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About me

I am a firm believer that religion and politics are the opium of the masses. I also believe that if you believe in something 100 percent you can succeed in anything you do. Also a firm believer in SoulMates because I have found mine. I had decided to write because I was reading all these books, some of them were fantastic and some I just couldn’t finish. So, with that being said I had all these I ideas in my head and I put them on paper. From there I put them into this little novel, I call the Second Chance Mate. I have 2 more in the making, I’m really a werewolf kind of girl, not too big on Vampires. Can do constructive criticism but can't do nasty and mean, hey IF WE WERE SO PERFECT WE ALL WOULD HAVE ERASER ON THE TOP OF OUR HEADS. So as a new author here I hope you give my book a chance. This book will contain sexual mature content, also contains some Trigger/ upsetting subjects will note: Mature Content.



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