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Rejected by Drácula

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Mother Moon assigns Lucius as Mate for the king of the Vampires Dracula and he rejects him causing him great pain, he is not interested because he is in love with a beautiful vampire, you will meet the d*mn, sadistic, terrifying King who kills for pleasure, his orders they are the law throughout the world, he is so powerful that nothing and no one can kill him, he is so cruel that the Almighty himself must come down to fight with him Narrated in a crude way, not suitable for sensitive people, although in the end you will be satisfied in your senses


The world's Ruler is the most sadistic, cursed, cruel being, the most powerful vampire called Dracula, he has no compassion for anyone or anything, only his malevolent wishes are fulfilled and no one can even reply to him or he would punish him in the cruelest way invented by him

He had a son with a Queen from another distant place but he died giving birth, but the life of Julius the king's son was so dark that he was r*p*d by his own father at the age of 118, according to him, it was his personal birthday present , he left him bleeding without caring to give him help in his wounds, scratches, bites and more, a servant of sorrow cured him and when he had the opportunity he hid him so that he does not continue suffering violations, because Dracula was furious looking for him, this servant had already seen him that when he goes to look for him in his room it is to r*p* him, according to Dracula he looks like his mother and he wants it.

But life is not pleasant with anyone, Dracula was already suspicious and one day he sent a soldier disguised as the King and he was hiding, he realized that his son was being taken out through the false door and they took him away, he followed them silently, and Julius He had turned 119 years old and he waited until he saw that they put him in a hidden room with witch magic, he smiled to himself, the servant didn't see him when he came out and left.

Dracula was more powerful than a witch and he knew all the existing spells of all witches, not in vain had he lived more than 2000 years, he did the spell that he knew would open the door and it opened, he entered quietly and heard the shower, walking He went there and saw his son bathing, since he had not had him for months, he liked what he saw, he had a dream body, the desire drove him crazy with excitement.

He put a powerful spell on the door that no one could ever remove. He undressed and entered the shower, he was behind Julius leering at him without being seen, he licked his lips, his son finished bathing, he was about to leave and he felt that they hugged him, they kissed his back, and he heard the voice with horror his father's

-My love!, here you have been hiding from me, knowing that I want you!.

He was scared and began to tremble, he felt his father's erect p*n*s on his back

-Dad, please don't do it, I'm your son, I'm already a man!

Dracula upon hearing this, turned him around to look at him face to face, Julius looked at the strong and imposing face of his father, he was terrified of him.

-So you're already a man, hahahaha, you're mine! You always have been

He said these words, cornering him against the wall and grabbing his p*n*s, starting to rub it and looking at him as he tried not to get excited and laughed at his son's attempts to hold back.

-Hahahaha, don't hold back, you're only from here, you're a virgin! hahaha

And he masturbated faster until he heard him moan with pleasure, but he had tears in his eyes.

-Why are you crying if you should be happy you had your first orgasm, you like me ah!, hahaha.-said Dracula

Julius looked sobbing at his father saying

-Dad, don't hurt me! Please, please, I'm your son, don't you love me?!

Dracula looked at him smiling and said

-Of course I love you my son, I love you so much that I want you! I want to feel your body trembling with pleasure, just as you are trembling now

And he forced him to open his mouth to kiss him, he took advantage because he was much taller and stronger than his son, he subdued him in a jiffy

- What a rich language! and your mouth tastes delicious just like your mother, it was exquisitely sweet!

Julius wanted to hit him to get away from his father and what he received was a great laugh from Dracula.

-hahahaha, do you think you're going to beat me? hahahaha, come here you are mine! only mine

And he kissed his n*ppl*s, he did the spell of immobility and poor Julius was paralyzed, he wanted to move, he couldn't and he saw his father caressing him with his hands and kissing him, licking him and then sucking his n*ppl*s with such fury that it hurt.

Dracula continued caressing and kissing him until he reached his son's hip, he ran his tongue from side to side, and looked at Julius's face who could not contain the pleasure he felt and that fascinated Dracula, it drove him crazy with desire, He was so unfortunate that he went down to the p*n*s and started again with his hand to masturbate it, but now the d*mn guy started licking his testicles and sucking them until Julius couldn't take it anymore and he spread all over his father's hands and face. who stood up and stood in front of his son licking his semen smiling at him.

-Mmmmm, yummy! It tastes just like your mother, you inherited this from your beautiful mother

Poor Julius was terrified because he knew that the time was coming when he would possess him and it was the most painful act, that pain was almost unbearable and his father never cared to see him suffer.

Dracula washed his body as well, he removed the immobility spell from Julius, he made a magical gesture and they were both dry, he hugged him and carried him to bed laughing and Julius trembling with terror.

