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Taming The Ruthless Alpha

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Being the weakest omega in her pack is already a disadvantage to Jenna. Not only is she a weak omega, but she also had no mate when she was eighteen, and everyone thought she was cursed until Shaun Moore, a well-known business tycoon and the Alpha of the Fire-Ice pack who does not believe in love or mate, showed up. Everyone knows him as the most ruthless Alpha, who believes love is a mirage and is never meant to be real, but no one thought that the weak Jenna Smith would be his mate. He had saved her during one of his visits to her pack and marked her as his mate in the presence of everyone, only to reject her a few hours later. To him, there was no way he was going to accept a weakling as his mate, but to her, he is her only source of hope and survival, and she will do anything to tame him and make him hers. ** "Who are you to talk back at me?" he yelled "I am your mate, you should treat me as such," I replied, rolling my eyes and taping my feet on the floor slightly. He frowned. "What did you say?" I brushed my hair backward and smiled. "I... I... I think I should go back to sleep," I said, turning to leave. He pulled me back, pushed me to the wall, and held my hand. "You dare to defile me because you were my mate? A rejected mate!" He tightened his grip, and I whimpered slightly. "You have not rejected me completely yet" He scoffed. "I don't care!!!"

A Friend Indeed


It was a few days before the Starlight Pack annual feast and also my best friend's wedding. I decided to visit her. It was also to run away from work. I had been busy all day getting things ready and now I am exhausted. The

Omegas have been saddled with the responsibility of decorating the feast ground as well as the wedding ground. Works were shared among us according to our status and as the weakest omega, I had more work to do.

I had to wait for the head worker to leave before running away too. Avoiding guards was my specialty, so it was easier to get past them. I stood in front of Nicole's room and peeped into the room through the keyhole.

"Nicole?" I called.

"Jenna?" I heard.

I could tell it was Nicole.

"I am coming in" I muttered and opened the door.

"Are you..."

"Hello, best friend" I cooed, walking into the room.

I had expected her to welcome me with a smile, but instead, she frowned.

"Jenna, what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be working with the rest?"

"Can't I visit my best friend who is getting married in a few days?"

"Of course, you can but Jenna, the feast comes up in a few days, and so is my wedding. We need all the help that we can get"

"I know that. I just want to..."

"Come on, Jenna. You should get back to work. My mother should not meet you here. She will be very angry with you and you know what that means"

I groaned slightly. Being an omega has always been a great disadvantage to me. And despite being the best friend of the Alpha's daughter, I couldn't get any privilege from that.

Nicole moved closer to me. "I know how you feel right now but you have to go. You can come back when you are done with your work" she said with a smile and this time it was my turn to frown.

"Was that supposed to make me happy?" I asked and she chuckled.

"I guess that did not work, on you. Jenna, I do wish that you could stay here with me but being an omega..."

"You mean being a slave?"

"Jenna! You should stop saying that. I have told you several times that omegas are not slaves"

I shrugged. "Maybe they are not but I am"


I raised my hand to shut her up. "Nicole, other omegas are far better than I am. Not only do I have a shabby wolf, but I also do not have a mate. So tell me what difference I am to a slave? Don't you think they are better than I am?"

She held my hand. "Jenna, I told you to stop thinking that way. And by the way, your wolf is not shabby. It's one of the most beautiful wolves I have seen"

I sighed. "But that doesn't make a difference"

She furrowed her brows. "What difference?"

"That I am a slave. And that I can't spend time with my best friend because I have to work my *ss out and..."

"Come on, Jenna"

I sniffed. "I feel so bad right now"

"Are you crying?"

I sniffed again. "Isn't it worth shedding tears for?"

"Jenna, come on. You know how much I hate to see you cry"

I chuckled slightly. "How about you make it up to me?"


I smiled. "I know that you can't help me get away from work but...". I stared at her and she furrowed her brows. "But you can help me get out of the Pack at night"

She frowned. "Is that your reason for visiting me"

I shrugged. "Not really. But since I am here, I can as well ask you about it". I moved closer to her and she moved backward. "So, what did you say about it?"

"I am not doing that. I am not..."

I blinked slightly. "Please, Nicole"

She scoffed. "I am not...". I gave her puppy eyes and she groaned. "Don't give me that look. I am not changing my..." I widened my eyes and she sighed. "Ok, you got me. I will help you leave..."

