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Seduced by the Alpha King

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I never thought this was a moment I would have to witness, my fiance, the absolute love of my life, cheating on me with one of my best friends. "That was incredible, as always," Haley said with a seductive tone "No man has ever made me come as you do," Derek responded with a low growl "You're making me want to make love to you again..." My hands shook through my anger. It seemed as though they both knew I was standing outside the door, and just needed to brag about their sexual exploits I hadn't known about. "So when are you going to tell Alyssa about us?" Haley asked. "Soon," Derek replied "Once the wedding is official, Alyssa and I can begin the process of making a child, once my heir is born then Alyssa will have fulfilled her use to me," he paused "You and I can raise the child as our own, our own little family." "The very idea of you having to make a child with Alyssa makes me so…" she paused. "Jealous." As a human, I was told that the mate relationship among werewolves is considered divine and undeniable. Believing in this, I uprooted my human life to reside in the world of werewolves with my so-called fated mate. However, my expectations were shattered when I discovered that all of this was merely a deception, and that I was nothing more than a tool for childbirth. One thing was clear to me - I wasn't going to let Derek and Haley get away with this deceit.

Chapter 1 My Fiance and My Friend

Alyssa's POV

"Hey babe, I'm really sorry but I'm not going to make it today. Something's come up and I'm struggling for time,"

I let out a deep exhale, my fingers gripping the phone as I listened to my fiance, Derek Charlton, spin some excuse to me.

"Okay Derek," I said, my tone disappointed. "But we've had this appointment booked a week now, is our pre-marital check up more important than what you've got going on there?"

"Sorry Alyssa," Derek said "We can surely reschedule it," He paused "Listen, I have to go. See you later,"

The call quickly ended, and as I pushed my phone back into my pocket, I approached the reception desk of the Dark Heart Hospital.

"Alyssa Richardson," I said to the older woman sitting at the computer "I had a pre-marital check up booked, but my partner can't make it," I paused, starting to feel the irritation build inside me "Is there any way we can do mine today, and book Derek in for another time?"

The older woman peered up at me over her glasses "I'm sorry, but all appointments have been cancelled today," she tapped on her keyboard "But I can reschedule it for tomorrow,"

"Cancelled?" I asked, feeling the frustration build "Why wasn't I told? And all appointments?"

"We have an unscheduled visit from the Alpha King, Travis Darlington," The woman said "My apologies, but you will have to come back tomorrow,"

"But why is Travis Darlington?" I asked out loud. I was met with silence as the woman peered at me before pulling her window closed.

Well, that was incredibly rude. My entire day has been messed up now, what a wasted journey. I pondered as I looked around, the waiting room had emptied after the news of the hospital being closed for the day now.

Intrigue filled me. I had heard of Travis Darlington, the King of the werewolves. Derek had told me he was an arrogant and ruthless leader, but I had never seen him with my own eyes. I was interested in getting a look at him, to see what the fuss was about.

I left the hospital in a hurry, and as I exited the large doors I already saw the press gathering, and an entourage of well built men.

"Wow, this guy is a big deal," I said out loud, I joined a crowd, all hoping to get a look as I did. I wormed between their bodies, pushing my way to the front. There was no way I was letting this moment pass me by.

As a human, being introduced to the world of werewolves was both thrilling and frightening enough. I was getting used to their way of life, but getting a glimpse of the King now was definitely more of the thrilling side.

"There he is," A woman behind me cried, and I followed the small crowds eyeline as a black car pulled up outside the Dark Heart Hospital, its windows tinted to hide the passenger inside. My heart began to race with anticipation as I watched the door open, and out came the figure of Travis Darlington.

"Oh my god," I said out loud again. Travis stood tall and muscular. The tight fitted shape of his dark grey tee didn't leave much to the imagination. As Travis walked from the car, a gang of men followed, pushing cameras out of the King's face and I watched Travis rake his hands through his dark hair.

