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River Jasmine

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Isadora Smith, a determined omega rejected by her true mate, embarks on a quest for love despite societal expectations. Her father pushes arranged dates for business gain, disregarding her desires. Isadora faces rejection but strives to prove her worth beyond her omega status. Meanwhile, Alaric, a hybrid alpha, seeks vengeance after being ousted for his differences, forming ties with rogue wolves. Darrian Taylor, fixated on perfection and his family business, initially rejects Isadora but later regrets his decision upon encountering her again. Eutycus Brown, an ambitious alpha, views omegas as tools for power and dominance, desiring Isadora for expanding his pack's territory. Isadora becomes the focal point for these three men with disparate motivations. Her growing feelings collide with their conflicting objectives. The initially love-driven desires transform into intense hatred, leading to chaos and heartbreak. Amidst turmoil, Isadora evaluates her choices and decides to be with Alaric, her true love, despite societal norms and rejection from the pack. Their bond withstands trials, guiding them back to each other. Ultimately, they find profound happiness, realizing their enduring love triumphs over all challenges. The story follows Isadora navigating rejection, societal pressures, and her heart's desires between a lycan and an alpha unwilling to release her, culminating in a tale of love, perseverance, and defying conventions.


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