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The Beta's Betrayal

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Year later Mallory, daughter of Jace and Nora finds herself lost and searching for who she is. Living in years of peace from her mother's amazing heroics and her father's strong abilities she finds herself lost in their shadows. Not knowing who she is supposed to be. However, enemies from the past pop up in different forms and threaten the world they've worked so hard to create. Mallory alone is the only one who can stop a turn of events and save the world they've come to love. But fate as other plans for her. The Beta of their new enemy might not be her enemy after all. The curse placed upon wolves from the beginning may have come back spiraling in full force. Is Mallory strong enough to save her family and her pack. Can she battle fate and resist the strong pull she has to the Shadow packs Beta? Will she lose herself once and for all?

Chapter 1

Chapter One

It begins

Her screams echoed down the hall. Matt threw his hands behind his head as he paced. He glanced over to Lilly who was rocking in the chair. He gritted his teeth and knew her thoughts mimicked his. 

“She's gonna be ok." Logan said, grabbing the back of Lilly's chair to make her stop rocking.

" She will be fine.” Dante said his tone is not as strong as Logans.

“I can't listen to that anymore. Let me know when she's ok." Lilly said getting up and rushing out of the hospital door.

Matt glanced at Logan confused before following Lilly out. Dante rubbed Sarah's shoulder feeling her need for comfort. They were all waiting and they were all scared.

"Lilly!” Matt called after her.

Lilly stopped short, not saying anything. Her back facing Matt as he felt her overwhelming feeling of fear.

" She's strong, she's going to get through this. She's -

“Matt, I'm pregnant. I don't know if I can do that.” Lilly blurted out.

" Really.” Matt said trying to mask the happiness in his voice because she was scared.

Lilly nodded her hand going to her stomach. Matt came over and placed his hand on top of hers.

"How far along?” Matt whispered.

"I don't know. Not far. I was late two days ago and took a test.

"I love you.” Matt blurted out, then his stomach twisted tightly, they had not said it yet, I love you was such a big confession to Lilly.

Lilly laughed at the worry that flashed across his face. She couldn't help but reach out and touch it, hoping to wipe the worry away.

"I love you too but what if, what if I'm not strong enough.” Lilly whispered.

“You are. You are the strongest person I know. We will figure this out." Matt said his hand captured the back of her neck as he leaned his forehead against hers.

“I’m strong but am I strong enough to birth a wolf…look at Nora. Do you hear her pain? She's half wolf." Lilly whispered as another yell came out from the hospital.

“We will figure this out." Matt said, trying not to let fear come through his voice. 

He was scared and he didn't know any kind of hope that the baby would be just Hunter so maybe Lily would be safe.

"Ahhh!” Nora yelled through gritted teeth as she pushed.

“You're doing great Luna. She's almost here. Few more. Few more you got this.” Abby said, holding her leg.

"It hurts." Nora whispered, wanting to give up.

“I know Luna, but we almost got her. Big push.” Addy said as she glanced at Wyatt, she saw the worry in his eyes and she was trying her best to not to show it as well.

Nora clenched her jaw, balling her hands into fist as she pushed as hard as she could. She felt like she was ripping and tearing. She fell back against the bed. 

“I can’t. She’s stuck. Something is wrong.” Nora said breathlessly.

“Wyatt.” Jace said his voice needing answers as he tangled his fingers with Nora.

“I can see her head, Luna. We need one more big push you can do this.” Wyatt said, glancing at Jace.

“You save her know matter what.” Jace sent Wyatt through mind link.

“I can’t sit up. I need to sit up.” Nora said, trying to pull herself upwards. 

Jace climbs in the bed within seconds. Sitting behind her and bracing her. His hands wrapped around her arms. Nora sat up straighter and leaned into him. Having him close she felt the rush of calmness he always brought her. She took a deep breath in and pushed as hard as she could. 

“Here she comes. Keep going Luna.” Abby said, encouraging her.

Loud cries erupted into the room as Nora felt the pain subside. 

