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The Alpha's Forbidden Love

The Alpha's Forbidden Love

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Lucy Garcia, a rogue from childhood, is been haunted by the pack she hates the most, the hallowed manes. Finding out her mate was no other than the alpha of the hallowed manes made her furious. She wanted nothing to do with anyone from the pack but she was bound to her mate and she couldn’t deny the love she had for Chris. Chris Parker had just been coronated as the alpha of his pack and his first assignment is to hunt down all rogue wolves in the woods. The rogues had killed one of their Omegas during an invasion. No wolf of their pack was allowed to associate with any rogue as it was seen as a taboo. Love is the greatest power in existence. Its presence can be deeply felt wherever it resides. Will Chris abandon the rule of the pack just to be with the one he loves? Will Lucy accept Chris as her mate despite the hatred she has for the pack?

Chapter 1


I had always thought of what it would be like when I finally met my mate, I had the perfect scenario played out in my head but our meeting turned out to be totally different from how I imagined it to be.

Who would have thought I would meet my mate in such an awkward situation? My home was being attacked by our rivals from the hallowed manes pack, a pack I hated the most. I was taken aback as the pheromones of my mate filled the air, how could my mate be found amid this chaos? That wasn’t the issue right now, I needed to find him before he gets hurt. I was happy that I finally got to meet him, with a smile on my face I followed his scent till I got to the open field where he was.

I stood and watched as he slew other rogues like me with his sword, he fought with vigor and his movement was swift. I moved closer to know who he was, lo and behold, it was the newly coronated alpha of the hallowed manes pack, Chris Parker, my sworn enemy and an enemy to my family, my smile turned into a big frown.

Why would the moon goddess choose the enemy of my family as my mate? what would I have done to deserve such grave punishment from the goddess? The sight of him disgusted me, I was filled with rage and hatred and felt the urge to end his life at this instant. There was no way I would have a future with him, the thought of it sent chills down my spine. I drew out my sword and charged towards him hoping to strike him down before he noticed but he was faster than I thought, with his sword, he blocked my sword from piercing his skin, and my sword slipped from my hand while his sword was placed on my neck ready to slit my throat.


I was half asleep when I heard footsteps approaching my hut, it was quite early and I wasn’t expecting anyone. I picked up my blade and hid at the back of the door as the intruder walked into my hut, I grabbed the intruder from behind and almost stabbed him but the intruder yelled,

“Hey!, Lucy, it's me.” the voice was familiar so I quickly dropped the blade and took a few steps back

“Nathan! Are you crazy? Why did you sneak in like that? I almost killed you right now” I yelled at him.

“Easy tigress, why are you so hostile this morning? Anyways, Maverick wants to see everyone, he says it's urgent” he said to me before leaving my hut. Nathan and I were a bit close, his father was the leader of our little rogue pack.

I wonder what Maverick wanted to talk about that was so important and couldn’t wait till later in the day. I rushed out of my hut and made my way to the open field, I met others waiting as well, I asked one of them why we were gathered there but he gave no response, he probably had no idea why we were summoned here or he knew and was just acting like a stupid snobbish punk.

Maverick finally joined us alongside Nathan’s father, Cade Holcroft, our leader. We all bowed to them as they stood in front of us. Maverick turned to look at Cade who nodded in return. He took a step forward and announced,

“Information reaching us says that the hallowed manes pack will be coronating their new Alpha in a few days, as we all know, they are enemies to us and what do we do to our enemies!”

“We destroy!!” everyone yelled

“So brace yourself, everyone, we are going to launch an attack after the coronation and take possession of the city,” he said. I raised my hand to speak

“What is it this time Lucy?” he asked with a frown on his face. I and Maverick never got along, he was a thorn in my flesh.

“Why do we have to wait till after the coronation when we can attack the coronation day?” I suggested.

“Why don’t you lead us then since you seem to have a perfect idea? We attack after the coronation day and there is nothing you can do about it Lucy” he said angrily

“The celebration is a perfect distraction for us to achieve our aim. Think about that Maverick”

“Enough! We attack after the coronation and that is final! You all may leave now”.

We glared at each other as others made their way back to their hut, we were both burning in rage, ready to tear each other apart. Cade intervened and summoned both of us to his chambers.

“Both of you, my tent now,” he said

We trailed behind Cade like little kids waiting to be scolded by our father, we arrived at his tent, and immediately the tongue-lashing began.

“What just happened out there? Why do you two always come at each other like sworn enemies?” he asked, “the both of you should be ashamed of yourself, that was a show of disgrace out there, right in front of everyone”.

I bowed my head in shame as he spoke, he was right we shouldn’t have behaved that way in public, but it wasn’t my fault, it was his fault, I only made a suggestion he didn’t have to be rude to me.

“I’m sorry Cade, it wasn’t my fault, he should learn to control his tongue next time, I’m not his puppet,” I said

“Watch your mouth Lucy else you won’t like what’s coming to you” Maverick threatened

“Enough!! Maverick get the men ready for battle, and we go according to our original plan. Lucy go to your hut and cool that steam off before we have a blood bath” Cade dismissed us. I scowled at Maverick as we left the tent, a smile smoothened on his lips, he seemed to enjoy every bit of it.

“You got lucky today, you won’t be so lucky next time,” I told him as I approached my hut.

“Ohh, fierce, now I’m scared. That explains why you don’t have a man in your life” he said and with that, he walked away with a smile on his face.

I wasn’t moved by what he said, I had no time to be with a man. I saw it as a distraction and a total waste of time. I got into the hut and found my dear mother seated on my bed, I sensed trouble.

“Lucy, I heard what happened earlier, what was that about?” she asked

“Wow, bad news does travel so fast. Well since you want to know what happened, it wasn’t my fault. I only gave a suggestion which I know was the best idea but he-..”

“Why are you so hostile Lucy?” she cuts in, she got up from the bed and tried to hug me but I took a step back, I couldn’t handle the fact that she was taking sides with Maverick. Was she scared of him? I knew most of them were scared of him and were afraid to be on his blacklist but I never expected my mum to be among them. The fact that she was scared of him angered me the most. I left the hut in anger, she called out to me but I wouldn’t listen, I wanted to be left alone.

I stood at the end of the cliff and stared at the mountains, the squeaking sounds from the trees helped me relax. I remembered spending time with my father on this cliff, we would come here often to relax and enjoy the view, I missed him now that he was gone. Tears flowed down my cheek as I thought of him and all we’d been through.

“Soon father, soon it will all be over”

Chapter 2


It was the flowers, I always thought, that kept me sane. When I tended to my flowers, they never talked back, never told me I didn’t understand as my mum did, never yanked up their roots, and stalked away in a huff.

I would prune away the wild parts, those sudden growth sprigs that thought they could go their own way until the plant was shaped as I intended for it to be shaped.

After tendering my flowers, I took my sword and headed to the field to practice. I did so every morning while others were still asleep. I preferred to train on my own, it was less distracting. I was still training when Nathan came at me from behind. I jolted and almost hurt him before I quickly regained myself.

“NATHAN! You almost got yourself killed again! Stop coming at me like that, you startled me” I yelled, he laughed and took my sword away from me. returning it to its sheath.

“what are you doing so early in the morning?” he asked as we both sat on the


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