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The Alpha's Betrayal in 99 Nights

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Raphael Smith looks that his luna, Jasmine Eloise, is overweight after giving birth to a twin baby. Raphael needs a beautiful woman like Shayna, one of his concubines. Shayna Anderson experienced a time travel incident that made her enter Raphael's world. Shayna is lost and confused about what to do until she gets close to Raphael becoming his slave. Shayna doesn't understand Raphael's real life in the werewolf kingdom because Shayna is a natural human from the country and the modern era. Eloise knows his husband's betrayal, and she grabs them together at night. Raphael asks Eloise to forgive him, and he won't betray her again. Eloise gets the information that Shayna is on five weeks pregnant. Eloise understands that her fat body that makes Raphael betrays her. Eloise says Raphael for waiting 99 nights to answer whether to continue their marriage. Does Eloise forgive Raphael? How about Shayna's pregnancy? What will Eloise do?

Roasted Deer Meat for Beautiful Girl

Chapter 1

The story of a beautiful servant comes from the forest; Shayna Anderson is her name. Raphael Smith, as the alpha, always tries to give his best around his environment. Once upon a time, while Raphael is looking for deer, he seems a beautiful girl terribly. Raphael examined the girl's wound on the right leg that was hit by the trap. Raphael told the girl it was only a scratch and would soon heal. Raphael took some medicinal leaves around the cave, pounded them with a rock, and rubbed them on the lacerations on the girl's feet.

"What is your name?" asked Raphael.

"Shayna, Shayna Anderson," Shayna answered fearfully.

"Don't be afraid; I won't hurt you," said Raphael.

"Where am I?" Shayna said innocently.

Raphael just smiled and walked away from Shayna. Shayna looked around the cave; what a strange place. In the real world in Italy, caves like this are antique objects or relics from ancient times. Shayna still remembers clearly why she is in a place like this and is opposite to the real world in Italy. The clothes worn by the man who saved her were also those of noble people in ancient times.

Soon Raphael returned with lots of fruit and venison, cut and washed clean. Raphael went into the cave, lit a bonfire, and then burned the venison for Shayna. Shayna could only remain silent and couldn't say much; between fear and embarrassment, she also still felt foreign to the world she was experiencing.

"Why are you silent?" asked Raphael interrupting Shayna's reverie.

"I was just observing this cave," Shayna replied as best she could.

"Do you like grilled meat like this?" asked Raphael.

"Yes, I like it; I like whatever it is," replied Shayna.

Soon the grilled venison was cooked and served to Shayna.

"I'll be back later; I have to return to my house right now. If I haven't returned, at least my friends will take care of you," Raphael said goodbye to Shayna.

Shayna nodded and stayed silent in the cave. Shayna was only worried about what if a foreigner came in or a beast entered because the shelter was open. After the departure of Raphael, Shayna remained silent in the cave, and the longer the bonfire began to die out.

Shayna couldn't rekindle the bonfire because she didn't know how. Finally, Shayna ventured to the front of the cave, looking at the pitch-black surroundings illuminated only by the dim light from the moon.

Shayna immediately returned to the cave for fear that a wild animal would see her, especially now that Shayna was alone in the cave. Shayna tried to close her eyes in the forest's darkness; Shayna was so scared and sobbed but was restrained so as not to make a sound that could harm herself if it was heard by wild animals outside or strangers passing by.

After trying to calm herself down, Shayna fell asleep, and when she woke up and opened her eyes, it was already morning, and the sun was shining brightly. Shayna washed her face in the pool of running water in the cave, then washed her feet, hands, and hair to make them fresh.

Shayna desired to leave the cave and look for Raphael, but her heart was still afraid. If you stay in the cave, then tonight Shayna will be scared like last night; Shayna is in deep indecision.

"I better try to find it, but what if a wild animal pounces on me," Shayna muttered in fear. Shayna decided to stay in the cave; Shayna ate the fruit and kept quiet until midday. Shayna fell asleep during the day and woke up at night.

"Why do I have to sleep like this? What if I have trouble sleeping tonight," said Shayna, very annoyed. It was late afternoon, and Shayna hoped for a miracle for tonight, hoping Raphael would return to her in the cave.

"Where did you come from, kind-hearted man who saved me," muttered Shayna.

Towards evening, the moon shone very brightly. Shayna was still awake and could not close her eyes. There was a howl of a wolf that was so loud.

"Lycaon, where are you? I'm petrified," muttered Shayna.

Shayna hummed a little to chase away the fear, singing a lullaby that her father and mother usually sang when they were young until they were adults.

"Sweet child, sweet child, my dear child, close your eyes and have a sweet dream; remember that tomorrow awaits you cheerfully. Sweet child, my dear child, sleep peacefully and wake up healthy and happy."

Shayna hummed through tears and cried between sadness and longing for her parents. There is a feeling of hunger that is heavy, and there is a deep feeling of sadness that words cannot define. Leftover roasted venison given by Raphael It's still there; Shayna tries to see if it still tastes good.

It turns out that it still tastes good, it looks like it was cooked correctly and for a long time, so the meat quality is still good to eat for several days. After eating the meat and fruit, Shayna took a sip of water. She was leaning back against the cave wall and observing the surroundings of the occupied cave.

Thankful that there is a cave, what if there is no cave? Then you have to live where Shayna is while outside is a very dense wilderness.

"Mother, Father, can you hear my heart? I miss you guys," muttered Shayna while remembering her time with her father and mother in Italy.

Shayna remembers her co-workers, university friends, and best friend, Kelly Anderson. "Kelly, did you miss me," Shayna muttered. Kelly is always there whenever Shayna tells all her sad and happy stories; only Kelly understands all about Shayna.

"Kelly, when I'm back tomorrow, I'll tell you everything I've been through here. You won't believe I'm here and experiencing all of this. Kelly, I hope you are well there and can finish your campus assignments well."

Shayna closed and dreamed. In her dream, Shayna saw Kelly crying in front of her photo on her campus. Shayna noticed that RIP was written on top of her picture, along with many bouquets around it. Shayna screamed in her dream, and no one heard her.

Imprisonment and Flogging

Chapter 2

Today, Raphael is looking around the castle and the forest. After strolling through the thick forest to enjoy the warm sun. Raphael occasionally whistled and hummed happily in his floral heart. His heart had a different feeling because of his encounter with the beautiful woman he saved; Shayna was always in his memory. Raphael doesn't think his luna, Eloise. He also doesn't think of his twin baby boys and ignores Eloise with her fat body. Raphael has loved Shayne so much since the first sightseeing. Raphael doesn't want to be alpha because he understands that his sin won't be permitted as an alpha.

Because Raphael still acted like an idiot, he immediately changed his attitude when approaching the large palace fence. From the large wall at the front, the distance to the main palace was still very far away. Raphael occasionally smiled and laughed at himself when he managed to fool everyone if he was stupid.

All this he did for the safety


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