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Shattered Bond

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Mark A
  • Chapters: 150
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 2K
  • 7.5
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Miley's love for Harry was never in doubt. Everyone thought they were soul mates. Harry owed Alpha Max for the business that failed and the Mafia Lord never forgave him. He took Miley as a ransom for Harry's payment. Harry lost both his lover and all his money. Determined, he decided to get back all that he lost but Alpha Max is not the type of werewolf or mafia lord you want to go up against. Harry joins a pack of werewolves from another territory and he is loved and chased by Kristy, the daughter of the Alpha of the Pack. Miley is pregnant for Alpha Max and finds a way to run away but Harry does not know and continues his quest.


I have never been so proud of myself. I am in love with the most beautiful lady in town. Not only was she beautiful, but Miley was the brain behind my many successes. I knew it and she knew it too.

We were a great team and unlike many, we were setting up stores and buying up smaller businesses that were in distress which we took time to rebuild into some great enterprises.

I have always told Miley I was going to marry her whether she liked it or not. We were not mated to each other but we had a strong bond and had gone through some tough times.

“Who is in here?” shouted the tall man with a broad chest and high shoulders. There were about six others following him.

He sat down on one of the couches and said. “I want this one.”

“It will cost you five hundred dollars,” I said without looking at them. I needed to fix the lighting quickly. It was our new outlet in Georgia Town.

I was not ready to entertain any arrogant customer on the first day of opening my shop in Georgia Town. I came down from the ladder and here comes my Miley. She didn’t seem so pleased to see the customer.

“Hello, Alpha Max, I see you found our shop. How can we help you?” Miley asked.

He stood up with a wide smile. “At last someone that recognizes me, and respects my title,” said Alpha Max. He walked straight to Miley and his men followed him. He raised Miley’s chin, looked at her, and smiled.

“I just told your brother I wanted that couch and I did not understand what he was saying, my lady,” said Alpha Max.

“He is not my brother. I am betrothed to him and we are to marry in two months. We will send you the invite but before then we will come to introduce our business to you formally,” said Miley as if she had preplanned this day.

“That’s fantastic! You see, Harry that is how to give an Alpha a response.” Alpha Max said leaving my shop without buying the couch while his men followed behind him like sheep.

“How did he know our names, Miley? And why did you tell him we are getting married in two months? I asked. I did not understand what was happening.

“Well, he is the Alpha here. This town is his and if I had not done what I did, trust me, you will continue to see him here. He is a Mafia and he is in charge of Georgia Town,” said Miley.

When I told Miley lets open a showroom here for our upholstery, she rejected it telling me it was not a good move. I showed her all the business opportunities we had and how much we could make, yet she declined. She had told me we had no protection and in my naivete, I had told her that I was all the protection she needed. Now, I felt like closing the shop but on the bright side, Miley had helped me fix a time for our wedding.

“So when are we getting married?” I asked, I couldn’t help the smiles pulling my lips apart.

We had been together for more than three years and what we did in all that time was to make love and grow businesses. I thought it was time we started a family and if the presence of Alpha Max hastens the process, it is a good thing.

Miley was such a beautiful being. She was very beautiful in and out. She was also a great fighter, of course, I was the better fighter and shooter nobody knows. I was not from a known clan so my family but Miley was from a known clan, they are called the shadow masters. The shadow Masters were the defenders of the Shadow Night Pack. Miley told me that there were no more and that she was the only one remaining in her pack.

We had grown together for the past three years keeping our secrets together. Our love grew as our faith and belief in each other grew. We never held anything back and were always honest with each other. Miley would say I was the only one who had ever beaten her in a fight or a shoot-out.

“My love what if we close this business and move back to our town?” I asked.

“You can not escape from an Alpha, let alone a Mafia Lord, he will hunt you and track you down,” she said.

I moved towards her and held her on her waist. “You know I am going to protect you, right?” I said.

“I am not afraid for myself, I am only afraid for you,” she said. She looked so concerned as if I was in danger.

I laughed so hard, I thought what I heard was a joke. Honestly, I do not take a lot of things seriously and this was one of them.

I met Miley by killing four men who tried to eliminate her while she was protecting a small village and we became partners almost immediately. We complemented each other in battles and also in bed. It was like we were meant for each other. We got rich by protecting smaller towns. She had seen what I was capable of and because we wanted to live a good life she had forgotten who I was.

I always saw the opportunity and money in every challenge but Miley would always see every other thing apart from the money. She had warned that leaving our town would expose us to a lot of unforeseen traits.

We had closed that day and wanted to close the shop when we saw a notice on the door. Miley removed it from the door and opened it. It read, ‘ ALPHA MAX WILL SEE TOMORROW BY 10 A.M. DON’T FAIL.’ I took the card from Miley and tore it.

“I am not going anywhere, darling,” I said.

“Then I suggest you close the shop,” Miley replied.

As I lay in bed beside my dear Miley, going through what had happened today between Alpha Max and me, it was clear to me that he was a dangerous man. I did not like the way he was looking at Miley. How did she even know someone like Alpha Max?

I turned towards Miley, held her hand, and said. “Honey, I think we should start planning for the wedding. We may not be mates but we are in love and that should do.”

Miley turned her naked body toward me and kissed my forehead. “I meant it when I said I want to marry you. This Alpha only takes and our marriage might be our only protection for now,” she said

I agreed and we started to make love. It was so intense and I knew it could be because of the tension that the day brought upon us.

Alpha Max could be the Alpha of his pack and the town's Lord, but I am the King of Miley’s heart.


I dressed up to show a lot of seriousness but Miley thought otherwise. She thought I was overly dressed for my meeting with Alpha Max. I always prepare for every business though I knew what Alpha Max wanted and was not ready to be bullied into some unnecessary demands.

"Are you sure you want to go to this meeting alone?" Miley asked me.

"Yes, and why would you want to come?" I asked back.

"You never know, and I have a good understanding of how things are done there. Remember I suggested that we would have stayed in our Town." She said.

"I don't know why you are afraid my love. We have up to twenty servants and so many businesses, I don't know why this particular one would be different, besides Alphas are there to guide their pack and I am not a member of his pack."

Miley shook her head in disbelief. "Sometimes I am amazed at how naive you are and how overly confident you are about it."


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