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The Alpha's Second Chance

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Alice thought she was the daughter of the fearsome Alpha of Silver Crescent. Maybe not, as he killed her mother and began hunting her. She couldn’t be sure as he’s gotten a little crazy over the years. Why would he suddenly want her dead? After a year of running, she stumbled into the territory of Snow Mountain pack. There she met her mate, but she was torn inside. She couldn’t bear to bring them trouble and death. Her father was known to be ruthless and merciless. Conrad was the next Alpha of Snow Mountain. He’s nearly twenty-eight but has no mate yet. She finally stumbled into their territory but with a bunch of rogues and being pursued by hostile wolves. Alice was not keen on dealing with a mate at the moment. She has other problems to attend to. He convinced her to stay but a terrible thing happened, causing a misunderstanding. Alice left but Conrad couldn’t simply leave the pack to get her back. He had to ensure the pack is well-protected before he leaves to find her. He messed up, but he knew he would beg her to give him another chance.

Chapter 1 – His Search

Conrad was the oldest son of Alpha Carlos from the Snow Mountain Pack. Their pack was suitably named as they resided near the mountains, which became covered in snow during the winter season. Also, their wolves normally had white fur. Those native to their pack, anyway. Since there’d been a mix-up with other packs due to mating, not everyone had a white wolf. The Alpha’s family, though, carried the dominant gene. Regardless of mating with someone outside their pack, the resulting offspring would be white wolves.

Conrad had a younger brother named Caleb. They were two years apart. And though their father and the elders wanted to train Caleb as well, his brother wasn’t interested. He’s a good fighter, though. He trained hard as a pack warrior.

Their mother was sweet, gentle, and kind. She had a very nurturing nature and was helpful to everyone. She rarely raised her voice. Her boys wanted to have mates as wonderful as their mother. Of course, she taught them that, too. As pack leaders, their mates should understand the responsibility as well.

But Conrad was now twenty-eight years old and hadn’t met his mate yet. This did not discourage him. Their pack was only one of many residing in the country. They had allied with the others, and there was an existing agreement of peace to make finding mates easier for everyone. Mates were very important to werewolves. It’s the moon goddess’ choice for every werewolf. There’s a certain pull towards one another, though it didn’t exactly override one’s choice or will. Mates could be rejected. You could mate with someone else of your choosing. There were second chances, too.

Conrad’s confidence and hope waned every year that passed by. He hoped to meet his mate before he turned thirty. His Luna. He had already visited majority of the packs in the country. The scope of his search was getting smaller each month.

Who knew that it was her who would stumble into their territory?

The premise wasn’t good, though. A group of rogues had stepped into their grounds while being pursued by hostile wolves. The report came to his father, and Conrad joined in checking the situation.

He perked up when his senses caught her scent. It smelled like fresh apples. He lightly growled. There was fear in the air, and he heard a woman scream. He ran faster. He hoped that scream didn’t originate from his mate. She’s finally here! He’s finally gonna see her!

His father did sense the change in him and asked him through the mind link. He merely replied with one word, ‘Mate!’

As the next Alpha of the pack, his mate was considered someone just as important. Carlos ordered everyone in his command to protect the newcomers, especially the women.

‘Your future Luna may be one of them,’ he directly informed them of the reason. That would make them take it seriously. Given that those wolves were rogues, it’s common to view them with suspicion and hate. There’s no genuine desire to help them.

That wouldn’t be the case today, though.

Alice rarely transformed into her wolf. She’d only done it twice before. While everyone was already fighting in that form, she remained in her human one. She gripped in her hands two daggers that her mother gifted her on her eighteenth birthday. They’re sharp, and she’s used to using them to protect herself. Against huge wolves, though . . . it didn’t seem much. They hoped this pack that they encroached upon would help them, but her hopes weren’t that high.

Alice only met this group a couple of months ago. Everyone had been running for quite some time. Her? She’d been on the run for almost a year now. Someone took pity on her early on and gave her a potion that masked her scent. It ran out a couple of days ago.

