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Rejected Mate

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" I found my mate" priestess Catori was shocked when the king made his announcement, after the initial shock she began panicking, 'he cannot do this to me, not now' she's is not yet prepared for this, they had agreed to keep this a secret until they are prepared for this. 'why is he suddenly announcing it now'. The novel is about tbe love between an alpha and a witch, theg were destinied to be mate by the moon goddes, added to fact that they were once lovers, they couldng resist the bond between them, but the problem now is that the king destined and awaited mate turns out to be the high priestess who is a WITCH. The witches were banned from the kingdom long ago but due to some circstances, she came to the kingdom and was chosen as the priestess by the then high priestess for no apparant reason, she said she saw the holy light on her and decided to make her the prietess, on the day on ascencion as the hign prietess of the kingdom, that was when she met the alpha for the first time, she was shocked as how beautiful (handsome)he was, she called him beautiful becuse his looks could move heaven. He didnt even look her way during tje whole process of the ascension, but she was very certain that she has fallen in love with him, and to add to that , he seems to be staring at her also, not with the disgusted gaze that others give her because she was a witch, but with a calm gaze as if studying her, after that day they became friends, he told her his story, how his parents were murdered in order to protect him and his younger sister, she met his beta, his one and only friend and they became friends also, and soon after that they were deeply in love, but she was scared thinking that they cant be together, because she is a witch, but he repeatedly assurec her that he can never leave her even if he finds his mate, and as fate may have it, she turns out to be his mate, but that very night he rejected her without telling her the reason. But she soon found out.

Chapter 1

she woke up shocked by what she just saw, she couldn't believe it, no matter how hard she try to put the pieces together, she just doesn't understand what is happening. ' why is this happening now, No this can't be, the world they ancestors spent years building and the peace they were maintaining with so much sacrifices, can't just be coming to an end now. she has to do something immediately, lest the peaceful days will be gone. shehurried down the stairs and rushed into the car and zoomed off to the Alpha's palace, she couldn't afford to waste one more minute here on a serious issue like this, she just hope the king will listen to her and take her words seriously despite what happened between them last night. When she got to the palace walls, she could already feel the presence of the elders in the throne room without even seeing them because of her spiritual power. She rushed into the throne room and met the elders in an heated argument with the king ( alpha). They all bowed to her when they noticed her presence as sign of respect for the high priestess, while the king just glared icilily, she bowed to the king who has a dark expression on his face that could scare and chase people away from him, but definitely not her, he turned away from her when he noticed her bow, she didn't wait for him to reply nor say anything, she went straight to the point,

" your majesty".

The king finally looked at her direction with a gaze that could make someone melt in fear, he frowned when he noticed the seriousness in her voice.

" we are about to be attacked by the vampires and rogues, they are preparing to stage a war on us, they are planning to destroy this kingdom and they are also planning to form an alliance with the witches, though I doubt they would agree".

She knew telling him this now is not a good idea, but she has no choice but to say it, because there is no time, what she saw in her vision is rather troublesome, its a given that they are more powerful but if those forces join together, then, they wouldn't be so sure of their victory. And as expected, the king anger intestified when he heard her say they will be destroyed, but she continued nevertheless.

" I saw a very disturbing vision, in my vision, the rogues formed and alliance with the vampires and now the vampires are planning to go to the witches to form an alliance with them so that they can eliminate us and take over this kingdom".

After speaking, she looked straight into the king eyes to gauge his expression and as expected, his face changed after hearing what he said, the aura surrounding him suddenly felt suffocating.

" What do you mean"

he asked her angrily, when she was about speaking her interrupted her.

" If they want to attack my kingdom, they should first check if they have the ability, why do you keep emphasizing on the part of being destroyed, do you think they can destroy my kingdom easily or did you think am stupid or that am not powerful enough."

he barrated.

" your majesty, what are you saying, I can never doubt your authority, you...."

" Really, so what are you doing now"

He interrupted me  halfway, clearly irritated.

"Cough ... Cough..., Your majesty, I think we should focus on this matter, I know you are powerful, but we need to come up with a plan, with the combined attack of the vampires and rogues, I don't think it is a small matter, we have to start planning before they sneak an attack on us, when we are not prepared."

Elder Zeus, the prime minister spoke.

" That is impossible, they don't have the guts to do this,  I don't believe those rogues will dare go against His majesty, unless they are being backed by a more powerful source and other than us I don't think anyone is more powerful than us, unless the Munezine Monsters, and that's more impossible because they swore an oath with heaven not to intervene in our matters unless necessary."

Elder Wiyot rebuke him.

" I also Don' t think the rogues have the guts to do this, I think its the new king of the vampires, Clearly he is a very manipulative man and love to use people , so I won't put it past him, he must have gone to meet the rogues to form a foolish alliance."

Elder Brian replied him.

"The new king of vampires ? When did the vampires have a new king, where is the former king."

Elder Zeus asked surprised by the news.

" The previous Vampire king was killed by his brother who is now the new king and also he was the former prime minister of the kingdom, he had Always had his eye on the throne and when he got the opportunity, he staged a revolt and dethroned the former king, the very next day was his coronation, he was crowned the king of vampires and that was the day he killed his brother and family publicly."

Elder Brian replied .

"What ruthlessness, his brother that had always trusted him to the extent of placing him in that position, yet he is not satisfied and killed him. that's the highest form of ruthlessness i have ever heard."

Elder Zeus said, I saw that another elder wanted to say something again concerning the death of the vampire king and I immediately interrupted him, before he could say anything.

"I don't think now is the time to be discussing about the death of the vampire king, they are the ones attacking us, we can save our story for later, right now what we should be doing is to be coming up with a plan for the upcoming war."

The king stared at me for a long time, after I finished talking and suddenly said.

" I need to speak with you privately."

I was taken aback by his request to speak with me in private.

" am sorry your majesty, but you can say whatever you want to say here, we should decide on this together, we have to come up with a solution befall the full moon, because that is when they are attacking us. Else, it will be too late.

I answered him.

" you dare defile my order, do you think I don't know what am doing, or do you think I don't care about my people what is wrong with you all, do you all take me for granted."

Chapter 2



"Have it gotten to the point where you no longer take me serious again, am the f**king alpha, not you, whatever I say stands."

After venting out at me, he turned to the max (the guard) who was already trembling on the floor under his furious gaze.

"Leave now before I separate your neck from your body".

After speaking, the royal guard left hurriedly, thanking the moon goddess for saving him from the angry wolf king, before he remembered something, then he turned back and kept on the floor. She understood him, he was the princess personal guard so the princess must have threatened him not to come back without the king accepting to see her, but what she couldn't understand is why the alpha was this angry, his words just now shocked both her and the elders, what came over him, her thoughts lingered on what transpired between them last night last night and she frowned, she decided not to th


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