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Survivals Curse

Survivals Curse

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The Year was 2020. A manufacturing company, known only as Rochlain, came out into the open, releasing the news that werewolves existed. There proof? A werewolf body, frozen. The government was the first to begin studying the body. That was what lead to our 'Coming Out' Day as it was later come to be known as. Our lives were pretty regular, like any human, we were separated into our own race. Not like it was a big deal or anything. Everything was cool, normal, casual. (Can you feel my sarcasm?) And then suddenly, as if overnight, the world erupted in chaos. A virus was released among the humans. I'll be the first to say, that we stood by and did nothing. Like any and all segregation in history, werewolves had been treated as nothing less than dangerous beasts. To be enslaved or worse. We watched them eat each other, devouring, and destroying themselves as a whole. We were content simply to sit back and let it ALL happen. But like any good story, there's never a SUCCESSFUL werewolf story without Rogues. I'm sure you see it now, this story, MY story, isn't like others. I don't blame the rogues for ruining us. I blame the humans. They were the idiots who created the virus. They were the reason our food sources dwindled. THEY caused the rogues to break down and feed on the Zombies. Like any chemically engineered virus, it mutated. Infecting our kind. Those infected, came to be called Wendigos. That's how all of this got started. That's how our Survival came to be just another curse. ***WARNING: THERE WILL BE SOME MATURE CONTENT. VIEWERS ARE ADVISED CAUTION WHEN PROCEEDING FURTHER***

Chapter 1: Questioning

Present Day: 2037

TIME: 14:30 P.M.

Journal Entry

So I'm not sure what to write at this point. I guess I can start off the same as I always do. I can't stop thinking about her. I watch her when we walk to class. Today for example. It was 1 of yet another class, on yet another day. But her? She was never the same. Everyday is different when she is around. She's a mystery. Her background is unknown, her actual age is, well, you probably already guessed, unknown. My name is Vicktor Ziferen. I'm a 19 year old Human survivor posted at Sainsar Sector, A437385. She was brought in like everyone else on my arrival day, 4 months ago. Our squad, Alpha Roger- 732 consists of 5 guys and her. We are the 6 subjects chosen for the new werewolf gene project. Apparently she was the most elite of the elite from some sector based in Romania. At least that's what the Sargents have told us. She's hot. That's really all a person can say. You can't describe her, she's just... an angel. Her name is Aymelek, and she is probably, no she IS the hottest chick I have ever seen. I'm going to ask her out tonight. Well as much as out can be. Maybe a midnight swim. I'll write about it tomorrow. I can't wait...

"Dr Shrackner, these are the last words of a one, Vicktor Ziferen. The first of the five cadets to have passed. If this is, indeed a simple accident, how is it that each of the boys were known to have been planning to, as you say, fraternize with Miss. Nikulov, the night before the mornings of when they were discovered deceased?" The general asked suspiciously. His many medals gleamed under the fluorescent lights as he and 7 other people sat at a large conference table. The room was surrounded by thick, 10 in. concrete walls on all sides. The only way in was through the double doors which lead to a hallway, also surrounded by 10 in thick concrete walls leading to another building, leading to a maze of doors, hallways, and bunkers. Aymelek sat quietly in her seat. Her hands trembling as she clenched them tight in her lap. Cerulean gaze never wavering from the fake wood of the table. This wasn't the first time she had been questioned. Since the discovery of the males deaths, it wouldn't be the last. It wasn't her fault though. She thought as she stayed silent.

"General Tukoya. You wound us with your bilateral accusations. The project we are attempting here has one goal and one goal only. The subjects YOU provided, are simply, inadequate." The doctor responded leaning back in his chair next to Aymelek and clasping his hands upon his abdomen.

"Doctor. You have been assuring us that these trials will succeed. How are we to know you tell us the truth? The Chinese embassey has invested much in this 'project'. In order for the human race to survive, when should we begin seeing progress?" A male asked. His skin a dark tan vs the pale appearance of doctor Shrackner and the General with his ivory appearance.

