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Sold To The Ruthless Alpha

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Alpha Damien is a multi-billionaire. He's a mafia and a strict businessman. He runs a lot of businesses and also gives loans to people... if you can't afford to repay your loan, he collects whatever he wants to take from you that is equivalent to the loan. He's a ruthless and fearless Alpha, but he finds out his mate is the daughter of his own of his debtors, and she has lived all her life as a nun... How would a nun satisfy a ruthless Alpha???


Damien POV

Being an Alpha is not an easy job. you have to make sure everyone in your pack is safe and happy. Coupled with the fact that I also have to run my businesses, it’s so f*ck*ng hard. My father stepped down as Alpha few years ago. At first he delayed in handing over to me because I've not found my mate yet. but when he saw that I could actually handle my duties as an Alpha even though I have not found my mate he finally gave in and stepped down for me. Besides being the Alpha keeps me very busy which means that I have no time to fool around.

Within two years I got used to being the Alpha and I learnt how to manage my time properly so I can fulfil my duties to my people and also help time to have fun. Don't get me wrong I understand the value of the mate bond. I know that having my mate by my side will make me feel complete and stronger but then again, its not my fault that I haven't found her yet is it?

“Am a man and I've got needs you know.”

When I turned 18 my mum threw a party for me and invited all the omega's from our pack and other neighbouring pack yet I could not find her.

I know I'll love and cherish her when I do find her but right now, I can't help having one or two omega's warming my bed you know. Dont judge me please! Am still a good guy.

When my father saw that I have found a way to manage my duties as an Alpha and also have time to fool aaroun, he decided to retire early and hand over the companies to me. He also made sure he cleared all the companies account and only left money to support the company and the pack.

Yeah I know, he's pure evil. he wants me to work really hard so I won't have any time to fool around. And guess what, it really worked. between running a strong and powerful pack and being a ruthless and fearless mafia and businessman, I have absolutely no time for myself. Any little time I can spare is spent on the training grounds. You don't want me loosing all these good looks do you?

My parents were not happy when I took over as the mafia lord but I had to. The humans do not know about werewolves and Alpha so they don't respect my authority and they keep trying to take down our businesses.

My father settled them or tried to avoid them when he was running out companies but I refuse to be bullied. That's why I chose to join the mafia. With time I became the mafia Lord and now I've taken our businesses to greater heights and I've made more money than I and my family can spend in ten lifetimes. Yeah am super proud of myself.

Now all that's left for me now is to find my mate and then my life will be complete.

I mind linked Ralph my pack beta and also my personal assistant in the office to come meet me in my office.

“Yes Alpha you sent for me.”

“Come on Ralph, drop the Alpha title while we are in the office. You know I don't like it besides there

are humans in the building and they may hear you.” I scolded him softly.

“Yes Alpha Boss.” he said with a smirk while giving me a mock salute.

“You're crazy,” I said to him while we both laughed it off. Yes I can be jovial too but its only with Ralph because he's my best friend and he's known me since we were kids. With every other person, am very strict.

“What's up boss?” He asked few seconds later when our laughs have subsided a little.

“Get the guys ready man. We're going to collect.” I responded with an evil smile on my face. He shook his head to the sides as he looked at me like a clown.

“You know you don't have to visit the debtors yourself right? We have a lot of loan sharks who are paid to go to debtors and demand they pay up.” He said.

“I know Ralph but I love seeing the look on their faces when they see me in their homes or offices. It gives me the kicks.” I responded with a smirk.

He Shook his head with a smile and said, “You're pure evil you know that?”

“Oh, Come on, am not that bad besides am only visiting those with connections in the underground who think they can outsmart me Alpha Damien Ashton son of Alpha Lucian Ashton.” I responded with a proud smile.

While you're at it don't forget to mention that you're also the mafia Lord. Proud b*st*rd.” He said in a sarcastic tone.

“You do know I can have you fired and banished from the pack right?”

“You wouldn't dare. Who else would have the courage to tell you the truth? You need me to keep your leash on until you find your mate. So my dear Alpha Boss, You're stuck with me.” He responded smugly.

I just shook my head smiling at Ralph. He stood up and left my office to go get the guys ready like I instructed.

He's right you know. Apart from my mum and dad He's the only one that can joke with me this way. my mate would probably take over from me when I find her.

I stood up and went outside to meet them so we can start visiting my debtors. I wasn't joking when I said I loved the look on their faces when they see me. They were scared of me and I loved it that way.

We've successfully visited three of my debtors and am proud to say my properties have increased because I've seized both lands and houses from them that are equivalent to my money and I even seized a transport company and a two containers filled with hard drugs.

Now we heading to the last debtor for today. He's the one I hate the most. His name is William Blake. The Blake's used to run the mafia. He was supposed to take over from his father as the mafia Lord but I beat him to it.