Passing the crowd I was in, Travis made eye contact with me and a half smirk curved his lips, his dark eyes studied me, and I felt myself melt. My heart pounded in my ears, I felt a connection between us, but I had to keep focused on the true events happening here. Shaking my head, I quickly left the crowd to return home.

As I walked down the street, I pulled out my phone to call my best human friend, Jenna Fisher.

"Alyssa!" Jenna beamed as she answered the call "I didn't expect to hear from you, how's it going?"

"I wanted to say hello, and catch up," I replied warmly "It's been a while,"

"Yeah," Jenna laughed "Since you left me for that Derek guy," she paused "How's things going there?"

"Well…" I paused "Derek proposed to me, and we're not hanging around to get married. The wedding is soon! Preparations are well underway and…"

"Already? So soon?" Jenna asked and I knew her tone was filled with disappointment. "You've only just started seeing him, and you're already planning your marriage?"

I sighed, knowing this would be most human's reactions, most of them didn't know of the werewolf traditions, and how they found their fated mates.

Not as I did anyway "Jenna, I'm so happy with Derek. He's perfect for me, and he treats me like a queen. I know this is what I want," I paused "We've been together six months now, and I know we're fated to be together,"

"Are you really sure about this Aly?" Jenna asked, her tone serious "I'm only thinking about you, this is a huge step and you need to think about it before…"

"I've thought about it," I replied, feeling frustrated that my best friend couldn't be happy for me "And it feels right. Derek wants me to move to the Dark Kingdom with him, to be part of his Dark Heart Pack, and I know it's my destiny. Derek is my destiny,"

Jenna paused "Well, I can't say I know much about this werewolf stuff. I try not to get mixed up with them. But if you're happy, and you sound it, then I am happy for you," she paused "I wish you all the best in your new life. Will I get an invite to the wedding?" She asked cheekily.

I laughed "Of course you will Jenna! I can't imagine you not being by my side," I paused as I smiled to myself "Thanks for understanding and being happy, because I really am so in love with Derek Charlton. Plus, I would really love you to meet a good friend I made here in the Dark Kingdom," I beamed as I thought about my two best friends meeting one another "Her name is Haley, an amazing she wolf. She had really taken me under her wing and helped me adapt to life here, you would absolutely love her,"

"Oh, Haley sounds great!" Jenna beamed "I'm so happy you're not alone there and you're making friends,"

Arriving home at last, I hung up the call with Jenna and entered our home. Tossing my bag to the side, I pulled off my jacket and hung it up. It was then my attention was piqued by the sounds coming from upstairs. A strange creaking, steady in its pace began to sound faster and faster.

I climbed the stairs, ever so cautiously. Intruders in the house? Trying to get into places they shouldn't be snooping? I knew the sound was coming from my and Derek's bedroom, and as I approached closer, the sound stopped.

Listening at the door, I caught two familiar voices in conversation. Derek, and the other voice, I instantly recognised as Haley.

I never thought this was a moment I would have to witness, my fiance, the absolute love of my life, cheating on me with one of my best friends.

Chapter 2 Betrayal

Alyssa's POV

I struggled to contain my tears, trying not to make a sound as I sobbed. I wanted to listen to the conversation between the two of them. Was this why Derek couldn't make our appointment? To have sex with Haley in our bed?

What have I done to deserve this? Derek and my best friend. Why haven't I seen this? Was I far too smitten to see the signs of what was going on around me?

"That was incredible, as always," Haley said with a seductive tone "No man has ever made me come as you do,"

Derek laughed "Carry on like that way Haley, and you'll give me an ego,"

"Seriously though," Haley replied "I've never felt a connection like ours, do you feel it too? Our bodies are so entwined when we make love, it's intense," She paused with a giggle "I think your ego is big enough anyway, I don't want to enhance that,"

"You certainly enhance something on me baby," Derek responded with a low growl "You're making me want to make love to you again,"


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