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The Alpha’s Mistress

The Alpha’s Mistress

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Leslie is an introvert that have no friends but her parents but all changes when her parents relocate to a new city. Her whole life changed when she met a new friend but little did she know that he was a werewolf and a future leader of his pack that was trying to protect his city from blood thirsty vampires. She eventually gets saved by a vampire who was an illegitimate child of Dracula. The battle for the city gets intense between the vampires and the werewolves with Leslie stuck in between. Follow the love triangle of Leslie and the the two mystical beasts.

Chapter 1

“Life has never been fair, it always throws two options at you. It leaves you with the option of choosing what’s right and what’s not. The path you decide to take can either makes you or it marr you. So, whatever decision you make in life there is always a repercussion that follows. Because each decision you make will affect negatively or positively”. The philosophy lecturer kept on talking to the students in the class who did not seem to be interested in his lectures.

Some of the students were asleep while the class was going on. While others were busy with their smart phones waiting for the lecturer’s time to be exhausted so they could run home.

The lecturer was a middle aged man with a very low voice that lacks authority. One could say the man has no charisma. And none of the students paid attention to the lecturer, except Leslie Summers, a new student.

Leslie Summers was a very young and beautiful lady that just moved into town recently with her family because her father was drafted to a new location due to a promotion he received after 20 years of working with a pharmaceutical company.

Leslie Summers was quite a character that judged life with similarities to the novel she constantly reads to kill time. This is because she would rather keep to herself than make friends. So she had no friends in the city they used to live in before moving down to Luton town.

And Leslie was the only child of Roger and Brenda Summers, they did their possible best to get their daughter to socialize but she just did not seem to fit in with the crowd. Therefore, moving to a new city was quite a good thing for her parents because they believed she might change and that she would probably get to blend in with people. They hoped she does not get stuck in her world of novels forever. Leslie had quite the thinking for a 19 years old teenager and she knew more than what people of her age would normally know.

It was her first day in school in Luton town and she was the only one that seemed interested with the ongoing philosophy lecturer while others murmured, “when the fuck is he going to stop talking and leave the class already”

“My time is almost up. Who has any question to ask regarding today’s lecture?” The lecturer asked hoping that one student was attentive at least.

Everyone in the class but one person echoed “we have no questions sir”. Leslie held up her hand. “Over here Sir, I have a question to ask”. she said.

It was her first day in school and she noticed that most of the students avoided the front seat and so she had taken the front seat, she saw nothing wrong with sitting at the front.

One of the students sitting behind said, “Well the new girl is also a dweeb” and that cracked up most of the students as they laughed out really loud.

“ Let’s be quiet class, you seem new because I don’t remember seeing your face in the last class so stand up and give a little introduction about yourself before you ask your question”. The lecturer addressed Leslie as he quickly pushed back his glasses that was falling down to his nose.

Leslie was the typical shy type and she already gave the wrong impression to her new classmates who saw her as a kill joy that was holding them from going back home by raising her hands up. She slowly stood up from her seat and it was quite obvious that she was really anxious, she began to sweat even before saying anything. She had this fear of speaking in public and she was generally scared of people apart from her mum and dad.

She finally summoned up courage to talk.

“My name is Leslie Summers and I just moved into town with my family. It’s nice to meet you all”. She made quite a short speech.

“Okay! You are welcome to Luton college! Now, let’s hear your question”. The lecturer replied to her as he leaned on his table.

“You said that each decision we make in life had a two sided effect, negative and positive. Well, I wanted to know if the two sided effect only affects the decision maker or it might end up affecting the people around the decision maker too?” Leslie asked quite a confusing question that left her classmates speechless.

Amongst all the student was a boy that didn’t pay any attention to what was going on in the class room but as soon as Leslie asked the question he quickly stopped looking through the window he was sitting close to and he turned to look at the person that asked the question. He had quite a very long curly hair for a boy and he was very hairy with very thick eyebrows.

“Well...” the bell suddenly rang before the lecturer was able to answer Leslie. The lecturer quickly picked up his stuffs and he told Leslie to remind him to give her an answer in his next class as he left the class. The students quickly followed him up behind as they were already tired and extremely bored up with his philosophy lectures.

Leslie was packing up her books into her backpack as she prepared to head home when her pen suddenly rolled over her table and fell on the floor. She stretched out her hands to pick it up from the floor and she suddenly saw another hand stretching out to pick up the pen too. It was quite a very hairy hand with very long nails that ended up picking up the pencil.

“I believe this is yours”. Derek said to Leslie as he stretched out his hands to give her the pen. Leslie who was scared of people immediately stood up from her chair and she was too shy that she couldn’t even look at the person that was giving her the pencil, her eyes was just focused on the hairy hand and long nails that was holding her pencil.

“Yeah, it’s mine. Thanks!” She quickly snatched the pen from his hands.

“I am Derek, nice to meet you”. Derek said stretching out his hand to shake Leslie. Leslie summoned courage to look at his face and she was immediately lost in his blue eyes, long hair and his facial beards. She immediately stretched out her hands to shake his so that it won’t look weird that she has been staring at him for quite a while now.

“I heard you say that you just moved in newly to Luton, So where did you move in from?” Derek asked her.

Leslie put the pen in her backpack and zipped it close. She swung her backpack over her shoulder.

