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The Alpha’s Return

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Arabella Lightwood is the only daughter of an Alpha. She’s strong, brave and loyal. She’s everything a pack could wish for in their future Alpha. There’s only one problem. Arabella has no intention in taking over. On the night of her twenty-first birthday, Arabella receives a call that will forever change her life. Having spent the last few years enjoying her freedom she suddenly finds herself thrown back in to the chaos of pack life. Leo Herringate is the eldest son and next in line Alpha to the oldest pack around. Wanting the reputation that comes with his family name, Leo throws himself into everything he can. The money and women to him are a part of that lifestyle. In the event of an unfortunate accident he meets the one woman he never wished to meet. His mate. With love and secrets on the horizon, will Arabella come out on top or is this the moon goddess’s way of punishing her for leaving?

The Call

Arabella’s POV

“DOWN IT, DOWN IT!” Giving Susie and Sara what they wanted I bought the beer pitcher to my lips and downed the entire drink. The earthy yet lemony zing felt refreshing for a second before the fizzy bitter aftertaste kicked in.

Slamming the empty jug onto the bar the girls cheered. It was my twenty-first birthday, and we were going to celebrate in style. The room may be spinning by the time we were finished but isn’t that what makes a good night. At least for a wolf it is, because for us, it’s incredibly hard to get absolutely shit faced!

“I don’t know about you girls but I’m in dire need of the little girls room.”

“Good shout Su! I just hope there isn’t a que!”

“It’s a Friday night, of course there’s going to be a que!” I couldn’t help but chuckle as I listened to Susie and Sara. They always found the strangest things to turn into a conversation, but I wouldn’t be without them.

“Hey isn’t that the guy that tried to hit you up earlier?” Standing from the bar I turned to look in the direction Sara pointed in and growled.

Susie had been crushing on him for the last few months but had never worked up the courage to ask his name. Until tonight. After a few drinks she walked straight up to him a plastered the biggest kiss on his lips, all before introducing herself. Though he already knew her name. Turned out he had his eye on her too, or so she thought until this moment.

“How could he move on so quick?” Hearing the hurt in her voice had me wanting to rip the guy’s head from his shoulders but I knew it wasn’t worth outing what we are.

“That’s humans for you. If they can’t get you bent over within five minutes they move on.” I glared at Sara who instantly went quiet. She may be right, but Susie was upset enough as it was and right now brutal honesty wasn’t what she needed.

These girls were the first people I met when I arrived in town. I was even more stunned to find out they were also my college roommates. We were from two different worlds yet got on like a house on fire. Though I think the main reason we get on so well is that their also wolves.

My father is an Alpha to a relatively small pack while my besties are rogues. If we followed every other packs example I would have hated them the moment I saw them. Had my father been any other Alpha I probably would have, but unlike other pack leaders he taught me that every wolf is alike and should never be judged by their title. That includes rogues. My parents believe that some cut ties with their packs because they just simply prefer the quiet life, that they’re not all bad news. Although that being said these girls have certainly gotten me into trouble more often than not.

As we approached the toilets a large warm hand wrapped around my wrist pulling me away from the girls. My back was quick to hit the wall as his lips smashed into mine the minty taste of his tongue roaming every inch it could. Dave was my latest fling. He was tall and blonde and fuck me was he good with his hands. Traditionally a she wolf would wait for their mate, but hey, as I’ve proved time and time again, I’m anything but traditional.

I sighed as his lips left mine before they trailed down my neck hitting that ever so sweet spot. His hands fondling my breasts over my top my nipples hardening making me wish I’d worn a bra. Had we been anywhere but here I would have ridden the fuck out of him, but alas we were in the view of several others. And I hear having sex in the club was slightly frowned upon.

“Hck hum!” Opening my eyes, I found Susie standing there with her hands on her hips. “Here I thought we were going to the loo only instead we turn around to find you making out with the nearest tramp you can find.” I cant help that smile that plays on my lips at her words.

