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The A.S.H.

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We are fighting for our lives on top of a snowy mountains surrounded by woods, we was sent here on a mission to stake out a meeting between werewolf alphas. Alphas are the strongest werewolves of every pack. The mission find out why there meeting and where there packs are, but everything went south fast, we arrived just before dark to hide out in the trees in the woods. Not long after we arrive we was ambushed, it was like they was waiting for us. The alphas were already in wolf form, the first scream came from a girl that was a little older then I am on the alpha team. Half the alpha team was murder in an instance, my mother yells out my name Alyks!


I Alyks (alex) started training at the age of five for the academy. My mother wanted me to be ready for anything when she wasn't around, which is all the time. I would get left with my mothers sister, my aunt whenever my mother was out on a mission. She is on the alpha team the best team of hunters in the academy. You have to be 18 and top 10 of class to even qualify for the team. If you were wondering I don't have a dad he left us when he found out my mother was pregnant. We only get to go home for a month before coming back to do training and take classes. My grandfather says the supernaturals don't have vacations so why should we. The only reason we get a month is because parents complain about not seeing their kids for so long. The academy starts with kids as young as 8 and trains them to be the best hunters possible by the time they are 18, unless you're me. I would be left with my aunt and her family until my mother would come back home, my aunt isn't into all of the supernatural hunting so she doesn't concern herself with it. My aunt was trained to do the same thing my mother was but my mother excelled in everything she did and left her sister behind. My aunt decided to part ways with being a hunter and my grandfather was upset. After years of trying to convince her, She became pregnant with my cousin and he gave up on the idea of her coming back. My cousin is a couple of months younger than I am. My aunt lives in a small town a state over from us. She doesn't allow my mother to come over. My aunt always has to come pick me up when my mother needs to head out on a mission. my aunt has a big house on the outskirts of town. It was painted a dark blue color and was at least three stories high and even had a massive concrete basement. I had my own room when I would come to visit and was even allowed to go to school with my cousin while I was there. There were a few people that lived with my aunt and uncle. So it wasn't ever just us they also had kids of their own that were close to my age. Me, Justin, Ross, and my cousin Astrid were inseparable every time I came over. I wasn't allowed to leave the house other than school, which was fine since we all lived in the same house. We always had fun.

Sometimes I would be left with my aunt for a few months, but I wasn't allowed to stop training. My uncle would help me with training as well as training Astrid,Justin and Ross. When I turned eight I was sent to the academy, Since i was a few months older then Astrid I assumed she would join me after she turned of age with Justin and Ross. For months after Astrid turn of age I waited for her to join but she never came. Of course our one month vacation my mother was send on a mission, so I was sent to my aunts.I was greeted like normally and was so excited to see my cousin and friends. Astrid ran up and hugged me but I didn't see Justin or Ross. I asked her and she told me they would be back tomorrow to say goodbye. I was in shock. What do you mean goodbye? She told me they have to go to their uncles till they turn16 to do their training and she will be doing her training here, but I won't be able to see you after tomorrow. What, what do you mean you cant see me I say. I'm completely heart broken about Justin and Ross i can't lose Astrid as well. I ask her why she isn't coming to the academy with me. She tells me my uncle will be teaching her everything she's supposed to know to excel. Later that day I told her about the academy and how much work we have to put in each day. First we get up at 5, get ready to go work out, start school by 7, have lunch at 12 and train at 1 til about 6 at night. We get dinner and then we sleep and repeat. Astrid is looking at me in shock i ask her whats wrong and she tells me that's torture when do you have any fun. I tell her now would be when I have fun but she's leaving me tomorrow as well as Justin and Ross and she looks at me with great sadness. I tell her it's okay, I understand. That next morning Ross and Justin came to see Astrid and I. They told us we have a few hours with them before they have to go. So we made the best of it. We played games and got into trouble a few times before it was time for them to go. They told us goodbye and that they would miss us and I should come back when we turn 16 to see each other again. I told them I would then we hugged and they headed out. The next day I was told to go back to the academy by my grandfather, I was told I would be staying with him until my mother returned. That was the last day I saw Justin, Ross, and Astrid.

chapter one

Alyks P.O.V

“Ugh” can't today be over, I say to Roslyn. I'm not a morning person, and I've had my ass kicked everyday. Roslyn just laughs and says I need to cheer up. It's our first day back from being away from the academy during the entire month of August.

Everyone gets a vacation to see their family except me. I had to go to my mom's brother's house in the mountains to train. Every day for the last 30 days I've had to get up an hour earlier than we do in the academy to do training 3 times a day. It was ruthless. My uncle insisted that I need the extra training, but honestly, I just think he wanted the opportunity to kick my ass every day. I have a lot of snarky remarks when it comes to everything and he really didn't like that so We fought hand-to-hand combat with bamboo sticks to add skill to our fighting. 16 hours of training a day for 30 days.

Today is the day when we find out if we advance in our


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