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Rejected Revenge: Mistress of Water

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Hailey’s power became too much and out of control as she steps in at the age of nineteen. Her parents were worried when an oracle predicted that it could eventually destroy her if not handled greatly. So, her aunt come up with the idea of sending her to a friend of hers who once had the same problem— the mistress of air. Hailey flew across the world, away from her luxurious life. She already expected the worst—a small house and a lady who do not tolerate her spoiled personality. But what she did not expect was to meet her mate in the most unexpected way. A dominant Alpha who wants nothing to do with her untamed personality. How would Hailey be able to change the mind of her mate before he eventually rejects her…or was it the other way around? She didn’t want a mate in the first place, after all.

Chapter 1

{Hailey's POV}

Late in the winter of my nineteenth year of existence. I was out in the woods, curled up in a ball with my back against a tree. I should be at the pack house, with my family and friends for it was my brother, Ares’s twenty-first birthday today. But after what I heard from my parents just a few hours ago, I don’t think I have it in me to enjoy.

Apparently, Aunt Rae told them about my situation. She was, after all, my trainer and also the one gifted with the element of nature. Mom had promised me before that when the time comes, she was the one who would personally train me, but five years ago, she got pregnant and was now busy taking care of my four-year-old sister, Freya. At first, I was disappointed. I mean, I idolized my mom so much, but I understand, and besides, Aunt Rae was a good trainer. She was the one who trained Mom as well, so she was pretty good.

For the past two months, my element—my water—became untamed, to say the least. I have hurt Rae a couple of times. It was like a caged wild animal begging to be released. There were times that it would be so out of control and hurt me in the process. I had begged Rae not to tell my parents about it and she gave me weeks to get my water controlled, but days after days of trying, instead of taming it, the situation had only worsened.

And I guess it worried Rae, and now, she told my parents about it.


{Hope’s POV}

“I’m worried, Darius.”

I leaned my head against my mate’s shoulder. Aunt Rae told us about Hailey’s situation, and seeing her worried, it must’ve meant something bad. Her element was out of control, and it had been happening for a while now. I have never heard of such a thing. My flames never go on destroying things without me wanting them. It was connected to me, so what was the problem with Hailey’s?

I felt Darius' arm wrapped around my waist as he kissed my temple while his other free hand was stroking my back soothingly.

“We’ll talk to her, love. Don’t worry. We’ll figure this out.” He reassured.

I took a deep breath before nodding my head. He was right. We will figure this out. Hailey was a strong and smart girl, whatever this was, she’ll get through this.

It was already passed midnight and my eldest son; Ares’s birthday party had just ended. I didn’t see Hailey for the rest of the party, and I already knew why. If there was one thing I certainly knew about Hailey, it’s that she was just like me; loves to eavesdrop every time.

From Darius' office, we went to the living room where everyone was.

“I already put Freya to bed, mom.” Was the first thing I heard from Ares after we entered the living room. “Anyway, where’s Hay-Hay? I haven’t seen her since earlier.”

Ares has always been the caring big brother to his two younger sisters. We didn’t even tell him to do that. It just comes off naturally the moment he set his eyes on Hailey and Freya.

Before any of us could answer, another voice resounded as the girl we’d been waiting for entered the scene.

“I’m here. Sorry for disappearing like that.”

I looked at my nineteen-year-old daughter. She has her dad’s eyes—Amber like gold and my blonde hair and most of my facial features. She looked so beautiful. Many got fooled. They didn’t know that inside those beautiful features hid an untamed, smart, and sly girl. My daughter was indeed dangerous.

“Hailey, you okay?” Heather asked.

She was my best friend and brother’s daughter who happened to be Hailey’s partner in crime. She was a little younger than Hailey by months.

Hailey nodded. “Yeah. We just have to talk about something, right mom?”