“Baby girl!” Abby announced as Wyatt began cleaning her off.

“Alpha, do you want to cut the cord?” Wyatt asked with a smile on his face.

“It’s ok. I’m going to stay right here.” Jace said watching Nora carefully, he didn’t want to move from her.

“Is she ok?” Nora asked, her voice sounding weak as she leaned further back into Jace.

“Happy, healthy and beautiful.” Wyatt said, holding her up to show Nora.

“She’s beautiful. My little Mallory.” Nora whispered.

“Like her mother.” Jace said, kissing the top of Nora’s head.

“Luna, do you want to hold her?” Wyatt said, wrapping the little girl in a blanket.

There was silence. Wyatt eyes shot over to Nora and then Jace felt her go completely lifeless.

“Nora!” Jace yelled, scooting back and looking down at her. 

Abby ran to the side of bed with a stethoscope. She pressed it into her chest.

“Heart stopped. Alpha, I need to lay her flat.” Abby announced. 

“Alpha, you need to move and hold your child.” Wyatt said quickly. 

Wyatt said, grabbing Jace with one arm and tugging him off the bed. Jace’s feet hit the floor and his baby was placed in his arms. Abby began compressions as Wyatt ran to get drugs. 

“Alpha I’m going to need you to place that oxygen on her face and hold the mask to it.” Abby said in huffs as she continued to work Nora’s chest.

Jace nodded, grabbing the oxygen mask and placing it over Nora’s mouth. Each compression Nora moved up and down in the bed. A loud crack echoed in the room as Nora’s ribs broke from how hard Abby was pressing. Jace looked at Abby when the sounds happened. Abby ignored the look and kept going. Wyatt rushed back into the room with bottles of injectable drugs in his arms, one already drawn up. 

“Abby pause.” Wyatt announced as he placed a long thin needle on the end of the syringe.

“Alpha move, hold the oxygen in place still.” Wyatt said coming for Nora’s chest as Abby paused compressions.

Jace cradled the baby in one arm close to Nora as he watched Wyatt about to plunge a needle into Nora’s chest in hopes to start her heart. The infant in his arms moved towards Nora almost as if reaching for her. As Wyatt drew the needle above his head about to slam it into Nora’s chest a light erupted in the room blinding them all, as the infant touched Nora’s skin. The light dimmed and  lous gasped was heard as Nora jolted up right, knocking Wyatt off of her.

“Nora!” Jace yelled as she looked around bewildered.

“Jace…the baby.” Nora asked panicking.

“She’s right here.” Jace said, looking down in his arms.

The little bundle of jet black here and ice blue eyes was glowing slightly still from the light. 

“She’s ok. She’s ok.” Jace said looking from the baby to Nora.

“Ok. Ok.” Nora said, sitting back in the bed.

“Luna, I need to check your vitals.” Abby said, coming to her side quickly.

“Nora you-

“I know I died again.” Nora said quietly.

Jace looked at her confused as if he was wondering how she knew.

“Close calls keep happening.” Nora laughed.

“What just happened?” Wyatt asked, getting up off the ground.

“Mallory, she saved me.” Nora said, reaching over and taking a hold of the little one’s hands.

“Vitals are all normal.” Abby said to Wyatt as he watched Mallory reach for her mother.

“Is she like you?” Jace whispered.

“I don’t know but I…I am no longer like me. I lost my powers. I don’t know if they went into her or if it’s because I did fully die this time.” Nora said quietly. 

“Nora, you do not know that.” Jace said, seeing the small glimpse of sadness.

“Jace I can feel it. It’s gone but that's ok, look at her. Look at what we have. It’s so much more and so much better than powers.” Nora said, reaching out to hold the baby.

He watched him move. He had no idea that he was there. He had spent his whole life in hiding. Waiting for his moment. He watched the guard shift in his stance. He narrowed his eyes at him. The guard was so relaxed nothing was making him on alert. That had been their whole life. Easy, peaceful…. effortless. He could feel the rage and anger boil in him. He crouched lower to the ground, his body feeling numb as he began making his way towards him. His stomach twisted with excitement and anticipation. His heart pounded in his chest. The man was looking at the sky.

