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Rose Bailey: My Mate, My Flower

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My name is Rose Bailey. I am seventeen years old and about to start my senior year of High school. I have always lived a normal, boring, human life. Never believed in the supernatural or the love at first sight sh#t that others girls my age fall for. That is until I move with my mom and two brothers back to the small town where my mom grew up. My mom makes us stay at this house or should I say castle with a lot of other people living there. Imagine my surprise when I walked in on a man and two women that looked to be 20 or 21 having in a room that looks like an office. Imagine how surprised I was when I was frozen in place, unable to move as I felt a sharp pain in my chest from seeing them together as he one from behind while she leaned over a desk from pleasure and the other women was him. The man froze in place and looked at me with a guilty look on his face. The pain got worse in my chest and before I blacked out, I swore I heard him say Mate!


Chapter 1

Rose POV

"I can't believe you're moving!" Tiara, my best friend since kindergarten, said as she helped me pack the rest of my belongings.

"I know I'm going to miss you," I said.

"It's time to go, Rose. Are you ready?" my mother yelled from downstairs.

"Yes," I replied, grabbing my purse and suitcase.

As I walked downstairs, my older brother Jason took my suitcase and helped me load it into the car.

"That's it," my mother said as we walked to the car.

While we both cried, I gave Tiara one more hug and promised to call her every day. I'd miss her terribly. She was outgoing and energetic. She is beautiful with her caramel-colored skin and black braids.

She is 5 feet 6 inches tall and has a model body with a skinny waist. I always had her back, and she always had mine.

We're closer to sisters than best friends.

My name is Rose Baily. I am seventeen years old. My skin is light brown, and I have long black hair that falls to my waist. I am popular and get along well with almost everyone. I have the shape of an hourglass. Many guys say I'm sexy, and I believe them, but I've never been in a relationship. I went on a few dates, but nothing came of it.

I sat in the front with my mother, Lilly, while my two brothers, Jason, my oldest, who is nineteen, and James, my younger, who is sixteen, sat in the back.

We're returning to my mother's hometown of Anderson, Indiana, to start over. We've been in New York since my mother had James. At the time, I was one, and Jason was three.

I'm not sure why my mother packed her belongings and left her hometown in Indiana, but I know it has something to do with our father. I have no memory of him. I only know that he has a new family in Indianapolis, Indiana. He never tried to contact my brothers or me after he met his wife and left my mother. So I don't have a father, which is fine with me.

We're going to start over. My mom had a drinking problem for many years before starting rehab. She recently completed rehab and hasn't had a drink in three months. I am incredibly proud of her. She is not without flaws, but she has always been there for my brothers and me. We aren't rich, but she has always ensured we have what we need.

While my mother was in rehab, Jason looked after James and me and ensured we were okay. He is our father figure.

When I see the Welcome To Anderson Indiana sigh, I realize how different this is from New York. We're now following what appears to be a trail through the woods.

All I see are trees. I'm not sure how my mother knows where she's going. Then, finally, we see two men watching by a fence after about fifteen minutes of riding through the woods. They appear to be security guards.

"My name is Lilly Jackson." My mother says to the man who has approached the window.

"Hello! Luna is expecting you. Please open the gate! "The man tells someone.

My mother drives through the gate, and ten minutes later, a massive mansion/castle appears in front of me. There are many people walking around and children playing outside.

Most of them walk as a couple, holding hands and kissing passionately. Even those my age are sitting on each other's laps, kissing and groping.

"I guess they're fine with PDA," I thought.

When we got out of the car, my mother was attacked by a woman who I believe was Luna.

"I've missed you so much, Lilly; welcome home!" She says to my mom.

My mother thanks her, and then I notice a man approach and lovingly place his hands on Luna's shoulders.

"Come on, let's go inside." The man says, and we all walk into the big house.

We walk into a large family room. "You've all grown so much since the last time I saw you. I'm guessing you don't even remember me. Rose, you are a beautiful young lady. Lilly, she is gorgeous." Luna says

"Thank you, Ms," I replied.

"Call me Lisa, and this is Michael, my husband," Luna, or Lisa, says.

"Do you want me to show you your rooms? I'm sure you'd like to shower before dinner." Lisa asked.

"That would be fantastic." My mom said, and we all agreed.

"All of your rooms are on the third floor," Lisa explained.

She took me to my room first, and I couldn't believe how beautiful it was. In the center of the room was a large king-size bed. A wooden dresser with a 32-inch television sat opposite the bed. I went over to a door and discovered a walk-in closet.

It was far better compared to my room in New York.

"The bathroom is just down the hall," Lisa said as she walked away to show everyone else their rooms.

I sat on my bed for a moment before deciding to take a shower. Lisa said that only my family and two others use the bathrooms on this floor, with two on each side.

I took some clothes from my suitcase and went to the bathroom. Unfortunately, I got lost on my way to the bathroom because so many rooms were on the floor.

She said at the end of the hallway," I thought.

There were two doors at the end, and she didn't say which side, so I opened the door to my right and froze.

I'm not in the restroom. Instead, I'm in what appears to be an office. As I open the door, I begin to hear strange moans. When I look up, I see a man and two women in their twenties having sex.

I couldn't take my eyes away from them. The man was behind one woman, thrusting in and out of her fast. The other woman kissed him and touched the woman being fucked from behind.

The one he was fucking was moaning so loudly that I'm surprised I didn't notice it before I walked in.

The shocking part was that I couldn't move from where I was, and pain began to form in my chest. I couldn't figure out why I felt that way because I'd never met any of them before.

"Maybe I'm just shocked," I told myself. But something inside me said to me that wasn't the case.

I felt heartbroken by the man as if he had betrayed me, and I felt hate for the two women he was fucking. Then, finally, the man looked up at me, his eyes wide with surprise.

"Don't stop," the woman commanded

When our eyes met, the pain intensified, and I swear I heard him say, "Mate!" before darkness consumed me.


Derek's POV (Earlier that day)

"Welcome back, son! How did everything go at the Blue Moon's pack?" My dad asked.

"Everything went fine. Took care of the treaty and left some warriors to help them with the Rogue problem." I replied.

"Great, hopefully, everything gets taken care of, and the Rogues stop showing up. Come, your mother made some food."

As we walked into the kitchen, my mom ran and hugged me.

"Derek, I am so happy you are home. Kate, Come hug your brother and let's sit and eat." My mom said while kissing my cheek.

My sister hugged me and told me she was happy I was home. Then, we all sat down and began eating.

My name is Derek Smith, and I am 20 years old. I am the future Alpha of my pack, the Blood Moon Pack. Usually, when a future Alpha turns 21, their father passes the position down to them.

The problem is I have not found my mate yet. Most find t


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