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The Alpha's Second Chance

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Alice thought she was the daughter of the fearsome Alpha of Silver Crescent. Maybe not, as he killed her mother and began hunting her. She couldn’t be sure as he’s gotten a little crazy over the years. Why would he suddenly want her dead? After a year of running, she stumbled into the territory of Snow Mountain pack. There she met her mate, but she was torn inside. She couldn’t bear to bring them trouble and death. Her father was known to be ruthless and merciless. Conrad was the next Alpha of Snow Mountain. He’s nearly twenty-eight but has no mate yet. She finally stumbled into their territory but with a bunch of rogues and being pursued by hostile wolves. Alice was not keen on dealing with a mate at the moment. She has other problems to attend to. He convinced her to stay but a terrible thing happened, causing a misunderstanding. Alice left but Conrad couldn’t simply leave the pack to get her back. He had to ensure the pack is well-protected before he leaves to find her. He messed up, but he knew he would beg her to give him another chance.


Debra Detmer

Review after the novel completion

A very unique story, different problems yet was written to be easily understood and read. Will continue to look for more stories by and share with my friends. We jumped around from different perspectives yet it was a smooth transition and easy to keep up with. Would love a chance to continue this journey with Ice to see if he does stay or journey to seek out others of his kind. Pleas, please update or consider a stand alone book for the boys

December 12, 2023

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