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Adaline is the daughter of Alpha Alexander, the Alpha of the Peralez empire and an infamous prostitute who was beheaded by the Luna for having an affair with her husband. Adaline is turned to a maid and later assigned to her younger sister Nyla the moment she was born. Adaline has been abused by the Luna and Nyla all her life, but no matter how she tries to end it all she was born with a curse of invulnerability; she simply could not die. Alpha Grant, another Alpha of the Hazem empire is known for murdering his brides on the wedding night. Everyone knows it's a curse bestowed on him by the saintess. Fate brings Adaline and Grant together when he requests her hand in marriage. Striking a deal Alpha Alexander gave Nyla as a second wife just in case Adaline died. Devastated and aware of the rumors of his cold murders, Adaline sleeps with her childhood friend and loses her virginity to him, thinking the rumors that Alpha Grant prefers virgins were valid. To her dismay he marries her world comes crumbling down when he still chooses to mate with her. Now Adaline has two options, she elopes the empire or she spends a night with Alpha Grant and most likely will lose her life.

Chapter 1


A sharp and ripping noise that resembled that of fabric was heard, it was infact the sound of my pink ball gown being ripped to shreds. The manic giggles that followed made my heart sink to the depths of my stomach.

This could not be any more humiliating, the front of my underwear was peaking, on display to two thousand guest who did nothing but watch.

I tried to hold back my tears as a miserable smile spread across my lips.

"I knew you'd be happy." Nyla says trying to hold back her ugly cackle. "See guys she's even smiling, is that tears of joy I see?" She uses her thumb to wipe off my tear and flicks her hand to quickly dry her hand. "Next time you will think twice about upstaging Melanie at her debutante." She quickly reverts to her scowl, the expression I was familiar with. "You're a slave not a princess, even if you think Royalty runs through your blood, you still have your mother's filthy blood, know your place damn swine." I bowed and apologize as more tears pour out. I didn't waste time in the ball room, I ran so fast but it didn't stop the guest from whispering and mocking me.

Nyla has always been like this, she has nothing but disgust for me ever since my father cheated on the empress with my mother. The moment I was born my mother was beheaded for having a hand in black magic, but anyone who had a brain could tell the Empress was Intimidated by my mother.

The claims could be true since after my mother's death the empress tried to dispose of me.

I was stabbed 53 times as an infant,

I was tossed in a pit of flames

I was left in the deadly forest of Peralez

My wolf was sealed to increase my chances of dying,

I was even drowned, twice, but every single time I escaped from the claws of death. I was eventually nicknamed the corpse baby. Since the Empress could not easily rid of me she decided to make my life a living hell and that is why I'm a lowly slave girl to a bratty princess.

The dress I wore was a gift from Viscount Maverick, I got all dolled up just for it to be ripped all to shreds.

I gasped for air, holding the hems of the ruined dress as I run down the halls of the palace, I came across a figure who just happened to to spread his long legs as he laid his sword on his thigh to clean it consecutively.

I slowed down my pace and began strutting over to him hoping to pass through the space his legs didn't encompass. "Did you get caught by Viscount Maverick's wife?" His brows furrowed at the sight of my ripped dress. "I was expecting your hair to be chopped or worse case scenario you'd be burned alive. Is she behind your tail?" He looks around and begins to raise his voice. "She's here, she's making a run for..." I kicked him to the gut to get him to shut up.

"Whore." He coughs, holding his tummy.

"Freak." I retorted.

"That's rich coming from the corpse baby." He replied and I was done. I just paid no attention and slowly walked past him, I was already exhausted I couldn't start picking up my pace again. Unbeknownst to me he was pacing behind me like a moth to a flame, I didn't mind until the sound of his boots clicking drove me crazy. "Do you mind?" I turned to him, he had his hand up as a way of telling me he didn't mean any harm. A coy smile work it's way to his lips.

"Well who's going to stop you if you try to throw yourself off this building?"

"Piss off." I hissed as I heard a mummured bounce back and forth across the hallway. If wasn't that evident if it was a mummur since Cole resumed nagging. "Like do you know how many times you've committed suicide this month? You should really change your name to suicidal princess."

"Shut up." I whispered as he frowned at me cutting me off. "That's rude." He hissed.

"Shut the fuck up." I pinched my thumb and index finger, slowly running it across my lips to pass my message.