I screamed and hugged her. "Thanks, Nicole"

She chuckled. "You are choking me"

I moved backward and smiled. "Sorry,"

"I will help you get out of the Pack but you must come back before dawn, please, and don't make trouble"

I nodded quickly. "I won't make trouble, I promise"

"You still have not told me why you love to leave the Pack at night"

"That will be a story for another day"

"But I am getting married soon"

"I can always visit you and tell you"

"You know my mother will not allow that. And you can't leave the Pack without my help. My marriage is an end to your freedom"

I sighed. "And that is the reason I need to go out tonight. To celebrate my final day of freedom"

She sighed. "I hope you have a mate. I hope you can meet your mate soon"

I moved closer to her. "Well, I think I am doing very well without a mate, don't you think?"

"Jenna, that you are doing well without your mate, doesn't mean that you do not need one"

I scoffed. "In my twenty-two years of life, I have done well without a mate. Don't you think that If I need one the moon goddess would have given me instead of making me a weak omega?"

"Jenna, you are not..."

"Please, can we talk about something else"


"Nicole, It's already a good thing that you have a mate and you are getting married. You should not worry about me"

"I can't stop worrying about you. I don't want you to get into trouble. But I know you will"

"I won't, I promise"

"Why do I have a feeling you already did. Jenna, did you run away from work?". I chuckled and she groaned. "I guess you did. Jenna, do you know what that means?"

I shrugged. "More works"

She sighed. "I can't let you get into more trouble. You should get back to work"

"Can I stay a little more?"

She gestured with her hand. "Jenna! Now back to your post"

I chuckled and bowed slightly. "As your Lordship pleases"

"You're so funny, Jen. Get going"


When we finally retired early from work for the day, I was extremely happy with the hope that I would be able to leave the Pack and have some fun. Work kept adding up and I got busier. Nicole was busy too, unable to help me get out of the Pack and I understood that could be because she was so busy with her wedding preparation. I couldn't visit her knowing her mother could be with her and she doesn't support our friendship. I decided to take a stroll. Two guards stared at me as I walked past them.

"Isn't she the weak omega?" one of them asked.

I glared at him and he glared back. I scoffed, walking past them.

"I heard she has no mate" I heard one of them say.

"Does that mean she can warm our beds at night?"

"She's beautiful enough to do that"

Laughter erupted and that made me stop. I frowned, turning back immediately, though I was already a few distance away from them.

"Were you both talking about me?" I asked, folding my arms.

"Is there something you want to do about it?" the other guard asked.

"Is there a thing a weak omega like her is capable of doing?" the one that had glared at me asked and the other busted into laughter.

I nodded my head in agreement. "Of course, what can a weak omega like me do?" I answered and busted into laughter too.

I laughed so hard, that my stomach hurt. They stared at me strangely and I stared back at them.

"Isn't it a laughing competition?" I asked, furrowing my brows.

"She is crazy" one of them muttered and I nodded.

"Yes, I am. I am crazy!" I yelled. "Jenna is crazy! The weakest omega is crazy! "

They frown at me. "We should get going. She doesn't seem normal" one of them said and they walked away.

I stood rooted to my spot, brushing my hair aggressively. I was p*ss*d with myself for coming back. I knew I could not do anything to them and should have ignored them and found my way back but my stupid anger will not let me. Now, I feel so embarrassed for laughing and not being able to do anything.

Why did I come back to talk to them? Why did I laugh so hard to make them think I was crazy?

I slapped my face so hard it hurt. I whined slightly.

"Ahh!!!" I yelled.

Oh Jenna!

That calmed me down a bit as I sucked in some air, eyes closed. I opened my eyes and stared at nothing, not sure of what to do next. I do not have much freedom like the rest of the Pack members, which makes me dislike being an omega. And not having a mate made it worse. I had wished I could become a better person but nothing I had done made things better.

I decided to shrug off any bad feelings and head to the garden to pick up some fruits. I hope that will make me feel better. I had to avoid a lot of guards on my way. I was soon in front of the garden and I was climbing over the fence when I heard a voice.


I turned to see a guard running towards me. I jumped quickly over the fence and landed on my butt.

"Hey!!!" he yelled again.

I stood up quickly and ran through the trees. I could hear more footsteps. I knew immediately that it wasn't just a guard chasing me and I also knew it wouldn't be long before they caught up


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