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Sweet Seduction

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Kamille comes from a wealthy family, and she will fall in love with their poor gardener, but her parents will oppose her because of the state of their lives. How can you fight for your love when someone tries to destroy it with a lie? Lies that make you dislike someone you care about. Lies that will destroy your hopes and happiness. Would you accept the truth if you later discovered that the person who destroyed it was someone close to your heart? What if you found out that the person you're mad at is innocent? How can you take away the pain it causes someone who has nothing to do but love you?

Chapter 1

Kamille got up in bed when she heard the voice of her Nanny Hilda. It was eight o'clock, and she was late for school again.

She got up quickly and took the towel hanging from the hanger. Her room is still messy because she has not been able to fix it.

She is 21 years old and graduating from the Tourism Management course. This was really her dream since she was a child, and now she will almost reach it. She studies hard because she wants her family to be proud of her.

"Kamille! What's the use of the alarm clock in your room? If I hadn't woken you up, you would still be making a map," Nanny Hilda preached to her.

She scratched her hair and went downstairs to eat breakfast first.

"Nanny, don't preach me. Let's just eat," she said to her nanny with a smile. Her Nanny just shook her head.

Her Nanny Hilda has been working with them for 15 years, and she was the one who raised her. Nanny Hilda is like a second mother to her because her parents are not in the Philippines. They are busy running the company left by her grandfather.

"Hurry up, Kamille; you will be late to school again," she reminded her.

She just nodded to her Nanny Hilda, she was used to her sermons every day. She just smiled at her while biting the sandwich in her mouth.

She hurried to eat and went straight to the bathroom to take a bath; she also hastened to dress up so that she could not waste the rest of the time. Even if she is just arranging things that need to be fixed for her upcoming graduation, she should not just be petting.

"Nanny Hilda, I'm leaving!" She said goodbye and ran out the door.

Nanny Hilda just followed her with her gaze; she almost tripped in her hurry. The heel of her shoe is a bit high.

"Oh my God, Kamille!"

She even heard the last thing that Nanny Hilda said; she just smiled.

She is really happy with her nanny; despite her parents' busyness at work, nanny Hilda is the one that fills in the gaps just so she doesn't feel alone.

When she came out the door, she caught their driver talking with someone in the garden; it was not familiar to him. The man is a new face; maybe it's their new gardener because their gardener, Mang Isko recently passed away.

She approached the driver to have her delivered to school.

They were talking and seemed disturbed by her arrival.

"Ma'am Kamille, you're already here. I'm sorry, I'm just talking to your new gardener," said the driver.

She looked at the man he was talking to; he was tall, dark, and handsome. She didn't know, but she just stared at the man,

The man didn't even approach her with a single glance; he wouldn't even greet her.

It seems strange for her. In their place, she is always noticed by men, but this man in front of her now is the opposite. She could feel his loss of interest in her.

"Franco, this is Senyorita Kamille, the only child of Sir Ricky and Madam Verna," the driver introduced her to him.

Because of that, their gardener finally looked at her, but only quickly, and turned his back to her after. She must say that he is handsome and has a sharp nose. He looks like a Mexican.

The man only bowed slightly after removing the wide-brimmed hat he was wearing.

"Hello Franco. It's nice to meet you. Do your job well, okay? I hope we can be good friends." She smiled at him, but their gardener didn't say a word, and he avoided looking at her.

What is this man's problem?

"Come on, ma'am, I'll take you to your school," their driver said, catching her attention.

She walked to the car while she was confused with their new gardener.

Well, that gardener is freaking handsome but looks crazy too because he doesn't even look at her.

She felt embarrassed. She felt mad. Why does she seem to be affected by their gardener's actions? Maybe it's because she's just not used to it. She felt ashamed of herself.

For the last time she looked at the man before turning around, she could not read the emotion reflected on his face.

Even while she's already in the car, she can't get their new gardener out of her mind. There is a part of her personality that is disgusted because she is not used to being treated like that, especially by men.

"Art. Am I ugly?" She asked the driver.

"Huh? What do you mean, Ma'am?"

She doesn't think he understood it.

"The new gardener. He's weird."

Their driver just laughed.

"Oh, ma'am, I'm sorry if you're not used to that. But Franco is really quiet," he explained.

"Where did Daddy get him? You've known him for a long time?" She suddenly seemed interested.

"He is Mang Isko's grandson, and yes, I have known him for a long time; that's why he is always in town because he is a mechanic there," he said.

Hmm, that's why. He was the grandson of Mang Isko, their former gardener, who passed away. So Franco will take over the job.

She just nodded to the driver, but her mood was still angry because she had been a little disappointed earlier.

She looked at herself in the mirror. She feels ugly because of what Franco did, but she doesn't think she will allow a man to act like that toward her. She is not used to it, and she will not accept it.

She raised an eyebrow and then sighed.

What if she seduces that man? She makes sure that he will never reject her when she seduces him.

Gradually, a smile flashed on her lips because of the plans that suddenly entered her brain.

"Let's just see if my charm can't get your attention, Franco," she whispered to herself.

Chapter 2

"Hi Kamille!"

Kamille turned to the man who greeted her as she walked down the hallway. She just arrived at the school, and this face of Max immediately appeared on her. Well, if you don't ask, this is one of the men she just played victim to when she was finding a thrill in life. She admitted that she was naughty when it came to the man she was dating at the beginning, but when she got tired, she just left it alone.

"Oh, hi there, Max," she seemed to greet her as well.

Max followed her as she walked. This man is rich and one of the most famous students in their school because his grandfather owns one of the most popular restaurants in their place.

She can say that he is really a good man, tall and white with narrow, red lips. That is natural for a meztiso like him.

Most people say that they look good together. They are almost in the same state of life. Her family was also known because of their wealth and the extent of the land


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