I took a hold of the hem of my dress and began creeping to the exact door the mummurs were coming from, Cole as well got a bit of common sense and followed in the same manner but that didn't stop his boot from making a hell of noise.

"Take them off." I whispered again as he look confused. "Take them the fuck off, take off your boots Cole." At this point I was just tossing my hand in the air, which makes sense why he couldn't understand. "Someone's out there." The voice from inside warned as I raised my voice. "If you love me then show me." I said to Cole who looked confused at the situation, I rolled my eyes at him and tugged on to his collars as I pulled him into a kiss, he didn't take my lips right there, he breathe hard against my face till his hands are on my waist and he's pulling my weight against his, he even slide his tongue in as we hold each other's lips in a pretense of passionate flames.

I didn't know Cole was a very good kisser, and an actor as well, he kisses me like he wants me.

"It's just the corpse baby and that disappointment of a knight." I chuckled in between the kiss as Cole pulls me in tighter and kisses me harder, running his fingers through my hair.

Okay Mr show off, they get it we're committing fornication, you don't have to suck on my lips that hard.

Soon enough they began talking again and I abruptly push Cole away from me to eaves drop. "Maybe we shouldn't be here." Cole suggested, immediately the kiss ended. "You can go. I heard something related to Nyla." I paused to notice the red blush that spread across his cheeks. Sometimes I forget he's a virgin, it's not my fault if he's a pain in the ass.

"Alpha Grant request Princess Nyla as a bride, we have to honor his wishes so that peace will reign between the two empires, we can't risk another war." My ears stood on the mention of Alpha Grant, the ruthless Alpha King of the Hazem Empire. It's a known fact that any woman who shares a bed with him will die. That meant Nyla would finally be off my tail but wait, another war? The last one ended five years ago, why would another war commence in such a short period.

"The Empress won't allow it, you know that she will elope with her daughter to her mother land and watch us all die." I recognize that voice anywhere, it's the head maid and Nyla's Nanny, why is she sharing such a tedious conversation. Cole was right I shouldn't be here, before I could plan my exit, I heard my name being mentioned.

"Adaline is of royal blood is she not? and she is blessed with what the Alpha needs, a woman that cannot die." I stepped back in terror, if all this takes effect, I'll have Nyla's fate.

Cole could tell I was fragile at the moment but didn't know how to comfort me, I wouldn't blame him, this situation was new to him. Soon enough I backed away from door completely and started plotting my next plan.

"What are you going to do ?" Cole asks, Alpha Grant kills the women before he has a chance to sleep with them. He got tired of the false hope of producing a heir and didn't even bother himself with the mating rituals.

There wasn't any way out of this, the only option was to elope as much as that sounds promising I'll die of poverty and malnutrition.

"Follow me." I took his hand, he didn't hesitate to grab mine as he waltz behind me. After a while of silence we both stood in front of a room.

I opened the door with a key I keep with me at all times and drag Cole in with me. I purposely left the key out as I shut the door behind us.

I immediately begin to strip in front of Cole as he watch me with red in his face.

"Who's room is this?" He inquired noticing the expensive taste of the room. "It's Nyla's room" I answer as his eyes widened in shock, his face was null as he tries to process what I just said.

"Are you crazy?" He yelled at I proceeded to take off more of my clothes till I was buck naked in his front, my soft smile confused him.

"Have sex with me." I uttered making my way towards him, I made contact with his erection as he hovers his palm over his hard member.

Chapter 2


"Have you lost your mind?" Cole remained baffled by my proposition. "If I'm destined for a lifetime of torment, I should at least indulge in the experience of losing my virginity this instant, don't you think?" My gaze shifted to his hard member. "Besides, do you not find me attractive?" I suggested coyly, swaying my hips with a hint of seduction.

He swallowed nervously, finding it difficult to avert his gaze. That gave me the idea to make my first move. I strutted towards him and went on my knees, cupping his arousal in my palm.

I tugged on his belt, giving him a chance to object. After thirty seconds of consecutive silence, I unbuckled his belt and swiftly took out his erection in my hand. I squeezed it firmly, sensing no hint of softness; he was undeniably aroused.

I flicked my tongue against the ridge of his foreskin. His lips trembled, and a soft moan escaped as I teased my tongue around the tip of his member. I could


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