He couldn't fight back because he lacked the funds to run the underground. He’s a chronic gambler. He gambled his wealth away and had to borrow from me to keep his business running .

I heard he's broke again so am not even going to ask for my money. I simply want to go and collect his house and any other property I can lay my hand on.

We arrived at his house and stormed in unannounced. He was having lunch with his wife and son. I smiled when I saw pure terror on his face. Don't get me wrong.

Am not a weirdo but seeing their fear gives me the kicks. I love to be feared and respected. William Blake stood up immediately and ran to my side acting like a faithful dog. His wife and son came over too but I really don't care. I just want my money.

“Hi William. Its good to see that you can still afford to sit and eat when you are supposed to be out there looking for a way to pay up your debts.” I said sarcastically.

“Am sorry Damien. Am sincerely working hard to put together your money. You know its been hard for me since you cut me off from supplying drugs.” He pleaded softly.

“Don't give me that bulshit. You could not handle your territory well that's why you were cut off. Its not on me. it's all on you. If you were not a stupid gambler you would still be a wealthy mafia. Now take a look at yourself. You're nothing.” I yelled angrily at him.

Don’t talk to my father like that said Lucas Blake, his son. You're the cause of all our problems. You took everything from us. You're nothing but a..

Pam!! Pam!! Pam!! Pam!! Pam!!

My boys slapped and beat the crap out of him.

Please let him go cried his mother while throwing herself in front of him to stop my boys.

“Please Damien, leave my family out of it. i just need a little more time please, I’ll pay up, I promise.” William pleaded sadly.

“You're out of time already. Am here to collect. Guys go in and get me the documents to this house and documents to all his properties. Am kicking you all to the slumps. Your son already said I've taken everything from you so taking a little more would not be a problem. Right Williams?” I asked with a smirk.

They all came and knelt in front of me including all their domestic staff's who have been behind the building eavesdropping on our conversations. Yeah I knew they were eavesdropping, Am an Alpha remember?

When they all knelt down begging me,, I perceived the most amazing scent I’ve ever perceived in my life. It hit me so hard. It smells like rose and lavender and it calmed my spirit. I felt it peace as my wolf kept screaming in my head MATE.. MATE ..MATE.. MATE.” My wolf howls happily.

The scent was there but it was not too strong. I traced the scent and saw that it came from the cloth worn by one of the maids.

I stopped the guys from ransacking the house until I figured out if my mate is here. Ralph mind linked me to know what's going on.

“What is it Alpha? Why did you stop the guys? Are you suddenly being merciful?” He joked.

“Shut up Ralph. I think I may have found my mate here.” I responded with a deep frown on my face

as I looked around in hopes of finding her.

“Our Luna is here?” He asked back in surprise.

“I don't know yet man. But I need you to get out of my head let me concentrate on finding her.” I ordered lightly.

I asked the maid that’s wearing he clothes to stand up. She stood up while the others kept kneeling down, begging for mercy.

“Who are you?” I asked her.

“Am sheila. Am a personal maid to our young mistress. ” She responded in fear.

“Young mistress? Where is she? I don’t see her around here.”

“She doesn't live here. She..”

“Then why the f*ck are you here? Where is she?” I yelled at her angrily.

“She gave me some documents to give to her father to sign. She sent me over here herself.” She said in fear as the tears threatened to fall.

“Is that her clothes you're wearing?”

“Yes sir. She gave them to me.”

I turned to William Blake and said. You sent her away didn’t you? Well, too bad mr Blake. I want her here first thing in the morning.

“My Lord please leave my family out of this. I'd pay up I promise.” He kept on pleading. “Too late Williams. its either her or you life. you choose. I'll see you in the morning Williams.”

I signalled my guys and we all left. My wolf was a little sad because we were leaving without her but I promise him we'll get her tomorrow. Ralph saw the smile on my face and he was happy for me as well. After waiting for so long I finally found her. MINE..


Sofia’s pov

Sofia is the only daughter of William Blake. She has long wavy black hair that frame her round face that's well sculpted and full of charm. Her blue eyes that seemed to see through to you and full red lips that are so inviting.

She's a pure seductress yet she's still so innocent. When she was 12, her father took her away from home because he wants her to maintain her innocence. Although her mother was against the idea of sending her away, she finally gave in after her husband told her all that could happen to little Sofia if any of the mafia Lords lay their eyes on her.

That's how Sofia was sent to a Catholic school in London. She's been there ever since. she only visits during holidays and sometimes if her parents do not permit her to come visit, she stays in her hostel.

Sheila is her personal maid and best friend who she confides in. Whenever she's bored in school, Sheila covers up for her while she sneaks out of school to go clubbing with s


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