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The Alpha’s King Property

The Alpha’s King Property

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The Alpha's King Property At the age of eighteen all your childhood wish would already been granted by the moon goddess. But it is quite different for Olivia Dakota because she isn't yet complete as a werewolf. Olivia Dakota was the daughter of the most wicked and ruthless Alpha king who can do anything just for higher rank. Olivia wish was to shift and get mated like any other wolf before she turns Eighteen. But it seems being mated and becoming a full Werewolf isn't part of her destiny or should we say the moon goddess deprived her of it. Olivia has wished and dreamt for the day she is going to shift and get mated but it seems its just a dream and it isn't coming to reality. Olivia father hated her immediately she turns Eighteen because she couldn't shift and get mated. olivia father who is called Alpha Lane by his followers Waited for a month more but still yet Olivia haven't shifted so he sold her off for selfish interest and for higher rank to the most feared Alpha Khalid. Immediately Olivia got sold to The most ruthless and dreaded Alpha. Olivia became THE ALPHA'S KING PROPERTY

Sold As A Sex Slave

The Alpha’s King Property

Chapter 1

**********Sold off as Sex Slave.************

Olivia POV

“Olivia !!!!!!!!!! Mom screamed my name and I couldn’t help but shiver in fear.

“Dear Lord, I pray I don’t die someday.” I said to my self praying silently.

I was about standing up when the door burst open revealing Mom.

I shifted back in fear.

“What have you been doing Olivia Inside?” Mom shouted as she was coming closer to me.

“I’m so sorry mother I was sorting out some things.” I tried explaining.

“I am not your fucking Mom Olivia get that into your thick skull.”

I am not your mother and I will never be.” Mom dragged my hair.

“It hurts.” I cried in pain.

“It hurts right? She questioned me

“Yes it hurts” I replied her almost at the verge of tears.

“This is how it hurts also to find out I have a useless daughter who refuse to get her self a mate.” She thundered

“Mom I’m not the moon goddess and it isn’t my fault that I haven’t gotten to meet my mate.” I said amidst tears.

She landed a deafening slap on my face.

Hush. I cried quietly as my cheek was hurting me so bad.

“I won’t repeat the sentence again that you aren’t my daughter and I aren’t your mom.” She warned.

I’m sorry .

“You have to be sorry for your outcast self because I really didn’t need you been sorry.” She said irritatingly.

Mom hand was on my hair and almost pulling my scalp but I wasn’t worried about it.

All I’m worried about is how my parents hate and detest me.

No matter how hard I tried to please them they would always find a fault in me that will make them punish me through out that day.

I’m so covered with pain.

I’m broken

“I’m already getting irritated with this slickly moment of urs.”

“The Alpha needed your presence in this palace and he is giving you 10 mins to get ready.” She said still giving me that irritated look.

“You better bath those sticky body of urs because I wouldn’t want to perceive some sort of stupid odors.” She groaned as she walked out and banged the door.

I fell straight to the ground as I burst into tears.

“I can’t bear this anymore, I can’t bear been maltreated by the person I know as mother.

“I wonder the kind of punishment and torture father have for me this time around.” I sniffed.

“I curse the day I turned eighteen”

“I can never forget the day my torture starts.

“It has always being on my wish the day I will turn eighteen. “

“The day I will get my mate”

“The day I will no longer be address as a kid”

“The day I will start living my life without anybody bothering about it”

Now here I am cursing the day I turned Eighteen.

I can’t believe the girl who wish to turn eighteen is the same girl hating why she ever turned eighteen.

Immediately I turned eighteen my once lighten world was covered thick darkness.

My dream was shattered.

My life was broken

My happiness was pieced.

I pleaded with mom and dad to give me some time but they couldn’t even give me a second.

They were so greedy that all they wish was for me to turn eighteen and get mated so their pack can become more powerful.

I looked at the sky and smile.

“I guess they will be a hope for me because once they is life then they is always hope.

“Where is that outcast of a bitch called Olivia. I heard my name being called by Miranda and I quickly stood up and rushed to the bathroom to have a quick shower.

Within seconds I was done bathing I cleaned my body with my old dirty towel and started dressing up.

I need no soothsayer to tell me that I already exceeded the time and dad is going to kill me.

Another awaiting torture and I’m ready for it. I said to myself trying to act brave.

I walked out of my room which looks so much like a cell.

“In no time I was already standing at the front of Dad shakily.

“Good day Da-a-a—! I mean My Alpha.” I quickly corrected myself.

“Save that goddamn greetings to yourself. I don’t need them Outcast.” He thundered and I move back it fear.

“I really don’t want to be tortured by them today.” I said within myself.

I gave you 10 minutes Olivia, why the hell did you exceed the time? He questioned me with anger.

“I’m sorry for exceeding the time my Alpha, I promise never to repeat such. I pleaded with my head bow.

“You don’t have to repeat such again because I wouldn’t be needing your presence again.”He said with a devilish smirk plastered on his face.

“What does he mean?”

“His he going to make me leave a free life?”

“His he going to stop tormenting me?”

Different questions was running through my head but they was no one to answer it.

”I know different sort of questions will be running through your tiny brain Olivia.” Mom said

“You are worst than useless to us so your father and I came up with a perfect idea to get rid of you.” Mom giggled.

“What are they talking about?”

“They really hate me to the extent of getting rid of me by killing me right”. I thought as hot tears drop out my eyes.

“Our dream was to kill you but seems we get something more mouthwatering to do with you.”

“Ouchhhhhh. I breathed down.

“Thank goodness they aren’t killing me.”

“But then if they aren’t killing me, what are they doing with me?” I thought

“The Alpha is going to take over from here.” Mom said as she brought me off my thought.

“Hmmmm Hmmmm.” Dad cleared his throat.

“Your mom and I came up with a reasonable way to get rid of you that will profit us and the pack.”

We are selling you off as a Sex Slave!!!!!

Sold off as a sex slave 2

The Alpha King Property

Chapter 2

*********Sold Off As A Sex Slave 2*********

Olivia POV

I was numb for some seconds as I was trying to figure out what they were saying.

“I don’t understand you My Alpha,” I questioned him as I was unable to comprehend what he just said.

“The last time I checked you were just an outcast and you aren’t dumb,”. Dad said arching one of his brow.

“I didn’t get you well My Alpha, please explain to me,” I replied as tears was gushing freely from my eyes.

“I don’t repeat my word Olivia but for the sake of My Luna, I will be repeating what I said,” He said.

“My Luna and I have come into conclusion to sell you off as a sex slave,” He Declared and I fell straight to the ground.

“But why!!!!!!!!!!,”

“Am I that useless to you all that you sold me off as a sex slave?”

“What did I do to deserve this torture and hatred,”

“Why didn’t you killed me instead of all this!!!!,” I cried pr


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