"Lieutenant Tsang. My team of experts is working diligently to break down the DNA code of our werewolf counterparts. I assure you, but these things take time. You must be patient." Shrackner stated with a calm smirk. Aymelek peeked over at the doctor silently, before turning back to the table. A woman in a white lab coat entered and approached leaning down to murmur into the doctors ear. The council members murmured amongst themselves before the doctor broke the noise.

"Gentlemen and Ladies of the council, you must excuse me. Whilst you all speak amongst yourselves about whether or not Miss. Nikulov has anything to do with these unique accidents, we have work to do. Aymelek come." He stated rising as he turned and followed the nurse out. Aymelek rose and turned without a word following the doctor. Their footsteps echoed through the space. Aymelek watched the doctors back with narrowed eyes. When they reached the lab the male suddenly dismissed the woman who immediately turned and left the room leaving only Aymelek and Shrackner in the room. The doctor was silent for a long time slowly turning to look at her. His glossy black hair and rectangular glasses matched his even glittering navy blue gaze as he watched then suddenly he stepped forward. His hand flew out and smashed his fist into the side of her face sending her back a step as her head cut to her right side. Aymelek snarled, claws slipping through the human skin of her fingers, as blood dripped from her fingers tips. Fangs descended as she fixed an evil gaze on the doctor who feigned such consideration for her.

"Oh shut it, you demonic ingrate. The subjects died. Again. You disappoint me. We have an agreement. Or would you prefer I simply make the call for your mate to be put down like the dog he is." The male stated with a cruel smirk. He walked over to a key panel and punched the blank looking keypad. A panel slid back and Aymelek cried out, returning to her human form as she stumbled to the 4 inch thick see through container wall, palms pressed to the wall as she stared. It was him. Fully shifted. The substance which contained him, full of an unknown yet greenish blue liquid. His beautiful ebony fur floating around him. Tubes, ivs and a metal color tainted his form. His normally bloodlust filled, silver eyes were shut as if he slept. His muzzle covered in the many scars she had come to know and love. Her mate.

"I do EVERYTHING you ask of me! You swore not to hurt him!" She snarled and spat at the doctor her eyes never leaving her beloved. Tears swam making her vision blurry but she kept them in. She had to be strong, for him. For their pack. Oh how she longed to run her fingers through that fur again. She trembled with the wish to kill the bastards who held them, but she couldn't. She needed them. She couldn't get to her mate otherwise. Even in his current stasis, he seemed to sense her nearby. It was the first time in 2 years that she had set eyes on him. Even still their bond was strong. She could hear the rumble in his throat. It was faint, and barely audible, but with her palm pressed to the glass she could also feel the vibration. Her forehead pressed against the see through wall. Her thoughts projecting her love to him.

To soon, she was yanked backward and fell to her backside as her view of him disappeared. The panel slid back into place, as if it didn't even exist.

"NO!" She shouted moving to beat against the panel. An intercom came on. When had the doctor left the room?

"You see Aymelek, whomever controls the Alpha, controls the pack. It's me, Aymelek Nikulov. I control the Alpha, the alphas mate, and I control the pack. So you see my dear? I am in charge. Either we start getting results from you, or we euthanize him and get the real answers we need." The doctor threatened before the intercom crackled off. The door opened, but before Ayemelek could turn, she was shot with a tranquilizer. Into the darkness she fell, where she could at the very least see his face. Into the darkness she fell, where finally she could remember what it meant to be his mate.

Chapter 2: Another Day

She woke to the incessant resounding of her daily alarm. She reached over still partially asleep and slapped the button on top to force the beast silent. She groaned rolling to her back. Eyes blinking sleepily, as she attempted to rouse herself from the sleep she had been enjoying. Her thoughts instantly went to Him. She sighed, and sat up looking around, without really comprehending her surroundings. The room was pretty bare. White walls, plain cot, gray comforter, white pillows, gray closet filled with gray clothes. The only splash if color was the necklace that hung above the bed. A glittering gem hung from the steel chain. A labradorite crystal. Her favorite. It had been a gift from him, when they had first begun dating. She smiled a little, remembering when he had given it to her, but a glance at the time had her quickly rolling from the bed and traipsing to the closet. She chose her normal gray skirt, white collared button up short sleeve shirt, and of course the matching gray


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