She didn’t fight well. The way she defended herself was haphazard. When Conrad approached her, she almost sliced through him.

“Hey, there . . . easy.” It wasn’t the time to admire her, Conrad reminded himself, but he could really spend days just looking at her.

Alice looked at him, confused. He’s in his human form, and though he’s taller than her, she immediately noticed the way he protected her. Only then did she realize the newcomers. Were they safe now? She wanted to sob. Her legs gave in from a combination of hunger and fear.

“Are you okay?” His voice . . . that’s when the scent hit her and her eyes constricted. ‘Mate! No!’

He had one arm around her waist, having held her when she slumped down. He was reluctant to leave her but knew he must.

“Stay here.” His voice was soothing the fear in her heart, and she watched him transform into the whitest wolf she’d ever seen. Her body trembled. Was he . . .? Was he her mate? She took a deep breath, and his scent was mixed in it. It was calming her nerves. It must have been from exhaustion, but she felt her body weaken, and she couldn’t keep her eyes open. Softly, she slumped on the ground, covered in a thick layer of grass.

Their pack warriors drove most of the hostile werewolves away. Some were killed. They were tough and put up quite a fight. The rogues who encroached on their territory were rounded up and taken to a hall. As for his mate, he didn’t allow anyone else to touch her. He carried her in his arms.

His mother and a few other pack members checked the wounded.

“Do you want to bring her in the infirmary or are you taking her to your room?”

There was that teasing tone from his mother, and he knew his father told her.

“She’s beautiful. What’s her name?”

He appreciated her compliment, but he had no answer to her question.

“I don’t know yet.”

“She doesn’t have any fresh wounds on her, just scratches here and there. You can take her to your room if you want,” his mother instructed, and he obeyed. He needed to go and check on the group she came with. ‘Rogues, huh? She doesn’t have a pack?’

After tucking her into his bed, he pressed a kiss on her forehead. A smile slowly appeared on his face. Mate. He finally found her. As he gazed at her face, he couldn’t be more thankful.

He only left her alone when his father mind-linked him and asked for his presence in the conference hall. He wouldn’t be gone too long anyway.

When he arrived at the hall, he counted eleven rogues in total. Her mate would make that a dozen. Three were currently being treated for serious injuries.

“Have you interrogated them already, Father?” he asked as he stood next to the Alpha.

Before his old man could reply, a middle-aged woman directed a question at them.

“Where’s Alice? What have you done to her?”

His father turned to him, allowing him to answer.

“Is that her name?” he asked, repeating the name in his head. It’s as beautiful as her.

“Where is she?” There was concern and worry in her voice. Conrad didn’t think she was a threat.

“She’s safe, sleeping soundly in my room. You don’t need to worry about her.”

“In your room?” Now, there’s a hint of anger in her tone. Her eyes were glaring daggers at him.

Conrad sighed, but his father decided to answer on his behalf.

“She happens to be my son’s mate. She will not be harmed, if that is your concern. Now, tell us how you stumbled upon our territory and who were after you earlier? Which hostile pack are they from?”

Chapter 2 – His Mate

“It was the Silver Crescent Pack,” a man among the group replied. He seemed to be the oldest and acted as leader. His answer didn’t need any additional explanation. Silver Crescent was notorious for its bad reputation. They were cruel, barbaric, and unreasonable. It hadn’t been that way from the beginning. It started about five years ago. Their leader turned evil and inflicted pain on anyone who went against him. Several good men tried to beat him, but none succeeded. He was ruthless. Just last year, there was a piece of news that said he killed his own mate. It was terrible. The Alpha’s name was Walter, and everyone had been wary of him and his attacks on neighboring packs.

The allied packs had not made any decision yet on attacking them. In a way, Silver Crescent was the biggest pack in the northern territory. It would take many resources to attack it and ensure a win. Coordination between the allied packs was the biggest challenge. If they didn’t act like a unified pack, th

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