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Saved By My Fated Alpha Mate

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Evelyn, a 22-year-old daughter of a community church pastor, cross paths with Aiden, a 35-year-old Alpha from a rogue wolf pack who decided to make their home in Evelyn's small town. When the duo first met, she was all pure innocence. But when Aiden realized that she was his fated mate, he became determined to break her free from any constraints. Their love story became a whirlwind of emotions, blending eroticism and reality into a saucy adventure. He pulls off an incredible feat in other to express his unwavering love for her. Was she destined to be his forever... ??.

Chapter 1

**Evelyn Anderson's POV**

As I pushed open the door to the neighborhood church where my father served as pastor, I sighed. I had just spent two hours in the offices at the back room entering all donations from the latest fundraiser into the church's records.

Dad wasn't good with numbers, and the woman that usually took care of the books was away on her honeymoon. Since I was on break from college, so I offered to help out.

I made my way to the cafe just a few stores down from the church, thinking about how well the fundraiser had done and how close the church was to reaching the targeted funds needed for the latest community centre project.

The local community centre had recently been attacked by vandals. They had ruined the place, smashing everything in their path and spray-painting crude words on every inch of blank space they could find.

It was heartbreaking to see, I had practically grown up around that place. Still lost in my thoughts, I turned to walk into the cafe and didn't even noticed the guy walking out of the door until I smacked into the hardness of his solid chest.

"Ohh. Gosh! I'm so sorry." My bad. I faltered as my eyes met the deepest darkest

green eyes I had ever seen.

My mouth parted as I looked into them,

memorizing every detail. The blackness of his pupils, the solid dark green of his irises, right to the circle of gold that surrounded them. For a moment it almost looked like the ring of gold started to take over the dark green, but that was impossible right? He smiled and chuckled, breaking my gazed. Oh, those beautiful eyes of his.

"It's ok darling". You didn't spill my coffee, so no harm done." He drawled.

"Wow." I thought, "His voice sounds heavenly!"

I bit my lip as I imagined how his voice would sound whispering my name, the thought send shivers down my spine as I did. "Uhmm.., ok." I said softly.

I stood there silently as I continued my study of this large s*xy hunk of a man standing before me. He was tall, over 6ft, lightly tanned skin in comparison to my darkchocolate skin and a firm muscular body.

I couldn't see much, as it was covered in a black leather jacket, and figure hugging blue jeans, but the material did nothing to hide the obvious bulge of biceps and thigh muscles.

"Excuse me, but could I please get through?" Behind me, a voice muttered in a pretty stern tone.

The voice cut me off in mid-gasp as I imagined what that chest might look like naked. I blushed with shame. I bit my lip and turned to face the voice; it was Mr. Malcolm, the top lawyer in the community and one of the churches major donor.

"Mr Malcolm, I am so sorry." I apologized in a shaky voice, moving out of the way and motioning for the hunk to do the same.

He smiled but followed my lead, stepping so close behind me, I could feel his warm breath on my neck, making me shiver slightly. Mr Malcolm smiled as he realized who I was.

"Oh Evelyn dear, I didn't realize who it was." He gushed. "Home for the school break huh?" "Yes Sir. Thought I'd help Dad at the church seeing as how Naomi is away." I answered.

"Oh, good of you. How is the fund raiser going?" He asked, eyeing the man behind me wearily.

"Good. Almost there sir. Won't be long till we've reached the target." I said smiling. "Great. Well, I gotta go. Just wanted to grab a short cup before heading to the courthouse. My regards to your Dad and don't forget to email me the details for the ball next week." He said, pointing to the cafe and courthouse as he spoke.

"Sure Mr Malcolm. Have a good afternoon." I smiled.

I watched as he smiled and nodded before heading into the cafe.

I was making a mental note to send the email to him, suddenly a voice spoke in my ear startling me. "I like the way you say Sir. I wonder how much better it would sound with your voice full of wanting and desire?" the hunk growled softly.

I gasped and whirled around to find him smiling, amused at my response. My cheeks reddened at both his words and his amusement as I prayed for the ground to open up and swallow me whole.

"Uhmm, uhh-" "Relax kitten, I'm just teasing'. My name is Aiden , in case you were wondering. Aiden Reynolds." He drawled, offering a hand.

I looked down at his hand, noticing how large it was and the fact that he back of it was covered in tattoos. A skull took up most of the skin, then what looked like vines curled around his fingers. Beautiful.

"Uh, I'm Evelyn Anderson. Nice to meet you Mr Reynolds. " I said, reaching out to take his hand. As our hands connected, I felt jolts of electricity moving through me.

It felt like a thousand little ants had been let loose under my skin, scurrying everywhere tingling all over, causing me to grasp.

He appeared to be just as astonished as I was when I looked up at him. Did he have the same sensation as I did when I felt his skin on mine? I watched him as the tip of his thumb skimmed across my knuckle. I observed as his lips slowly parted and his tongue moved softly over his lower lip.

Just before he kissed me, I desperately wanted to do something to my lips. My body began to feel heated, and I could feel my vjay throb and dampen.

Being the virgin that I was, I felt uneasy as the feeling was new to me, causing my knees to wobble slightly.

"Wow!" I whispered softly.

Chapter 2

**Aiden Reynolds' POV**

When I held her hand, I instantly knew she was my true mate. Being the Alpha of my rogue werewolf pack, I've had plenty of romantic encounters with both wolves and humans.

My love life has been quite fulfilling. Not one of them had made me feel even a fraction of what I was feeling right now.

The fiery passion, the insatiable longing, and above all, the overwhelming urge to sink my teeth into that enticing neck, just above her collarbone, sealing our eternal bond. "True mate!" My inner wolf growled in happiness.

By the time I hit 35, I had completely given up on the notion of finding my true mate. Most of my pack had already found theirs shortly after their first shift at 16. I had accepted the fact that I might never experience that kind of love, find someone to build a family with, or spend my life with.

And there she stood, right before me. This stunning, breathtaking, captivating lady, so youthful, so p


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