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Khaos Kauket

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The Year was 2020. A manufacturing company, known only as Rochlain, came out into the open, releasing the news that werewolves existed. There proof? A werewolf body, frozen. The government was the first to begin studying the body. That was what lead to our 'Coming Out' Day as it was later come to be known as. Our lives were pretty regular, like any human, we were separated into our own race. Not like it was a big deal or anything. Everything was cool, normal, casual. (Can you feel my sarcasm?) And then suddenly, as if overnight, the world erupted in chaos. A virus was released among the humans. I'll be the first to say, that we stood by and did nothing. Like any and all segregation in history, werewolves had been treated as nothing less than dangerous beasts. To be enslaved or worse. We watched them eat each other, devouring, and destroying themselves as a whole. We were content simply to sit back and let it ALL happen. But like any good story, there's never a SUCCESSFUL werewolf story without Rogues. I'm sure you see it now, this story, MY story, isn't like others. I don't blame the rogues for ruining us. I blame the humans. They were the idiots who created the virus. They were the reason our food sources dwindled. THEY caused the rogues to break down and feed on the Zombies. Like any chemically engineered virus, it mutated. Infecting our kind. Those infected, came to be called Wendigos. That's how all of this got started. That's how our Survival came to be just another curse. ***WARNING: THERE WILL BE SOME MATURE CONTENT. VIEWERS ARE ADVISED CAUTION WHEN PROCEEDING FURTHER***


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