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  • Author: TinaOluchi
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
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" I found my mate" priestess Catori was shocked when the king made his announcement, after the initial shock she began panicking, 'he cannot do this to me, not now' she's is not yet prepared for this, they had agreed to keep this a secret until they are prepared for this. 'why is he suddenly announcing it now'. The novel is about tbe love between an alpha and a witch, theg were destinied to be mate by the moon goddes, added to fact that they were once lovers, they couldng resist the bond between them, but the problem now is that the king destined and awaited mate turns out to be the high priestess who is a WITCH. The witches were banned from the kingdom long ago but due to some circstances, she came to the kingdom and was chosen as the priestess by the then high priestess for no apparant reason, she said she saw the holy light on her and decided to make her the prietess, on the day on ascencion as the hign prietess of the kingdom, that was when she met the alpha for the first time, she was shocked as how beautiful (handsome)he was, she called him beautiful becuse his looks could move heaven. He didnt even look her way during tje whole process of the ascension, but she was very certain that she has fallen in love with him, and to add to that , he seems to be staring at her also, not with the disgusted gaze that others give her because she was a witch, but with a calm gaze as if studying her, after that day they became friends, he told her his story, how his parents were murdered in order to protect him and his younger sister, she met his beta, his one and only friend and they became friends also, and soon after that they were deeply in love, but she was scared thinking that they cant be together, because she is a witch, but he repeatedly assurec her that he can never leave her even if he finds his mate, and as fate may have it, she turns out to be his mate, but that very night he rejected her without telling her the reason. But she soon found out.


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