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Pregnant And Rejected Omga

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What is left of a pregnant wolfless girl whose own father disowns her and exiles her from the pack and the kingdom two years after her mate rejected her? Not much, it would seem. Harlyn, however, travels for months before Alpha Wayne offers her a place to live; he's a strong alpha and helps Harlyn bring her up pups, Thorin, Lotta and Isaac. While Harlyn doesn't have the blessing of a wolf, she has the blessing of three strong pups. She returns home after eight years for her brother's wedding, and everything thinks she is doing great; her father still hates her, but people are shocked to find out she is engaged to an alpha. Only her mate, the king, who had rejected her, quickly realises that the Alpha Harlyn has fallen in love with is, in fact, out for revenge, and Harlyn is blinded by magic and unable to see the truth. Will King Stefan save her and his pups in time, or will Alpha Wayne and his dark magic win?



I came to the palace to see Prince Stefan, but Princess Lucy intercepted me at the door and dragged me through to her chambers. I didn’t have the heart to tell her I didn’t come to see her. She just assumed I had come to see her for my birthday, and I also didn’t have the confidence to tell her the real reason behind my visit. I wasn’t entirely sure how today would end, and I didn’t want to tell her that I had recently found out her brother, the prince, was my mate.

So, I’ve sat here for an hour, listening to her talking away to me about things, and I know I need to leave. In a way, I’m using Princess Lucy as a wall to avoid doing what I planned.

“Your Highness.” I hug her slightly. “I need to leave. As you know, it’s my Mother’s birthday as well.” I curtsy her, and she nods in return.

“You take care, Harlyn, happy 16th birthday!” She hugs me briefly before stepping back and finally allowing me to escape her. As I close the door to her chambers, I make my way to the prince’s, worry building within me as I step into the hallway.

Stopping at his door, I knock, and despite me knocking softly, the sound echoes around the hall. I hear Prince Stefan’s voice call out, giving me permission to enter. I hadn’t considered this. Summoning all my strength, I push open the door and stumble as I do, almost falling, but luckily I steady myself.

Price Stefan’s gaze lands on me for a few seconds before he averts his eyes. His demeanour already shows he’s impatient and annoyed with me. He’s always the same when I am near him. He’s eager to get me away, like he hates me or is scared to have me too close.

“What is it, Wretch?” he snaps his words at me, and my mouth opens to speak, but I stumble over my own words. His anger seems to be growing the longer I’m here, and that makes it impossible for me to talk.

“Oh, for God’s Sake! Spit it out, or just tell my sister to come herself.” Prince Stefan demands, and his frustration seems to only rise while I am here struggling to talk. It would be easier if he didn’t instantly start shouting at me.

“D-did you know?” I ask, but I stammer, which only seems to annoy him more. It’s a stupid question. Of course, he knows. How wouldn’t he know? He’s eighteen, so two years older than me, he knew before me.

“Know what?” he barks, getting annoyed at me more. I know I should have just asked him the entire question. “Hurry up, I’m busy.” The loudness of his voice shocks me, and I jump, my nerves increasing with every second that passes.

“That w-were mates. That we’re destined to be together?” I stutter my words and watch as he rises from his seat to walk towards me. My body steps back as he approaches. His anger somehow seems to radiate from within him.

“We’re not mates,” he retorts, his words venomous. I watch as his gaze rakes across my body in disgust. “Do you really think that me, a prince, would accept a wolfless, weakened, ugly duckling like you?” he growls, and I step back again, my back hitting the wall.

He can’t ignore this, it’s now allowed.

“It’s the Moon Goddess’s blessing and wish Your Highness; it must be followed through with,” I protest. He can’t deny the mating bond. No matter how much he wants to, it isn’t allowed. People won’t agree with him ignoring it.

He grips my neck, forcing my body to stay pinned against the wall. He steps closer, ensuring his face is within mine.

“Blessing?” he laughs mockingly. “Who would see you as a blessing, Wretch? Not even the Earl does.” His words hit me hard, and I fight back the tears. He knows the rules. He knows he can’t just pretend this isn’t real.

“Your Highness, it’s what the Moon Goddess wished for,” I whisper. “She chose us to be mates. She chose me as your future queen.” Why can’t he understand that if there are two things, this kingdom is strict about bonds and mates? Especially when it comes to royalty, the people believe that whoever the mate is should be as it’s a sign from the Moon Goddess.

“You will never be my mate!” His words are shouted, and he leans in closer. “I, Prince Stefan of the Darksun Pack, rejected you, wolfless, Harlyn Richmose of the Darkmore Pack,” he declares. I watch as he opens the door. “You do not tell anyone about this, ever. We were never mates. I was never your mate, Wretch. Believe me, you don’t want anyone else to know!” He shouts his words at me.

He can’t possibly mean that! “Your Highness if…” His hand clamps over my mouth and silences me.

“God’s sake, shut up! The Moon Goddess got it wrong. Believe me, even they won’t care that I rejected you. Stay away from me. I mean it!” He shouts and pushes me out of the room. Without a second look at me, he slams his door shut, and I fall down against the door.

I expected some sort of resistance but not for him to reject me. Standing, I rush out of the palace and run through the gardens. His cruel words seem to only attack themselves more as I try to run from his rejection. I still don’t understand why he hates me so much.

I’ve noticed whenever we’re close, he avoids me, he pushes me away, and if I try to speak to him, he uses vile words to hurt me and push me away. Still, there is no reason for his hatred toward me. I can’t think of anything I have done to hurt or cause him to hate me.

Sitting on a fallen tree, I consider what just happened. I thought he would accept me, and then my Father wouldn’t hate me so much. I know that not having a wolf makes my Father see me as weak and worthless. Still, I honestly thought that the prince accepting me as his mate would make my Father see that I’m not just the wolfless daughter he sees me as.

It won’t happen now that Prince Stefan has rejected me, just like my Father always said to me. You will be lucky to ever find a mate who will accept you when you are void of the very thing that makes us werewolves.

The wolf.

Fathers Hate


I’m unsure of how long I hide away in the garden, just to give myself time to process the rejection from Prince Stefan before I gather my courage and begin walking back through the gardens towards the manor. My eyes go to the palace briefly before I try to push Prince Stefan out of my mind.

I’m still shocked that he rejected me so easily. For him, the bond and us being mates made no difference in his eyes. So many see the bond and mates as a blessing, a path that needs to be followed, but he didn’t. He seems to think the Moon Goddess made a mistake and won’t care that he rejected me.

Surely they will. After all, bonds and mates aren’t something to be ignored or fooled about with. They are sacred and special. As I get nearer to the manor, I begin to slow my steps, feeling the anger and hate flood from inside. I already know right now that my Father is going to shout at me. I’m not sure what for, as I’ve done nothing wrong today but it

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