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The Alpha's Witch: Blood and Love

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Coming to Brytin wasn't all bad. I met him, even though I didn't recognize him at first. He was the one in my dreams. Yes, I could perfectly see that, but I had to hide from everyone for me to be close to him. He doesn't want me near him. He despises me no matter how hard I try to please him. He warns me to stay far away from him. They also warned me too, but my heart and soul does not listen, and I'm a curious girl who follows her heart. She's a witch, he's a vampire, they are enemies but she's his mate. That's an abomination, but she doesn't give a d*mn. She wants him to mark her and claim her, but that's formidable. He disagrees but she isn't going to stop until he acknowledges her. Find out what happens when she realizes the real reason behind the clash of witches and vampires, will she be forced to leave him or will she stay with him no matter what happens?

Chapter 1: Dinner with the Rodriguez

Warning/Must read: This is not your typical Vampire/witch novel. This is a YA teen fantasy and there are a few things you need to note to make you not confused.


1) Our female lead here goes to the past unconsciously, to her it is a dream but it is actually her past. (P.S. like a dream but her spirit wanders into her past when she removes a necklace.) When you read you would know what necklace I'm talking about.

2) The siragon is from her past, so she knows everything about the FL's past. (As you read, you will know the creature I'm talking about.)

3) Further questions about any confusion chapter will be explained in that chapter.


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“WELCOME TO BRYTIN” was clearly written on the signboard as we entered the town. A place I never imagined to come back to. Twelve good years and some things are still the same. The signboard especially.

It's been tough for me particularly my dad because he had lost more than my mom. We left here for California to start a new life, which was worse than I had imagined.

I could only go out for a walk because, after my mom's demise, my dad grew so overprotective with the excuse of not wanting to lose me and the circle; I understood because the turn-around was too much to handle.

He felt so guilty and never stopped blaming himself, and so he vowed never to come back to this town.

And now I wonder why the sudden change of heart and his sudden grudges against vampires and werewolves.

I was young when these things happened; I was 6, so I could not remember most things, and I also could not ask him. He was glad he had me, I was too, and that makes both of us happy.

“Tiffy” His voice snapped me out of my reverie.

“Hmm,” I hummed, getting down from the truck. I still can't believe the house was like how we left it (I had seen the picture) and I thought it would have been quite—you know, a little shabby and dusty.

Dad pushed our luggage into the house and chuckled when he saw my expression.

“Maggie cleaned up a few hours before our arrival" He informed me.

“Aunt Maggie” I could vaguely remember what she looked like, but I knew her. She was one of Dad's old friends and also a circle member; I thought she had disappeared after the incident.

“How did you get in touch with her? I thought you lost contact with all the circle members.” I said, giving a confused look. My curiosity was what I was known for. A part of me.

“If you keep asking questions, Tiffany, I am afraid we might not be able to pack all our stuff in, and... You’re supposed to be tired after the long journey?”

“I am”

“So please let's settle in first before any more questions” Dad responded, looking tired.

I helped pack all our things and arrange them. There were not many things to do; we just carried our clothes, shoes, and accessories because all the other things were already there.

While Dad prepared dinner, I chose to check out the house and surroundings.

My room wasn't what I thought it would be—Yunno, the Barbie-ish vibes, and color— but no, it was just as I wanted.

And there was a house beside ours, it was new. Maybe a few things had changed because—if my memories are clear— we never had any house besides ours, and I wonder what kind of neighbors we had.

witches like us?

Humans?… Humans are rare to see in this town, because of the abnormality, and the Creepy vibe (especially) that Brytin exudes.

Lost in my thoughts, a light flashed in my direction, it was just 6:12 pm (as early as it could be) which made me wonder who turned on the lights this early.

“Tiffany, dinner is ready!” Dad's voice echoed around the neighborhood.

Not surprised.

Brytin was known for its creepy silent nature.

“Alright, Dad,” I replied. I stared at the direction the light was coming from one more time, before going in.

The dining is still the same. The tables and chairs are not an inch to the right or left.

