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Kim Lina

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  • Author: Kim Lina
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 7.5

"It can't be," she quivered. Her blindfold slowly unmasked revealing the handsome devil of a man before her, Tristan. "How comical" just her luck that she's seeing the handsome devil once again. "How comical indeed, miss me? " He winked at her as she blush a little forgetting about her unfortunate state. "You've got the guts to be comical when you have me hostage. I swear, when my father hears about this," "What do you want from me, I don't have anything I owe you." She cries out in a struggle he tilts his head sideways. "That's the thing princess you don't owe me anything but your old man does." of all people, why did it had to be Tristan Donovan ? "Please don't hurt him..." she sobs as he holds her chin pulling it close as their nose touches. "I would never hurt him, besides he's not in the bet." she gasped again "What do you mean by a bet?" She asked as he brings out a cigarette and lights it up puffing it in her face in an attempt to irritate her. "Your father is a regular customer at my casino, so I made a deal with him. If he wins, he gets half of my f*ck*ng property and my casino," he disclosed. She didn't quite comprehend how she got involved but remained curious. "He lost, didn't he?" she sighed, anticipating her bitter fate. "Like a toddler playing with fire, he got burnt so quick it was pathetic, you just had to be there." he mocked her unfortunate fate. "But my father doesn't have any property. What could he possibly give you that got me involved?" she questioned. He pulled the cigarette out of his mouth, pressing it into ash and tossing it aside. Horror flashed in her eyes as a simple thought struck her. "And this is the best part of the deal, that's where you come in, sweetheart." Her eyes widened in shock, unable to believe her father had pulled such a foolish stunt, essentially selling her over a bet. "And if I don't..." she dared him, attempting to threaten, but he remained unfazed. He brings out a gun and points it's directly at her and fires it as she hears something or actually someone drop. ***** Willow Davis finds herself wedge in between one of her father's gamble, having lost the bet she is sold to the ruthless arrogant billionaire, Tristan Donovan, who wants nothing more than to make out a trophy of her. over the course of time they slowly get close but fear of falling in love Tristan has set three rules; "NO STAYING IN CONFINED OR CLOSED PLACES TOGETHER NO ANY FORM OF PHYSICAL CONTACT NO FALLING IN LOVE" But what happens when he's caught up in his own web and breaks one or all together? How far will he go, riding of every single rule? Will the arrogant billionaire finally fall in love? find out in SOLD TO THE ARROGANT BILLIONAIRE.


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