned, "It may not happen"

she stuttered.

"Are you trying to be naive, since when has the prophecy never been true" he sternly uttered letting his hands curl up on her back.

"This is for the better, it's for both of us" he stretched his hand to receive his son.

Ariana stared at him with pleading eyes, she was still unwilling to give Axel to him.

"Guards" Alpha Ethan called unable to reason with her anymore.

"No" she struggled, "Give me back my child" 

Ethan gave the child to his Gamma Nixon.

He held Ariana still to stop her from shouting and screaming, 

"I am sorry but I have to save myself" he whispered into her ears, her tears dropped on his shoulders and he could feel her pain.

Taking Axel to the border wrapped in nothing but a small coat, Nixon kept him on the snow surrounded by three guards.

"Behead him" Nixon ordered a guard,

"But Gamma, he is the Alpha's son" The guard replied.

"You think I don't know that" Nixon let out a harsh tone.

"I am sorry Gamma" 

The guard raised his hand but was suddenly blinded by a bright light,  unable to see anything, they stood still waiting for the light to fade which it did but Axel was no where to be found.

"Find him" Nixon roared, his tone laced with panic and fear, the Alpha was going to kill him if he found out that his son was missing.

The three guards returned back with a futile search, inorder not to let the news slip out, he killed them and returned back to the pack house.


Sitting in his study with his face greased with sweat, Alpha Ethan waited for news of his Gamma's return.

"Come in" he said when he heard a knock .

"Alpha, it is done" Nixon said standing close to the door, he hid his shaking hands from him.

"Why do you wreak of fear" Alpha Ethan could smell his anxiety.

"I am preparing a surprise for my mate" he smoothly lied diverting Ethan's attention.

"Do you think I did wrong"

"No Alpha, it was either the child or you, it would be shameful to die by the hands of your son" Nixon commented.

Alpha Ethan slouched back on his seat with a dark gaze. Ariana had locked herself up and refused talking to him, she even block the mind-link.

She hated him so much for taking her son away from him even after she had pleaded greatly with him.

Strange things

Dressed in a black cloak, Hazel an average lady known to be a powerful sorcerer walked through the cold night with little Axel in her arms.

Entering into a beautiful house which looked oddly different from the rest of the witches houses around, she placed Axel in a cradle.

Taking off her cloak, she picked him but was hit with a disgusting smell.

"I saved your life and this is how you be thank me" she wiped his buttocks clean off his poop,

"Such a cute little boy and they immediately thought of ending his life" she said staring at him as he smiled at her.

Hazel visited her sister in the Blackmoon pack when she heard of the prophecy and the said death of the Alpha's heir, she couldn't let such a thing happen, her conscience disturbed her greatly, taking her cloak, she made an invisible spell and took him away from the guards distracting them with a bright light.

"I will get you cleaned up in a second" she chan


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