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My Nerd Mate

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"Realizing she didn't want him was the toughest thing he needed to overcome. How could he let his mate be? Even if he hadn't fallen for her, could he just neglect her and find someone else? What was he to do?" Aurora, swore never to have a mate when her grandmother told her she will die just the same way her mother died because of her mate. Every year on her birthday, Aurora visits the spring to say her wish (I wish not to have a mate!) When she turned twenty-one, she went to the spring as usual and this time, Sage was passing by and he happened to be the mate she never wished for. He fell for her beauty knowing she was his mate but when he heard her wish, he left in bitterness. Why would Aurora die when she meets her mate? What happens when she finds out the person she decided to mate with was actually her mate?

Chapter 1 (Wolf Fighter)

It was midday and the ruffling of scrub could be heard through the entire woodland as wolf fighters raced to their pack boundary. They had been notified about the rogues that had come to disturb the serenity of the pack. They howled, making a long, loud cry expressing anger. The howling creak like the sound of wounded animals whose blood spurted from the gash.

Taking the lead was Aurora's wolf. Her wolf scooted as she gave a lengthy distance from the shifters, indicating she was faster than them.

Apart from her speed, she was also a wolf tracker prompting her to earn the leader of the wolf fighters. Although her wolf was a little bit fragile and wasn't as strong as the male shifters, one could tell she was brave and so was her wolf.

Getting to the border of their pack, they stopped at their track when they felt the presence of the rogues. Aurora roared and the rest did the very thing since they couldn't catch sight of rogues, only their scent.

"Stay put." Aurora mind-linked her adherents and they all gathered, surrounding her, while they walked gradually to the end of the border. "I can smell them, make a ring circle!" She commanded and they did as told. They made the ring circle and Aurora was left to meander around the circle, trying to get a stronger feel of the whiff she was sniffing.

Just about time, a rogue jumped out from his hiding position and the rest did the same. They came out in circles, surrounding the rest of the shifters. He made his first attack on Aurora's wolf who was already fully prepared. He nudged on her neck but she was fast enough to scuff his face with her claws. Not giving him a chance to regain his stance, she clenched tightly on his fur and made a straight stance on her paws before dragging him harshly to do the same while he struggled under her grip since her long claws tingled into his fur. Within a few seconds, she'd taken her canines down to his neck and dug into it.

He roared with other shifters that had been stung just like him and fought with his claws to release Aurora's clasp on him. Nevertheless, Aurora wouldn't give in to him. She was yearning to make brutal damage to him since they had always been warned, him and his groups. They were always the same rogues coming to disturb the pack and she has always taken pity on them when a fight erupts but it was the opposite for them at the moment as Aurora was already tense with their games.

She bit on his core again and he dropped down to the floor, vulnerable. Aurora wolf roared when another attacked her from the back. The rogue had torn her fur with its claws and blood was oozing out from the injury. She turned immediately to attack it but a tall dark brown wolf who seemed to have been watching her fight was already biting down the rogue.

Aurora's wound healed almost immediately while she stood to watch the wolves in a vicious fight. She calculated with her eyes how many rogues there were and she was able to count twelve of them but she wasn't sure since some of them were already brought down. She howled again and her voice echoed throughout the entire forest.

Some minutes later, the sound of the wolves had stopped, only arduous breathing could be heard as some wolves were already strangled to death while others were fighting for their last breath.

Aurora moved through them as she began to inspect if her pack shifters had been hurt. Thankfully, none of them was hurt since they were more than the rogues and had made a great collaboration in winning the rogues. Aurora was satisfied.

"Bring them to the dungeon, they had been bothering us for too long." She ordered through the mind-linking and the shifters roared in agreement. She veered to the dark brown wolf who was now a few meters away, his body stained with so much blood looking like he had been hurt yet, he wasn't, he just seems to have killed most of the rogues.

"Good job, Fennick." She applauded, while he wiggled his tail. "You're a jerk, let's head home." She told him and beckoned to the rest to leave. Soon they were out for a run, this time, earning their way home.

She got back to her cottage located beside the pack building, still in her wolf, and went through the back garden into the garage. The garage was where she always made her shift either when she was going out in her wolf form or when she needed to change back to human. The garage was well-designed and clean since not only cars were in it, but a wardrobe full of wear was neatly placed in a corner.

She shifted back, put on a simple dress, and made her way up the stairs that led to the main house. The first thing that welcomed her was the aroma of fresh meat filling her nose and she sniffled in desire. It has been a long day for her and she hasn't had enough time to eat.

She carried her legs down to the sitting room and down to the kitchen.

"Mrs Sora Horatio must be tired now." She teased her grandmother who had perceived her scent the moment she walked into the cottage.

"And you must have been happy to finally do as you please, Rora." Mrs Sora conveyed and Aurora laughed at her gesture.

She strode to Sora and stood beside her grandmother watching how she sliced the meat into chunks. "This is how we were able to defeat those rogues." She explained, collecting the blade from her grandmother, crashing on the meat, and in seconds she was done.

"Very good, wolf fighter." Mrs Sora mocked.

She tugged the pieces of meat into the available clean pot and added water with other necessary ingredients before placing it on the gas.

"I know you would have gotten injured." Mrs Sora mumbled

"A little granny but Fennick took revenge on him."

"Revenge, you say."

Unknowingly, Aurora moved beside the oven and the scent that filled her nose made her chuckle. She galloped over to her grandmother and gave her a back hug. "I love you, Mrs Sora!" She blurted.

"I know you do but I have no idea why you won't listen to me."

"I never imagined getting a cake for my present this birthday since you told me you don't know how to prepare it again."

Mrs Sora didn't make a statement and Aurora knew she had lied to her.

"I told you to teach me how to make and decorate cakes but Mrs Sora, you're so mean to me." Aurora pouted and loosened her grip on Sora.

"Said by the naughty daughter of mine who wouldn't listen to me." Sora bellowed.

Aurora cringed. She has no idea why her grandmother kept stating that she didn't listen to her. Sora knew she was the leader of the wolf fighters and must fulfil her duties. "Granny, you know I always want to listen to you."

"I know, darling," Sora said and turned to her. "But your birthday is up by tomorrow, you can't just go around, injuring yourself."

Aurora scoffed. "It's my duty."

"Fine, do as you please," Sora said and moved to check out the pattie.

She brought it out and placed it on the kitchen counter to cool off. Aurora reached to snip a piece of cake by the side when Sora hit her hands away.

"Granny!" She yelled, stomping her feet on the floor, "The cake is mine."

"Oh, sorry dear but I've decided to make it a feast, not your birthday anymore."

"You are not going to do that." Aurora conveyed knowing fully well her grandmother was always serious with her statements.

"I bet, I will."

Author's Note: Kindly support my book with your votes and comments. Cheers!

Chapter 2 (A Wish)

It was an hour before midnight and Aurora had just finished wearing down her dinner since she and her grandmother had made sure they designed her birthday cake in a glamorous layout to indicate her twenty-first birthday. She looked across the dining table to see Fennick engrossed in playing games while he dipped into a burger beside him. He had been in her cottage for the past an hour, helping them out with gifts and decorations.

That had always been her birthday routine every year and she had always had fun. She stood up from her harness and strolled to the sitting room to meet her best friend.

"It's almost midnight," Fennick uttered sniffing her beside him, his gaze on the motor game he was playing.

"I know, I need to rest a little bit." She conveyed hugging the couch pillow to her chest.

Fennick stole her glance and returned to his game. "This is your first time complaining on the night of your birthday. What's up with yo


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