“I moved in from Crawford to Luton. My dad was promoted to manager in Graham’s pharmaceutical company. We have been in Crawford for over twenty years and my dad have been working with Graham’s pharmaceuticals since then”. Leslie said with no hesitation. It was unlikely of her to communicate that freely with a stranger.

“They decided to give him a promotion to become the manager at the branch here at Luton”. She said yet again. Then she realised that she had given off too much information. And so, it made her uncomfortable that she had to apologise for talking too much.

“I am sorry. You didn’t even ask me all that”. She said a little bit shyly. “It’s cool “ Derek chuckled. To him, she was cute.

“So, where are you heading to now?” Derek asked her.

“I guess we are done with lectures for today so I’ll be heading home now”. Leslie replied.

“Ok! Can I walk you home? That is if you are comfortable with me walking you home”. Derek said to her. He didn’t want her to feel like he was pressing hard or her. He did not want it to look like he was being too fast.

“It’s totally fine and you could tag along, besides I’m new in this town so I’ll need someone to show me around and you look like someone that have been here for quite a long time”. Leslie’s reply was a reassurance to Derek that he had not hit the wrong button.

“That would be totally awesome!” Derek said excitedly.

“And you’re right. I was actually born here in Luton town and I have been here all my life so I know every routes and shortcuts in Luton” Derek affirmed as they both left the class room together.

“Ladies first.” Derek said to Leslie as he open the classroom door for her to pass.

“Good looks and a gentleman, that’s some rare qualities.” Leslie said to herself as she left the classroom.

“I don’t know if I’m being too weird, but I’m sure you’ve read works of some great thinkers of the world like Aristotle, Nietzsche, Aristide and others”. Derek said to Leslie as he led her to the rugby field where they sat down for a chat.

“If I was not new here, I would say you were stalking me. I do love their works though. How did you know?” Leslie asked in surprise.

“Well, I’m also a fan of their works. And the way you asked your question made me guess you are one of those Aristotle’s and Nietzsche freak”. Derek said with a smile on his face.

Then he told her that he was not really paying attention in the class because of the many issues that were bothering him. But that was until he heard her speak. She had drawn his attention. And that he wanted to talk to her after that, the pen that had fallen seem to have given him the opportunity to talk to her.

His hands were busy trying to fix his hair behind his ears while the gentle breeze outside contradicted his actions.

“It’s quite weird but at the same time impressive and I won’t lie I am really impressed. Seeing someone that have a similar mindset with mine is really rare”. Leslie said.

“If your hair is really troubling you why don’t you just pack it or something”. She said yet again offering to help Derek as she pulled off one of her hair bands from her hair. She approached Derek and she told him to turn as she helped him to pack his hair in such a neat manner so that it won’t be pertubed by air.

“Thanks Leslie! You smell so nice”. He thanked her and complimented her at the same time.

This time around Leslie couldn’t hide the blush from her face as her cheeks suddenly turned red.

“How about, I buy you lunch as a means of saying thank you for making me look more presentable?” Derek asked her.

“Ohh no , please don’t worry I don’t consider what I did a really big deal. I just did what I felt was right to do, I didn’t do it to get a favour in return”. She replied to Derek’s request.

“I insist though. It won’t take much of your time, I promise”. Derek said exuding an aura of dominance, leaving Leslie no choice but to accede.

“Well if you say so, then okay let’s go” Leslie replied to Derek as they both left the rugby field for a restaurant.

They finally got to a restaurant outside school and immediately when they got in, they were ushered into one of the best spot in the restaurant.

“This place looks expensive. I was not expecting that we would come to a place like this when you said you wanted to buy me lunch”. Leslie said, she not used to anybody taking her out to a restaurant to buy her lunch.

“Don’t worry Leslie. I am not complaining, am I? Just sit back and enjoy yourself. I got it all covered”. Derek replied with a smug face.

The waiter walked up to them “Vous voulez quoi dans la menu?” the waiter asked, It was a french restaurant.

“He asked what choice did you pick in the menu?” Derek said to Leslie interpreting what the waiter has just said.

“Ohhh! You speak french?” She said to Derek.

Derek answered Leslie with a “yes”. He told her he took french lessons when he was in high school.

Leslie ordered for a plate of salad while Derek ordered for some lamb chops with the famous french wine “Château de Paris”. It took less than four minutes before their orders was brought to them. Derek noticed that there was no meat in Leslie’s plate and so he asked why she didn’t want to have any meat. Leslie was a vegeterian so she explained that to Derek and he perfectly understood. They started to dig in and Derek knew how to treat a lady and he just knew the perfect time to pour wine into Leslie’s glass cup.

Chapter 2

“You are quite the very hairy type and it seems you are not a fan of cutting your nails.” Leslie said to Derek which made him to hide his hands under the table.

“I am so sorry if you are irritated by it” Derek apologized to her.

“Ohhhh no! Not at all, I am not irritated by it. I actually like the hairy hands and I was kinda curious to know why you don’t cut your nails” Leslie replied and it immediately made Derek to feel better.

“I think being hairy and having long nails run in my family genes. Even if I try to cut off my finger nails it would end up growing even faster” Derek replied to Leslie’s question.

Leslie and Derek kept on chatting and they wasted a lot of time in the restaurant. They had so many similarities apart from the fact that they were both hardcore followers of past philosophers. This was the first time Leslie had been comfortable with someone that wasn’t her parents, and the crazy fact is that she just met him today and it seems as if th


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