He threw his arm around his mouth covering it. His warm breath rapidly came out of his nose as he crushed his hand to it. His blade ran across his throat, slicing like butter, hsi skin pulling a part against his blade. Warm blood poured out of the wound, like a waterfall coating his forearm. He held onto the man a mount more before letting his body collapse into the ground. He stared down at the lifeless body. His jaw clenching, the rush that went through him, made him feel alive. The adrenaline coursing through him made him want to do it again and again. He looked around and no one else was there. Why would there be? They have lived like there were no threats for so long.  That was changing now. He grinned, his eyes flashing red as his wolf pushed forward. 

“Well I guess we're starting this now?” A voice came from behind the brush. 

“Now’s better than never.” He growled back. 

“It would have been nice to let me know. Heads up maybe?” He shrugged like nothing mattered.

“I am your Alpha, why should I give you a heads up, Ronan.” He said looking down at his blade, his hand still tingling.

“Being your Beta maybe? You just declared war? A war they don’t even know exists. But what do I know Alpha Knox.” Ronan shrugged.

“I haven't declared war yet but it’s coming. They should know the big bad wolf is here and it's coming from everything they have.” He grinned, kicking the body of the fallen guard. 

He watched the body roll down the hill further into Cross river’s territory. 

“Red Woods will be ours once more and then all the packs.” Knox grinned looking out. 

“Mallory Renee Lynn!” Nora screamed rounding the corner of the hall. 

“Mallory!” She yelled, becoming frustrated. 

The council had gathered and she wanted her daughter to start participating. She was an adult now and needed to start acting like one. Nora clenched her jaw. 

“Find her?” Nora mind linked Jace. 

“Give her time.” Jace linked back, her voice comforting.

“She has less than twenty minutes.” Nora said, annoyed.

“ know why she hates this.” Jace sent back his voice patient.

“She shouldn’t. She is not weak regardless of how she thinks.” Nora said a tinge of hurt in her voice thinking of her daughter. 

“She’ll be here.” Jace sent back quietly.

“Adam.” Nora mind linked Dante’s oldest son.

“On it Luna. I’ve got her.” Adam sent back a small smile in his voice.

“Thank you.” Nora sent, relieved.

He watched her trying to be as quiet as possible as he approached her. She was sitting with her back to him. The long grass formed a wall around her. Her long raven colored hair down around her blowing in the wind. Her knees pulled up to her chest as her arms wrapped around them. She was inches from the edge of their territory and her eyes were focused on the woods, as if she was debating a grand escape. He heard her groan to herself as she pressed her forehead to her knees. 

He knew the minute she snuck out. The minute she left. He had been following her to make sure she was ok and to make sure she was safe. He knew that every day that went by she was beating herself up more and more. 

“What are you doing out here?” His soft voice came from behind her.

“I could be asking you the same thing? Or maybe why it took you so long to catch up?” Mallory didn’t even raise her head to look in his direction.

He smirked sitting down on the ground next to her. He nudged her lightly with his arm.

She groaned, leaning into him. Her head going to rest  on his shoulder. 

“Shouldn’t you be by your father's side? It’s nearly time.” Mallory asked, making a small face.

“Shouldn’t you be your mother and father’s side ..princess?” Adam smirked.

“No and don’t call me that. I have been yelling at you since we were kids.” Mallory growled at him.

“Ah I know but it suits you.” Adam nudged her again.

“There are lots of words that would suit me-

“Stop.” Adam said sternly.

“It’s true and you know it. They know it. So why bother. Why bother going to the meeting at all. I see the way they look at me. Every time they come. I am not going to sit there and let them stare at me like some pitiful wonder.” Mallory said as her head snapped up and her fist went to her side.

“No one looks at you like that.” Adam growled at the idea of her thinking that was insane.

