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Revenge of the Alpha's Daughter

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As the clock strikes midnight on Aurora's 18th birthday, the glitz of celebration shatters, replaced by the howl of tragedy. Her parents, the Alphas of the Darkforest Pack, are dead. In the wake of their demise, Aurora's world crumbles—betrayal, power struggles, and a wolf yet to awaken. Amidst the turmoil of her parents' funeral, Emeric, the enigmatic ruler of Whispering Pines, emerges with an offer that could save her legacy. To win back her birthright, Aurora must endure a trial that will test her mettle against friend and foe alike. The catch? She must join forces with Emeric—the man she once spurned. Revenge blinds her, driving her towards growing stronger each day with one and ONLY one goal in her mind...To retrieve what was snatched away from her. Meanwhile, the man only grows strong affection for the woman with each day passing in his kingdom. When all is lost, all is found as well.

Chapter 1 An unforgettable birthday


Loud music from the venue was heard to me from the distance. In the vibrant city of Vegas, co-existing with humans, we werewolves were gathering together for the grandest event of this year.

It's my birthday bash!

My name is Aurora Fangborn, the only daughter of my dear father, Den Fangborn, and my mother Julia.

They are the best parents I could ever ask for. On my eighteenth birthday, today, when everything might be changing in my life for good, my parents have arranged the most lavish party the world has ever seen.

Our talks are all over the world. Every news channel I saw in the morning was anchoring and reporting about my grand birthday bash. How lucky am I to have such luxury and splendor in my life? I love my parents...

Although they haven't reached the venue yet. I can't sense them. Maybe they're stuck in traffic or taking a different route?

Turning to face Patty, one of my werewolf friends, I smile at her whilst clinking our glasses to toast for me. We were traveling in a Lamborghini, a long black one that was custom-ordered just for my needs.

"This birthday, our youngest girlie turns 18. I'm way too happy to contain my excitement tonight, Aurora. I'm so happy for you~" Giving me a gentle side hug, Patty kissed my cheek in a friendly way.

"This is nothing compared to the excitement you'd feel with the strings dad pulled to invite the guests of tonight, Patty. Just wait and watch." A gasp was heard from the other side of the car,

"Don't tell Odin Blackwood invited!?" Her excited shriek made me wince a little.

"Of course, sweetheart. Olivia, whom do you take me for!? Every big shot in the werewolf and human world is invited tonight! I didn't stutter when I said we have 'grand guests' tonight, did I?" Olivia took a sip from her glass, making a face of pride.

"You did, Aurora. You did."

I then shifted my gaze to look at the woman who quietly sipped on her champagne. This is very much unlike her. She is dressed unreasonably simple yet elegant tonight, too. I wonder why.

"So, Alexia, don't you have to say something to me? It's my birthday, come on!" I know Alexia is the quiet one amongst us, but not tonight!

"Oh, what do you want me to tell you, Miss Richie-Rich? Your father's so well off that you have to experience the grandest party ever orchestrated on the planet. How about this?

Congratulations on turning 18, Aurora. I hope you have a big, grand gift from my side tonight. I mean it." I gasped.

"A grand gift from you!? It'd mean the world to me, Alexia! Thank you!" I was excited of course, but the slight fake smile dancing on her lips made me feel different.

We reached the venue, and lots of cameras already beginning to flash. We four girls hype each other up to face the cameras and be on our best behaviors...until we walk into the venue that is.

"Phew! Did you hear what they said about Alexia?" Olivia stated, making my eyebrows furrow.

"They said she isn't trying harder to look like your friend. I mean, look at us. We look grand. She looks like our mother in that dress!" Olivia spoke as I turned my head to take a glance at Alexia. Indeed. She's dressed way too simply for the occasion.

"Honey. I don't care. Tonight is all about me, and I hope you know that."

"Yeah. That's right. But let's hope she didn't hear us, however." Patty was being mindful as she whispered.