And the dinner before me unlocked that special feeling of being home.

Cobb sales and baked beans. That was Mom's favorite, and, surprisingly, Dad chose to prepare this for dinner when he had long ago chosen to hide every memory of Mom.

He wiped his hands on the yellow apron around his waist. “I know what you're thinking, but I was merely checking out my cooking skills and, you know, bringing back the old times," he said bitterly and chuckled.

Even if the joy of coming back here was deep inside of me, I also knew it was never going to be easy. Those two different feelings still fought themselves.

The doorbell chimed when I tried to sit, earning a groan from me.

“Could you get the door for me? That must be Maggie and her daughter” Dad said.

“Sure” I pushed the chair back to its original position before rushing to the door.

A sharp scream broke out when I opened the door, startling me, and also Dad—I guess— because I heard something falling and him cursing.

“Don't tell me this is Tiffany, Alfie.” The woman with red afro-curly hair spoke.

From the hair, I knew who she was, Aunt Maggie; she had freckles on her blush side, nonetheless she looked young and pretty.

She squeezed me in a tight hug, making it impossible for me to breathe.

“Mommy, you are killing her.” I heard a feminine voice that sounded quite thick, compared to my tiny own.

“Oops, I was so excited, that's why, you looked so much like your mom when she was young, Ah! Good old days,” Aunt Maggie shook her head dramatically.

“Come my child” She held my hand in a gentle grip, before dragging me to the dining, her daughter trailing behind.

I was a bit excited at her arrival.

My mom was a human who had the power to see the future; they called her the Seer in the circle, according to what I heard. There were not many things I'd heard from Dad about my mom, but since Aunt Maggie had known her from childhood, she could at least tell me more about her.

“Come here, Regina!” Dad called her to his side.

“Oh my, you've grown so big” She has this kind of aura that sends chills down my neck, she wasn't the talking type, figured out. With a big resemblance to her mom, except for the hair. Compared to Aunt Maggie's, Regina's hair is a curly dark red.

She gave a faint smile when my eyes met hers.

“Tiffany, meet Regina; you might not remember her, but you guys played in the woods together when you were little,” Dad said, trying to make me remember, which I couldn't.

“Wow, we play in the woods; I can't really remember that.” I squeezed in, sounding awkward.

“Yeah, it's ok, I too don't remember playing in the woods with you,” She said jokingly.

She's really cool, and I like it.

Dinner with Rodriguez was really great; we talked a lot, and I found out that Gina and I had lots in common, Gina for short. We talked about our favorite things and how clumsy we could be, while the adults talked about boring stuff that was really annoying. Gina said she wanted to stay here for a sleepover so she could take me to school herself; well, Dad already announced that I was not going to homeschool here in Brytin since he said I was not a kid anymore and I could go to high school.

Do you know how much I really wanted to stop homeschooling in California? It's just that I could not tell him because I knew that Dad was doing his best to keep me safe, but right now he just gave me the go-ahead to have freedom.

Today is literally the best night ever.

It was a great start to have new friends and buddies, go to parties, and hang out with everyone, and have the freedom I never had.

I think coming to Brytin wasn't a bad idea, after all.

Chapter 2: Stay Away From Them


“Heyyooo G,” A dark guy with curly brown hair with blue eyes greeted Gina, with a flirty smile and thumbs up.

“Heyyy,“ Gina sneered as she pushed his hands away.

“Don't tell me you are still angry about what happened yesterday, I already explained why I wasn't going to be around” he whined as he hit her shoulder, she pushed his hands away again, and threw him a stern look.

“Yo, who's this hot chic G,” the guy said, now aware of my presence. He had this American accent that sounded sweet and unique. I liked the black American vibes he was giving out.

Yeah, he looks cute and he also sounds cute.

“No go area bro, she's my bestie,” Gina said.



Wait, did she just call me bestie?

Ahhhh!, I am already doing my happy dance in my head right now, wow looking for actual friends but I ended up having a bestie


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