“Yes, yes we are.” I chuckled in response to her raised eyebrows as she took in my flushed cheeks. He may be just a fling but what can I say, he’s a damn good kisser.

“Looks like it. Hello Dave.”

“Susie, pleasure as always.” Pushing myself off the wall I walked round Dave interlocking my arm with Susie’s. “I’ll see you later for your birthday treat?” Nodding my head, we turned and walked into the bathroom.

“Didn’t realise that douche would be here.”

“Susie play nice. It’s the only decent club in this town, where else is he going to go?”


“You know what, don’t answer that. I know you don’t like him, but I do. At the moment that is.”

“Hey, it’s not that I don’t like him, it’s just that he is a bigger slut then you.”

“Oi!” My voice went high pitched at her words. It may be a true statement, but it wasn’t something to say out loud.

“It’s true, but I still love you.” Pecking her cheek, I went into an empty cubicle.

“Ah there you are! Where the hell did you go?“ Sara’s voice was so loud it bounced off the tiles causing every other woman to look at her.

“Rescued Bella from dickwad!” I chuckled as I shook my head kicking the door of my cubicle in retort. I didn’t need to see Susie to know she was pulling some kind of face.

These girls that had become like my sisters over the last couple of years, had constantly tried to steer me away from Dave. I liked him sure, but if I was being totally honest with myself, part of the reason I stayed with him was because it was funny to see the girls so rallied up. Though I knew if ever push came to shove they would always have my back just like I would theirs.

Both Susie and Sara wanted me to wait for my mate. A mate I should have found when I turned eighteen. However, I had little to no interest in finding him. I love my parents don’t get me wrong, but unlike them I want to fall in love because of how that person makes me feel. Not because of some stupid bond that plays havoc on my heart strings forcing me to love someone. Thanks, but no thanks.

“Right so what now? More shots?” Susie was definitely a lush.

As Sara squealed in agreement my phone vibrated in my pocket. Taking it out I realised it had gone onto silent and that there were seven missed calls from home. I had spoken to my parents this morning so I knew they wouldn’t be calling unless something had happened. Let’s face it nobody else there would bother. I hadn’t exactly left on good terms because of my decision to leave. Everyone looked down on me the day I left. It wasn’t normal for the next in line to up and leave, not unless they had found their mate in another pack. Something I thanked my lucky stars hadn’t happened.

As I called home to see what was up, my heart stopped beating in my chest. My surroundings became blurry as my hearing disappeared. I hadn’t even realised I had dropped to the floor my phone beside me until Susie slapped me. I could see her mouth moving, the worry in her eyes but I couldn’t hear a single thing. Not even the bass of the music that surrounded me. I felt as though my whole world had ended in the blink of an eye. Pushing my friends away I stood up and made a beeline for the door. As I weaved my way through the crowd of jumpers and dancers someone pinched my ass causing me to stop in my tracks. Normally I would have flirted, teased them maybe, but not this time. Turning to face the guy whose smile looked too big for his face I scrunched my hand into a fist and hit him in the nose. I could feel the sickening crack so I knew I’d broken it. Maybe it could have been avoided but he had chosen the wrong time to touch me.

We Are Family

Arabella’s POV

As people began to notice the shouts of the guys whose nose I had broken, I turned pushing through the crowd as I made my way to the exit. The loud music and vibration of the bass were adding to my already forming headache. The phone call I never in a million years thought I’d get had shaken me and now I felt numb and nauseous.

Walking past the taxis that queued down the road, I sat on a bench holding my head in my hands. My parents had asked me to come home for my birthday, my twenty-first was one traditionally celebrated in your pack. Now my head was full of all these what ifs and if only’s. Would my presence have made any difference, would I have been killed as well. I shouldn’t be thinking those things I know, but how could I not.

Death was a part of life. Everyone would fall victim to it at some point yes, but not him. Not yet. In my eyes he was invincible, the hero in the fairy-tale story. The hero in my story. He was my dad. T


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