Rejoining with Alexia, we four enter the second door which introduces us to the world of the privileged!

My eyes turned into stars. Many, and I mean MANY big shots and powerful men have arrived before me and were having a party of their own!

Suddenly, the lights dimmed down as a spotlight was thrown into my face. I grinned way too big, the MC was speaking all about me!

Fifteen minutes into the party...I felt bored.

Old people aren't fun. Whilst my three friends walked away to entertain themselves with food and other things. I haven't even cut the cake yet.

"Hello, miss." The presence is powerful, yet I don't recognize the person. Turning around with the glass of wine in my hand, I stare at the tall man and widen my eyes. I've never seen such a man of elegance in my life. Ever.

"Care for a dance? The show is just about to begin...for you."

"I'd love to, but you see, I already have a fiance." Flashing the man my engagement ring, I see a bright grin shine on his lips. Whoa...what the hell was that?

"I'm a man, you're a woman. What's wrong with a small, carefree dance together? Your fiance can find you any time and steal you away from me." I grew p*ss*d with every word he said.

"Excuse me. Sir. I don't know who you are. And you seem powerful. So please stop making me uncomfortable at my party?"

...His smile doesn't fade away.

"Alright, Aurora Fangborn. Just so you know, a kind man like me just wanted to give the birthday girl some company. If it bothers you, then I'm better off." Bowing politely, the man walked away and found a charming dance partner right in front of me.

He was dancing with Alexia...

I've never seen her smile so big, as if honored to dance with him. Who was he...?

Suddenly, I felt the presence of a familiar scent behind me. He calms me so quickly.

A small gasp leaves my lips, my waist was being held delicately by this man who is also my fiance!

Leif Lupus, Alpha of Frostmoon pack.

He proposed to me in the most romantic way three months ago, and I couldn't help but choose him over whoever shall enter my life as a mate next. After all, love can make a wolf like me reject anyone who isn't worthy of my hand.

And all worthy for my hand in his.

"Looking so stunning, that I actually couldn't recognize you, sweetheart." He said, spinning me on my heel and placing a soft kiss on my lips.

"You're going to make my expensive diamond ash lipstick patchy, Leif. You ought to know better about my standards and rules." He quickly raised his hands in defense.

"I won't be doing it, babe. And look at you," my smile comes back with his flirtatious words and tone.

"Stunning in golden and maroon. I knew only you could pull off this combination, sweetheart."

"Don't be ridiculous. I know it's only me who can pull off anything. Besides, where is my gift?" I extended my hand, asking for a gift bravely. He gives me a grin, I couldn't help but feel a twist in my stomach.

"You'll see, baby girl." The people around me cheer as my fiance suddenly twirls me and kisses me passionately!

My lipstick, Leif! Jeez, was it that hard to control yourself around me?

It's a mind link, from Beta Torin!

I knew it was an emergency because I could hear the panic in his voice as he spoke in our mind link,

'Leave everything you're doing right now, and come back home, Aurora Fangborn....It's about your parents.'

My smile was wiped off of my face as quickly.

Chapter 2 Leif’s Secret

It was thundering. Harshly.

With each thunder striking against the sky, I quivered like a leaf. With Beta Torin - The most calm and composed one of us all - seeming so disturbed as he spoke to me in the mind link, I couldn't help but assume the worst.

What happened with my parents? Are they alright?

Did an enemy pack attack them?

Did someone drop an information that needed me on the scene, as the alpha's daughter?

I had way too many questions in my head along the fifteen minute race back to my pack house. It is a huge mansion, built for the main members and elders of the pack while smaller houses surrounded the structure.

At the fence of our pack, territory heavily guarded by deltas and warrior wolves of our pack, I noticed there was no one. How bad might the situation be!?

My teenage self was quivering. I had no siblings either, to share my emotions that I've felt at that moment.

Goddammit, why isn't Beta Torin answering me back!? It'


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