{Hailey’s POV}


“Hailey, please understand. None of us like this but it’s the only way. It could hurt you or anyone else in this pack.” Dad said calmly while sitting beside Mom who stared at me impassively. I can’t read what’s on her mind and it’s frustrating me.

“Mom, Dad…are you seriously just going to give me away to some stranger across the world?!” I could feel my water resurfacing again, but I tried to hold it in. I didn’t want to give my parents any more reason to do this to me.

“Hailey, calm down.” Aunt Rae warned, already seeing what was coming. “This is for the best. I promise you that my friend’s going to take care of you.”

I shook my head. “No! I have a dream here. I’ll finish studying with Heather. I will watch my brother become the Alpha. I will do big things in this pack!” I looked at Mom and Dad. “I promise, I’ll control my element. I could—”

“Hailey,” Mom finally spoke up, stopping me.

“Mom…” I whispered.

“It’s final, Hailey. This is a must. That power will eventually destroy you if you didn’t learn how to handle that.” She stood up, there was a finalization on the glint of her eyes. It made my shoulder slump in disbelief and defeat. “You will leave the day after tomorrow.” Then, she walked out of the office.

I hold the wall for support when I felt my knees shaking. I felt like crying, but I held it in. I don’t cry. I’ve never seen my mom cry except when she had given birth to Freya, and I must stay strong like her even though she made a decision I do not agree with.

I helplessly looked at Dad. He walked towards me and engulfed me in a hug.

“I’m sorry, Princess. Don’t be mad at your mom. She’s only worried for you. We’re doing this for you, so please understand.” He said softly.

I didn’t say anything and just hugged him back. I fear that a tear might escape or even a sob if I even open my mouth.

“I love you, Princess. I trust you. You can do this.” He kissed my forehead before leaving his office, no doubt to follow Mom.

And now, I was left with Aunt Rae.

I looked at her, feeling betrayed. She had promised me that she wouldn’t tell my parents.

“Why did you do this?” I whispered quietly.

She sighed. “Callisto saw you and this pack destroyed in his vision. There were no survivors—everything was completely and utterly destroyed. And…” She hesitated at first but continued. “…and you were the cause of it. In the end, the power destroyed you too…”

I gasped and covered my mouth in shock.

Callisto was her husband. A great oracle. His vision was always right unless the present would be changed before anything worsen.

But me? I will destroy and kill everyone? I couldn’t…no.

I blinked at her. “Did you tell my parents?”


I mentally sighed in relief. It would kill them if they knew about it, especially Mom. She may act tough and uncaring, but she was the softest person I ever knew.

I can’t destroy this pack. I don’t want to hurt anyone of them.


“Come on, Hailey! He’s going to catch us!” Heather screamed at the top of her lungs while running downstairs with me trailing behind her. Her twin brother, Haven was running after us and he was a fast runner, I’m telling you.

Those two were really Uncle Miles and Klepto’s children.

“Heather!” Haven almost roared in annoyance, well who wouldn’t? Heather just took Elle’s present for him who happens to be his first love. Elle was Isaac—my dad’s delta’s—daughter, so what those two have was kept unknown to the adults. God knows what Isaac would do to Haven if he found out that my dear cousin likes his precious daughter. Possessive dads.

My eyes widened when Heather suddenly throw the small present at me, but thankfully, I caught it with both of my hands before I dashed off to the living room.

“Hailey!” I could hear him screaming bloody murder, making me and Heather laughed loudly like evil witches.

I almost stopped when I saw my brother, Ares with the future delta, Kiefer, Grayson’s son who was the current delta of our pack. They were seated on the couch, obviously talking about the pack matters which honestly doesn’t interest me. Good thing he’s taking the pack.

I ran across the room, away from the door while still holding the present. Heather wanted to see it, but I value privacy more than anything. I only took it just to annoy the hell out of Haven, but I don’t intend to open it.

