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The Alpha's Broken Slave

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Slave. Broken. Wolfless. I have always been the perfect toy for pain and pleasure to the ruthless Alpha Jax who owned me. Twenty years, I've lived in abuse, torture and slavery so one night I decided to run away from it all to find freedom, only to discover I had stepped into the pack of our enemy. I'm taken to their cruel and merciless Alpha Ares who fails to recognize me as Jax's slave so I thought I was free, but the only way he lets me stay in his pack is to be a slave once more. His slave.



Review after the novel completion

It's quite an nice book to read but with a terrible cliffhanger 😅 it's a good read and I'm curious to see how it will continue in the next installment. The next book has only just started being written though so we will have to be patient with our dear writer. Even though I might not have loved some of the tropes being used I did like how the main characters are evolving. So now to look for book 2!

May 7, 2024

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