“Really? The daughter of Nora and Jace…wolf less…powerless…ordinary. Before it was a wonder and waiting. Now it will be pity.” Mallory said her eyes narrowed.


“Adam you know it…just leave me here.” Mallory said going to turn from her.

“What and you’ll just become..a wild flower?” Adam smirked, reaching out and grabbing her arm and pulling her back to him.

“Adam!” Mallory yelled as she fell backwards into his lap, her hair spreading over it as she looked up at his face.

“Mallory, you can’t hide out here in the long grass anymore like some child.” Adam said his thumb brushing her cheek.

“No, because you found me.” Mallory grumbled, her hand catching his.

“And I always will.” Adam laughed.

“You know what really sucks…it’s knowing I took her powers..She lost them because of me but I don’t even have them so it was all for nothing.” Mallor said slowly sitting up.

“How can you even be my friend knowing that?” Mallory added, squinting her ice blue eyes at him.

“Mallory you are not weak, you didn’t cause your mother to lose her powers. No one understood her powers. It might have been the cycle of it. She didn’t need them anymore. The wolf, hunter, and human world formed together and was at peace. You can’t blame yourself. You are their greatest blessing.” Adam said, trying to reach out and grab her hand again. 

“Mallory, we do not know what the future holds for any of us. The moon goddess has a plan.” Adam sighed seeing her move away.  

“I don’t understand how you can have so much faith.” Mallory grumbled getting to her feet nearly head butting him as she did. 

“Well someone has to balance you.” Adam chuckled standing as well.

“Shut up.” Mallory said, sticking her tongue out at him.

Adam smirked and stepped towards her. She was about to say something but then saw the look in his eyes. 

“Adam no.” Mallory said her eyes were getting big and stepping back.

He stepped towards her his eyes glowing, his wolf just under the surface.

“Adam. We are not children anymore. I am not playing this game.” Mallory said, placing her hands on her hips. 

“One.” Adam grinned, taking another step towards her. He could see her wanting to give in.

“No. I am not playing.” Mallory said, crossing her arms across her chest.

“Two.” Adam took a step forward towards her almost in slow motion as his voice dropped even lower.


“Three.” Adam dared her his smirk turning into a grin.

“I. No! I’m not!....Damn it!” Mallory laughed and took off running. 

Her hair flying out behind her as her eyes locked on the woods across the field. She knew she couldn’t outrun a wolf but she was going to try. She was fast, unbelievably fast for just a human. 

“Four!! Run Mallory!” Adam’s taunting voice echoed behind her, his laughter following behind her.

She was so close to the woods, heart pounding in her chest. Her mind pushed herself to run harder and faster. She was going to win this time. If she could just get to the woods. 

“Five!” Adam yelled excitedly.

“You better move faster than that Princess!!” Adam taunted her from the long grass.

She didn’t pay attention to his taunting; she was forced on the one tree that seemed to be calling her. She  heard him starting to shift. She must have been a good ways away from him for him to decide to shift.

“Cheater!” She yelled over her shoulder starting to get a little breathless. 

A howl rose up behind her in response as she made it to the woods. She grinned ducking into the forest. She knew it better than Adam, better than Adam’s wolf Owen. She could get away from him. She was going to prove she didn’t need to be a wolf.

Chapter 2

Chapter Two


Nora bit her lip as she strangled her pinky finger in her hand. She glanced at the clock, the council members and a small amount of their pack’s were filtering into the grand hall. After a quick meet and greet the council members would go to the office and discuss issues and plans for the future. Where was her daughter? She was in the back office pacing the floor.

“If you break your finger I am going to be upset and if you dare chew off  your bottom lip I am going to be very..very.. Sad.” Jace whispered into her ear coming up behind her and wrapping his arms around her waist as he pulled her into him. 

“Where is our daughter?” Nora sighed, closing her eyes and letting Jace’s present comfort her, even though her stomach was twisting inside of her. 

“She will be back. She might have her mother’s stubbornness and flight risk attitude but she holds her father’s responsibility in


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