Ares and Kiefer don’t even look surprised when they saw a very irritated and half-panicked Haven entering the living room with a laughing Heaven on the corner. She looked like she was about to pass out from lack of oxygen for laughing so hard.

“Hailey,” Haven warned, his chocolate brown eyes glaring at mine. “Seriously, give me that.”

“No! Open it first.” Heather walked towards me, no doubt to open the present.

I smiled apologetically at her. “Maybe next time, ugly face.” I teased before throwing the present to Haven.

The guy howled in victory, then gave his twin a side glare before leaving the room after thanking me…sort of.

“Not cool, Hailey.” She scoffed but I just laughed it off.

I sat on the white plush couch across from Kiefer and Ares while Heater flopped down next to me.

“Done packing your things? Mom said you’ll leave first thing in the morning tomorrow.” Ares asked.

I forced myself to not show any signs that I was affected or sad and smiled instead.

“Yep. Mom helped me. She didn’t let me bring a lot of my things though.” I almost pouted but decided against it. Gosh! I’m already an adult!

He chuckled, his amethyst eyes he got from mom were sparkling with amusement. “It’s only right. You must learn to live a simple life there. I’ve heard that she was gifted with the air element, but many people call her mistress of air. She doesn’t live in any pack, so your life would be pretty peaceful there.”

Heather suddenly cracked up. “Aww, our little miss socialite will become an introvert. How cute.” She teased.

I scowled at her, but my attention remained on my brother. “Is she really trustworthy?” Yep…trust issues kicking in.

He gave me a pointed look. “Trust our parents if you can’t trust her. You know they wouldn’t put you in danger.”



“I’ll miss you.”

I chuckled before picking up my four-year-old sister, Freya. Her long wavy blonde hair was sprawled on her back.

“Aww…I’ll miss you too, little sis.”

Her big bright amethyst doe eyes blinked at me. She looked so innocent and cute.

I turned to my parents when I saw them approaching. My things were already inside the car, and I had already said goodbye to my friends last night. The driver was ready and only waiting for me to…say goodbye.

Mom took Freya from me as Dad came to wrap me in a hug.

“If a boy there tries to touch you, tell me and I will chop—”

“Dad,” I rolled my eyes.

He chuckled before he slightly pulled away from me to carefully look at my face, “I’m not sorry for doing this, princess. I hope you understand that this is for your own well-being.”

I nodded, smiling at him. “I know, Dad. I understand.”

He kissed my forehead, his lips lingering for a few seconds before he finally pulled away. “Be careful always. I love you and if you need anything, I’m just one call away.” He said, then took Freya from my mom so that she could go to me.

Her eyes that always had the same intensity and fire in them softened as she stared at me.

“You are a smart girl, Hailey. You’re brave enough to face things that might come your way, and I want you to know that I am very proud to call you, my daughter.” She smiled before hugging me.

Warmth filled me inside and out just hearing what she said. I’ve always wanted my mom’s approval. I idolized her so much for her strong and brave personality and knowing that she was proud of me was enough. It was more than enough.

“I love you, mom.” I whispered.

Goodbye, Blood Moon Eclipse.

Chapter 2

{Hailey’s POV}

It was a very excruciatingly painful twenty-four hours of plane ride without doing anything other than sleep, eat, or stare blankly at the plane window. I felt like it was the longest time of my life. I wasn’t used to this kind of silence. At the pack, the only time I was quiet was every time that I was asleep. I’ve never felt lonely because I have so many people to talk to, but now, I know that’s about to change.

I didn’t know if I should feel relieved or not when the pilot announced that we have already landed, but when my feet landed on the ground, I know it was the latter. I wanted to go home.

“Miss Hunter,” A man in his late thirties, wearing a black suit came to me. “My name’s Adam. Your father sent me to escort you. I will leave once you are safely in the care of the mistress of air.”

I meekly smiled at him. “Adam, can I ask you a question?”

He nodded. “Of course, Miss Hunter,”

I brushed him off. “Just call m


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