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The Alpha's Maid

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Alpha Monroe is the youngest billionaire in the city who is more into s*x, money and is full of ruthlessness, when he gets given a rogue as a maid to protect and tame him, he tries to get her on his bed like the rest, but couldn't, confused on how an ordinary maid could resist his charms and all his riches he kept on chasing after her but still no no avail, after a while he let down his ego and so; he falls in love with her after he discovers that she needs more protection than he does. Hence! It's Mating Season!

Chapter 1

It's steamy!

The environment is cool.

It was fun throughout the moonlight as I enjoyed my daily medicine.

Tingles and giggles are on fire.

Her breath was pacing from underneath me as I held her, like she was nothing.

My claws stretched out while my hormones screamed for war.

"Yes, Derrick! Harder!" She moans kissing my neck as I went in deep.

"Oh heaven, don't stop!" She begs squirting all over as I went in non stop trying to settle my middle leg.

"Ahh! You are so sweet!" She cries while moaning as I hold her waist with my claws deeping slowly into her.

I was too hard and at this point I knew my hormones could cause anything.

Scenarios like me leaving marks over the victim been f*ck*d but I tried to tame my wolf who was as well enjoying from the trance of physical s*x ongoing.

The b*tch under me moaned as I f*ck her tirelessly! Like the beast that I was.

She was able to talk half of my d*ck into her and that's one of the things I love about bitches, they do try their best.

I brought out the tip of my c*ck before inserting it into her again and she wimps, I could tell she was enjoying the pain and the pleasure at the same time, which was a good thing after all.

"Who is your daddy?" I asked, slapping her perfectly rounded *ss in return.

"Derrick is my daddy, ah! You are my daddy!" she moaned in pleasure as my d*ck screwed like a banger into her p*ssy with my balls shaking from the speed I used to ravage her innocent hole.

I increased my pace going harder and faster into her! And her body changed in color from the whole of my evil activities.

"Oh!" She grabs the bed sheets.

"My!" She tries to push me off.

"Ah!" She vibrates squirting.

"God!" She cries.

"Daddy!" She screams trying to escape.

It wasn't my fault to have a long huge d*ck hahaha I hope her intestines are safe though lol.

"Yes baby!" I replied in return.

"Monroe ahh!" She continued yelling calling my alpha name.

I took a mouthful of her big breast in my mouth while still deep into her.

I gave it a soft bite as she gasped! 

"I love you Derrick" She innocently says.

"Idiot! Love yourself not me!" I said in return.

Yeah, the typical rude dude.

"Ah!!! Oh God!... Derrick!" 

I thrust into her in the roughest way you can ever imagine and She's a sl*t with a wide p*ssy, The type that you don't expect her to feel any pain! 

I reached my climax and pulled out of her.

"That was hell of a s*x ." She said.

"I need you out of my room now b*tch, take this and get out!" I snapped the money in front of her and she smiled widely, collected the money and wore her dress.

"I will always be available Derrick." she said seductively while I scoffed!

"Get out!" I yelled.

She nodded in fright and dashed out! 


Oh well! I am Monroe Derrick Scott.

Youngest billionaire Alpha in America! 

I don't know what's your view about me already but you have the right to think about it how you wish! Like who gives a f*ck? I'm rich!

I am twenty four years old! No father, brother nor a sister but my Mum.

If you touch her then you are gone! 

People say I am arrogant but that's their headache! I am just me! 

The way I f*ck women?

Well! I derive pleasure from having them on my bed every freaking day! 

I got the cash to offer, a nice look and I am a star! Ha!

Who wouldn't want a night with a hot dude like me, I am rich and extremely handsome so what else?

After all, ladies are after every guy's wealth, plus I now look extremely handsome too.

I feel like a bomb sometimes.

I don't have a girlfriend but I can pick any lady I want to f*ck with just my fame! 

Tend me as a flirt, it's your business! 

I came down from the bed and entered the bathroom! 

Walked downstairs later and started an argument with my mum.

"I don't want a rogue femail Mum, I don't remember telling you that?" I said losing my cool! 

"Of course son, you didn't tell me but I know what's good for you… You need a lady in this house to help you in the chores, prepare your meals and as well guard the alpha to be." she said and I snorted in return.

I really don't want to scoff because it's disrespectful! 

"If I need someone to clean up my house, I will hire people to do it and if I want to eat, I know lots of restaurants, plus I am strong enough to protect myself Mum." I replied and she shook her head! 

"Look at the house, it's so unkept, you think I should bring myself so low to help clean my grown up son's mess, like seriously?" she said looking around.

"Seriously mum? So you want to bring a female rogue to protect me and as well feel up in cooking and tidying up?" I said smiling.

"The house that I hired people to clean this morning is unkept? And this has warranted me both protection and a maid?" I replied to my mum who rolls her eyes.

"You even have the guts to talk about the junks you eat out there? I am bringing someone who will cook better meals and keep this house tidy, you are an alpha to be after all." She says looking at me like she was been disappointed.

"I don't..." I was about to add before my mum interrupts me.

"Don't forget I still carry my luna abilities, so say no more Derrick, your male friends are lazy, you're here to learn, afterwards remember that you have a pack to take care of, so therefore, you will receive your new rogue maid tomorrow… Do take care Son and I love you." She said kissing my cheeks and hurried out! 

Gosh! Mum!

I stared at the messy parlor.

Can't still believe a female rogue was coming to stay with me.

I wondered how strong she would be.

Heard rogues could cause earthquakes when they turn into their wolf forms.

I wonder what this one would do.

Chapter 2

Sira [P.O.V]

Wow! Is this a house or paradise? How can one person own this type of place?

It's freaking beautiful! Every single thing in this compound is eye-catching.

I looked around like a lost puppy! You wouldn't blame me, I have never been to this type of house before!

Not even in my dreams have I imagined being in this type of house!

Alpha Monroe guy is truly rich! Very, very rich!

"C'mon Sira, get in!" Mrs Scott urged me and I quickly ran to meet up with her!

My jaw practically dropped immediately when I entered the sitting room!

This is heaven! I am not mistaken!

"Monroe, we are here already. Come down stairs." Mrs Scott yelled.

I went to the wall and touched it, it seems different from the one I live in.

The table seems to be made from gold.

All the things are enticing! Am I really going to live in this house?

I will surely enjoy my life to the fullest!


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