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Second Chance Mate

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Prologue Meet Dakota Shaw she was born a werewolf well half any way her mom was human. She was raised by father parents, at the age of 3 Dakota lost her parents in a bad car accident in Virginia. Since she never met her mom’s parents, her dad’s parents came in and saved the day. Dakota never needed anything her grandparents always supported her in every way. Her pop-pop always told her she was special, and to this day she had never figured anything out. Follow Dakota on her journey of finding her 2nd chance mate, learning about pack life, and just the roller-coaster ride that goes with it. With the loss of her first mate, can she move on and live her life. Dakota was always brought up “The World is Your Oyster you just need to open it up”. Denver De Luca Alpha of Red Sedona Pack in Sedona Arizona, he feels as if he has been waiting forever for his Luna. Then it happens he meets her, but he can’t figure out why she is not feeling the mate pull or is she not realizing it. Follow them on their journey as they find each other. And as she learns what a Luna is all about, and how pack life is really a family thing. Will she learn to love again, can she let go of her past, to see the light of her future?

Chapter 1

As I look around my empty house, with a sad smile on my face and all the good times we had here. I couldn’t help but think maybe I was making a mistake by leaving. With all the Holiday’s and happy times and definitely the sad times.  All I could think of with a heavy heart was anything but starting all over again. For almost twenty years I have been with the same person, who really wants to start all over again? But sometimes when you are pushed to make decisions you just hop on it. I was born somewhere in Virginia, that is where my mother was from, but my dad’s parents, my grandparents, lived in New Jersey. That is where I met my husband/soulmate.  

When I met Jay, I was 14 years old and ready for high school. I married him at 18 and he was 20, we realized we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together, he was my soulmate and my other half. We were going to be together forever. Jay always had a way of putting a smile on my face. Just plain out and simple, he was the one for me.  

I had met Jayson in high school, and he was my soulmate, and he was human, and I love him with every being in my body. I told him about the soulmate thing and about wolves and mating and the bond. Jayson had accepted me 100 percent. And he never wanted to leave my side, that’s when he told me about the history of his cancer. 

My heart just ached for Jay and all the playful ways he acted; I just missed him so. He was the only family I had left, in New Jersey. We never had children because he was afraid of passing his cancer to them. You see his dad and grandfather both died of cancer as well.  

My name is Dakota Valentina Shay-Shaw, I had truly found my soulmate Jayson Valentino Shaw.  We were both born on 2/14- Valentine’s Day, and I think our names said it all.  

We had started a business in our little town in New Jersey, I loved to bake and cook, and he had always helped me. Always with a smile on his face, even when he wasn’t feeling well, he had always pushed himself.   

We knew it was only a matter of time before he would stop treatment. So, we sold the business first, and now I am in the process of putting the house on the market. 

But trust me, it was not about the money because we were very well off. Now that he was gone, I felt I did not want to be in the north anymore. I always want to be where it didn’t snow all the time, but still love a white Christmas. Maybe hot and sunny but not humid, west coast or mid-west. 

I was in the mist of selling stuff because I truly was starting new. I kept pictures, all my crafting stuff pots and pans, but basically everything else was sold, all furniture gone and donated a good portion of our stuff. And if not I’m sure there is a non-profit that can use some things.  

But the one thing I could not bring myself to get rid of was his bike, we loved going riding especially in the spring summer and fall. I was planning on leaving before the winter comes.  


So, I was raised by my grandparents, my parents were killed in car accident when I was 3 or 4 years of age. My grannie and pop-pop have raised me since then.   

My grandparents, who were my dad's parents, always told me I was very special, and I always felt they told me that because I was their granddaughter. And all grannies and pop-pop's said nice things about their grandkids. 

I had never known my mother's parents. You see my dad was a werewolf and my mother was human. But my granny and pop-pop were also werewolves. My wolf's name is Shae, she is white with black marking on my ears and tail. I also have a heart shape on my forehead. So, my grandparents taught me everything about wolves, and pack life from what they could remember. They weren’t rogue wolves they were lone wolves.  There were other wolves around but more humans. No one really spoke about it, because there was no Alpha or Luna, and no one said anything, we wolves just stayed to ourselves. We lived everyday like a human and everything was good. 

I just haven’t quite figured out all of my life yet. My grandparents had moved to a little village between Las Vegas and Arizona, which they are loving it, but they were still very worried about me. 

As I am looking around my phone starts to ring, I look at the caller id and it is saying private, I wasn’t going to answer it when I just did.  

Dakota: Hello, hello who is this,   

Mia:  Gurl what you don’t remember us little pee-on 

Dakota: Mia is that really you. 

Mia:  yes, it’s me, 1st I want to tell you how sorry I am about Jay, he was a really great guy. 2nd Sorry I didn’t get the chance to say farewell to him, and not being there for you. 3rd I thought maybe you would like to come and visit me. 

Dakota: Mia I am sure if you could have been there you would have. And besides I have his ashes with me so you can still say goodbye. 

Mia: B*tch are you for real 

Dakota: yes 

Mia: are you sure your OK,  

Dakota: Define OK  

Mia: Well, you're not planning on rescuing a bunch of cats, and being that crazy cat lady. So why don’t you come here for a little while and hang out, I am trying to get my business off the ground.  

Dakota; where are you because I still have to ship my stuff so I would have to get movers here. You know what I will call grannie have the bikes ship there. 

Mia: that sounds like a good idea but why not put your stuff in storage, and you could always go back and pick it up. 

Dakota: can’t I have the 3 bikes, my clothes and just a couple of boxes of pictures, crafts stuff and my pots and pans. 

Mia: Ok I will text you my address and phone number and let me know. 

Dakota: Thanks Mia, I will let you know. Bye 

As I sat there just think of everything, we had spoken about my phone pinged for a notification:  

Mia Scott 

555- S. Little Dr 

Flagstaff AZ 86005 


So, I decided to call grannie and pop-pop on face time, they were excited to hear from me and asked how the warm weather was treating them, Grannie looked all tan, she told me it gets very hot there. I also asked about shipping my bikes and my stuff, that was not a problem. I also told them about visiting Mia and I would be there to visit. It wouldn’t be till like 2 weeks or so, grannie said I love you see you soon.  

I smiled to myself just wondering where this adventure was taking me.

Chapter 2

So, I pulled out the iPad and got a map just to look at the area where she lived. I did find a place that would store all my stuff and ship it when I was ready including the bikes, the owner said it would not be a problem. So, I pulled out the suitcases and warm light clothing and some light jackets and got ready for my trip to Arizona. Yes, I decided to go to Arizona, maybe stay or go to California or something else.  

I made a check list to make sure I had everything and also made sure I had Jay urn with me, but I also had my necklace which had his ashes inside. I had always kept him with me just in case I found his final resting place. 

In the morning, I spoke with the realter she had all my information, I had to stop by the restaurant said good-bye to everyone, cried a little and laughed a little and realized that me and Jay had the honor building all of this together, and now it’s just me. 

Hasta siempre mi amor (see you my love


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