-Let's see, lie down here, let me see your beautiful body! So white, soft skin, you smell like your mother! That aroma that I love

Julius sobbed in fear, when his father climbed on top of him, and crushed him with the weight of his body, his father was huge compared to him and he began to kiss him on the mouth, sticking his tongue in, playing in his mouth, listening to his father who moaned while his tongue ran through his mouth.

From the fright he began to push him to get him off his back, those attempts made his father laugh

"Hahahaha, you're so weak that you can't even move an inch, hahaha," said his father

I grab his hands he put them on top of his head staring at him and smiling at him

Julius started yelling at him.

-Daddy, noooo, leave me! Don't hurt me! I'm your son, papaaaa

-I just want to hear you ask me to give you more, that's what I want to hear from you! That you ask me with desire, just like your mother did, she screamed with pleasure when we made love!

"I'm not my mother, I'm not…because you can't see it!" Julius said

-Shut up, shut up! You're mine, mine and I'm going to enjoy my life, I want you so much!

Once again he did the spell and left him immobile with his arms towards where his head was, leaving his body without any obstacles and Dracula began to kiss his neck, bit him to s*ck his blood and moaned with pleasure when he drank it, he stopped doing it and gave him I licked the wound to close it.

He began to s*ck on her n*ppl*s and Julius arched anyway, they hurt but he felt pleasure too, his father's hands ran over his chest, his waist, his hips moaning with pleasure.

-How delicious!, soft, what a delicious skin! cqrajo

He gave him some suckers on his chest, kissed his legs and put his son's p*n*s in his mouth and began to s*ck it making Julius reach ecstasy, who screamed from the tremendous orgasm he felt and gasped and Dracula smiled to see him like this.

Then I remove the spell and grab him turning around and Julius began to scream in terror because he knew that his father was going to make him suffer that intense pain.

-Noooo!, dad, noooo that hurts horrible!, nooo, don't hurt me!.

He approached his son's ear saying

-It won't hurt! You're going to enjoy with me, I'm going to inject you with my poison so it doesn't hurt, I want to see you enjoy, not cry, hahaha

And he was near Julius's neck and he bit him, he injected his venom and Julius felt that Dracula's venom burned horribly. She felt her father's hands caressing her buttocks, kissing them, she felt that he put his tongue in her anus while his hands caressed her legs, her buttocks, then she felt him climb on top of her and she trembled with fear

"Don't be afraid, love! It won't hurt, you'll feel pleasure, you'll see!" said his father

And he licked his earlobe, and he licked the nape of the neck. He felt that his father's p*n*s was at his entrance and suddenly he bit him on the nape of the neck and penetrated him with a thrust, but he was surprised that it didn't hurt like many other times. it hurt.

-Did you notice?!, mmmm how rich you are so tight, so fragile, do you like what you feel?!-said Dracula

Julius didn't say anything, it didn't hurt, but he didn't like what his father was doing with him. He felt it big, very big. Dracula was besieged by vampires because as a lover he was incredible and his p*n*s was huge, he penetrated him like a beast, he felt it tight and like It had been months since she had possessed him, it didn't last long and he roared with an orgasm, but he kept penetrating him and said in his ear

"Do you like it?! Tell me what you like, tell me love!" said his father

Julius didn't want to tell him that, no, that was already too much.

-Tell me love! or I bite the back of your neck! I take out my poison and it will hurt you again

Julius didn't want that and had to say in spite of himself

-I like it, yes I like it

-Yeah! That's what I wanted to hear you tell me, sooooo, I love having you! you're so rich, tight!

Then he set it to 4 and kept penetrating him, but now with one hand he took Julius's p*n*s and began to masturbate it Julius had never felt pleasure, but now that he was penetrating it hard and masturbating it he felt pleasure and it spilled into his father's hand and the King had an orgasm that roared loud

-That's yummy!, you're yummy Julius, that's why I want you, mmm how yummy to have you!

He got out of his son and lay down and pulled him to lie next to him, Julius was sobbing anyway, but Dracula hugged him and made him lie on his chest and they both fell asleep.



From exhaustion they slept for almost 6 hours but the first to wake up was Dracula, he saw Julius asleep on his chest, he caressed his hair, his face, he slept so peacefully, he kissed his lips and went to bathe, he got dressed, they went out and they played to the door

-Child Julius, open me please!

Dracula realized that it was his traitorous servant, he was going to give him the surprise of his life and he smiled, opened the door, saw the servant's face of surprise and terror, grabbed him and took him somewhere else to let his servant sleep. son, he got to the private dungeons no one went in there and he said

-So you are the one who hid my son, traitor!

"It's just that I felt sorry for how he suffered and cried, Your Majesty, he's your son and..." said the frightened servant

-Silence! You attributed things to yourself that are not your responsibility, you betrayed me! and you must pay for it.-said the King

The servant be


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