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Rejection Vs Desire

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Isadora Smith, a determined omega rejected by her true mate, embarks on a quest for love despite societal expectations. Her father pushes arranged dates for business gain, disregarding her desires. Isadora faces rejection but strives to prove her worth beyond her omega status. Meanwhile, Alaric, a hybrid alpha, seeks vengeance after being ousted for his differences, forming ties with rogue wolves. Darrian Taylor, fixated on perfection and his family business, initially rejects Isadora but later regrets his decision upon encountering her again. Eutycus Brown, an ambitious alpha, views omegas as tools for power and dominance, desiring Isadora for expanding his pack's territory. Isadora becomes the focal point for these three men with disparate motivations. Her growing feelings collide with their conflicting objectives. The initially love-driven desires transform into intense hatred, leading to chaos and heartbreak. Amidst turmoil, Isadora evaluates her choices and decides to be with Alaric, her true love, despite societal norms and rejection from the pack. Their bond withstands trials, guiding them back to each other. Ultimately, they find profound happiness, realizing their enduring love triumphs over all challenges. The story follows Isadora navigating rejection, societal pressures, and her heart's desires between a lycan and an alpha unwilling to release her, culminating in a tale of love, perseverance, and defying conventions.

The Omega

Today was the last day in her father's house and the first day of the rest of her life. Isadora was going to move in with the Alpha-to-be and to say she was happy was an understatement. She was the luckiest recessive Omega to exist in her lifetime and she was going to be Mated -hopefully- to the one and only Eutychus Brown, heir to the Brown empire and future Alpha of The Nightfall Pack.

She smiled as she packed up her stuff, trying her best to smother the doubt that was welling deep within her. She had been through enough rejections and blind dates and had worked her little omega *ss off to appear as perfect as she could. When her dad had said he had set her up with Eutychus and that she better not f*ck it up as she did with the others, she made sure to look as pure and as meek as an omega should be, of course with the help of her suppressants and portion - her perfume. 

Things had been rough for her ever since her first shift failed drastically. The pack members had looked at her with disdain and contempt, her father included. When she turned 21, she went through it again. She shook her head hoping the memories would disintegrate, but it was all for nought, she remembered everything. 

She stood in the forest, the moon shining down upon her, and hope swelled in her chest. She had always known that all omegas get their mates at 21. She held onto the hope that her true Mate would accept her as the ‘Imperfect omega she was. The eligible male wolves stood on the other side of the fireplace, waiting for the moon goddess to reveal their mates to them. Isadora shut her eyes and sent thousands of prayers per second as she stood next to the other Omegas. She heard the happy yelps and laughter as one after the other wolves were paired. 

“Patience pays…” she told herself as she began to feel the mating pull. She opened her eyes to see the Beta male, her mate-to-be, standing before her, his eyes cold and distant. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest, the hope and excitement of finally finding her mate turning to fear and confusion.

“ No. I cannot be your Mate,' she heard his voice; Darian, the Beta’s son- cold and devoid of emotion. 

'You are an omega, weak and inferior. I need a mate who can stand by my side and lead the Pack, not one who will hold us back. Not only that but you are what exactly? A beta or an omega? I can't tell exactly.' Darian, her supposed true mate said, walking around her, inspecting her as if she was some kind of contraband goods.

She could feel the tears welling up in her eyes as the pack looked on, some with pity, others with scorn. She wanted to scream, to rage against the unfairness of it all, but the words stuck in her throat. Instead, she turned and fled, the sounds of the pack's laughter and jeers ringing in her ears.

“O-Okay- ” she croaked out, swallowing the sob in her throat because nothing else could be said, She had been rejected. Of course, no one would want her, she was not perfect. 

That had been 4 years and she had spent them making a name for herself. When her mate rejected her, she was left feeling lost and alone. The rejection would lead her on a journey of self-discovery and the realization that true strength comes from within. She did her best to blend in, with the help of her greedy father, Rhys Smith. who was only interested in making money and a reputable name for himself. She managed his finances, cleaning up all the financial messes he caused and in return, he set up dates with the sons of his business partners in the hopes of expanding his money-making empire more than finding a mate for his daughter. That was how she had ended up getting paired up with Eutychus, the hottest Alpha in town. 

“I managed to set up a date for you and that Alpha's son. Make yourself pretty or whatever. Don't forget the pills and perfume, I wouldn't want you sent back like unwanted mail. Most importantly I need this to go well for the sake of my business, I pad that greedy alpha a year's worth of your allowance, don't make me regret it.” Her father had said, barely looking up from the paper he was reading. 

It wasn’t supposed to be like this though but there wasn’t much she could do about it. She had basically been auctioned off to the highest bidder, well not exactly but in a way and if things went past the first date she would have to marry the Alpha and have little babies for him oh, and secure her father's accounts but that was just a dream for Isadora smith. 

“But father, what if -!” she’d tried to reason with her father but it fell on deaf ears.

“Quit your whining and do as you are told! ” her father shushed her, finally looking up from the paper, his eyes glowing red with anger. She pretended to be affected by his alpha Pheromones but they just never worked on her and the last person she wanted to anger was her father. Still, she couldn't help it.

“I can’t do this, I won't! He will just reject me like all the others and what will you do about it-” Isadora began to protest when a sharp sting settled on her cheek. This was the first time he ever got angry like this.

“Watch your mouth! Do you know we are in this situation because of you? you were supposed to be the perfect Omega, like your mother but no, you had to be a freak. You will go on that date and you will make him fall for you and you will be his bride. Do. I. Make.Myself.Clear?” Isadora’s father, Rhys, had threatened and she did as told and got ready.

That had marked the first day she had met with Eutychus. She went on the date, expecting to be rejected there and then but Eutychus had been different. He made her laugh and smile and soon all the doubt she had been yet again replaced with hope for a future. They had gone on several other dates, held hands, and hugged even, something her other dates did not even think of. Eutychus had been the prayer to the thousands of prayers she had sent to the moon goddess. 

She zipped up her suitcase, the bitter memories having done their work. She wiped the stray tears that had managed to fall down her cheeks. She was going to move in with her new boyfriend. She felt giddy just thinking of the name boyfriend. Finally, her hard work was paying off. 

“I have a boyfriend now, That's a step towards having a Mate. Patience sure does pay. ”She told herself as she hauled the suitcase out of her room and down to the front door, passing her father in the living room.

“At least get pregnant, that is the least you can do. ” Rhys said, turning a new page of the ‘Business Daily’ he always read.

“Dad! That’s so crude. "Their father-and-daughter relationship was complicated like that. 

“Don't say I never gave you advice, ” Rhys said as his final goodbye. 

Just like that, Isadora’s life story had begun, only the moon goddess knew what lay ahead. 

The Lycan

Born from a Pack that rejected him for being different, Alaric found himself leading a pack of rouges, not your regular kind of rogue wolf reader, but a rouge leader none the less. It wasn't his fault that He was a wolf with mixed genetics from different subspecies of wolves ,yet his father had falsely accused his mother of infidelity, and when Alaric's wolf presented as a Lycan, he was cast out of the Pack immediately. He found solace among the local rogue wolves, who had chosen to reject Pack rules and live outside of the Pack’s conventions that mostly shunned anything different especially Lycans, see a different kind of rogues. 

Despite the scorn of his father and the wider wolf community, Alaric worked hard to make a name for himself. He rallied the rogues that he had fought with countless times as he tried to survive alone. Luck was on his side since his hybrid nature came in handy whenever he had to fight for whatever he wanted. At first, he felt lost a


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