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Prince's Assassin Mate

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"No," She stood up straight and took his hand off her thigh. She straightened her dress and began to walk away. He grabbed her wrist and leaned against the wall, saying "How long do you think you'll be able to run away from me? I'll catch up to you eventually." _________________________ They said she was nothing less than the darkness, a living embodiment of terror. She was the assassin who has been roaming the earth for centuries, killing and hiding! But no one lived to tell her tale. She had known blood and death her entire life, but what she didn't know was that the biggest battle awaited her, one with her soul and her mate. He is ruthless and he is powerful. Everything bends to his every whim. And everyone respects him, more importantly, fears him. Lycan Prince Aiden, heir to the Kingdom of Werewolves, soon be the Alpha of all Alphas. He knew things were going to change when he found his Moon-blessing, but he wasn't ready for the storm she brought with her. While he bend himself to her will, fate twisted him to its own accord.


Her POV:

As the Alpha leads me into his suite, I smile. A new glint of happiness in his eyes, a handsome smile on his face. He picks me up and places me on the soft bed. He was hovering over me in an instant. His eyes were filled with love, passion, and gentleness as they looked at my face.

"I'm not sure what I did to deserve such a wonderful gift from the Goddess." He stated. I smiled brightly at him and he returns the same smile. He brought his face closer for a kiss, but his smile vanished, replaced by an agonizing wince. When he looked down at his stomach, he saw a silver dagger in my hand slicing through his stomach. When his horrified eyes turned to me, my innocent, bright smile had vanished, replaced by a cold, expressionless face. He tried to speak, but my hand moved on its own, gliding through his throat. I pushed him off of me as his limp body fell on the bed. I stand up and clean the blood-splattered dagger from his black pants. Lighting a cigarette I walked towards the balcony. The moon was shining brightly tonight, what an wonderful sight to see. I take a long lungful of my cigarette and exhale the smoke. They said I was gifted with beauty, just a look from my innocent eyes and a smile from my lips could bring down a man to his knees. What an utterly pathetic word to describe someone so heinous. He assumed I was his mate, but what a surprise it turned out to be. Mate, a four letter word. Something I'd never given a second thought to. I'm not destined to find a soulmate. I've spent my entire life knowing how to kill, and that's how the Goddess sees me spending eternity. But things changed when he stumbled into my life.

His POV:

Growing up, all I knew was training, etiquette, manner, duties, kingdom, and mate. Mate, soulmate, someone created and predestined for me Someone who will fulfill me. A gift from the Goddess herself. My mother, the Queen, used to tell me how wonderful a mate was, and how wonderful life would be with my mate. As a child, I yearned for and fantasized about my mate. But as I grew older, my priority was to fulfill my responsibilities as the Alpha, to conquer what was rightfully mine, to take over my father's throne. My days were filled with duties, and my nights were filled with desire. I never considered waiting for the one when a century had passed. I was never denied any female's nectar, but things changed when she stumbled upon my land!

Please read this before you dig into the main story.

Hey my lovely reader

First of all, I'd like to thank you for choosing this story. I keep this story close to my heart. This is my original idea and my writing. If you find a story similar to this, it's just a coincidence. And before we proceed, I would like to warn you that this story had some dark content and the use of mature words.


- This book might have some triggering content, thus if you are not comfortable with such literature, please do not read it. You've been forewarned!

- In my novels, males are DOMINANT over females because their universe is structured in a certain way. Their world is extremely different from ours in terms of values and ethics. So don't compare them and accuse me of portraying abusive scenarios because I do my best to show animal behaviour and they will be rough and tough.

- In this book, the female protagonist is strong willed with a strong mind set to follow what she believes. It might seem sort of stupid or way too kind at times, but that's how she is. And she will submit to her mate at times. If you want to witness a female protagonist that is unrealistically 'always strong and never breaks,' please look elsewhere rather than leaving comments expressing your disappointment, hatred, and frustration. I don't want to read hate comments on my characters AT ALL.

- My protagonists are fully mature adults. NOT CHILDREN. If you want to see them always happy, never argue, and live in a fantasy world, this is not the book for you.

- You must be at least 16 years old to read this book; it is intended for adults rather than children.

- Constructive critique is welcome, but harsh comments will be removed!

- Please be respectful of other readers' opinions; there's no need to impose yours on them.

Chapter 01: The Reaper

Night had fallen fast upon the land. No more than an hour ago the sky was painted with hues of red, orange, and pink, but all color had faded leaving only a matt black canvas with no stars to be looked upon. The darkness was thick and even a torch won't light your path, you could hardly see your arm's length with the help of a torch. By this time of the night, the world had already fallen asleep. Only the chilly wind and she seems to be awake. She dashes through the forest's dense lairs of trees and bushes. The night was so quiet that you could hear the soft breeze but not her footsteps. She runs towards her destination in rhythm with the wind, as fast as the wind. Her steps are graceful, her steps are as soft, her presence is as true as the shadow, her existence is like that of prey hiding in the forest away from the predator's gaze. Even if she is present, no one can identify her; even if she runs past you, you will not notice her.

The number of trees g


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