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My monstrous obsessive alpha

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" You are mine love, Accept this truth you are bounded to be with me, the sooner you accept it the better it will be for the both of us. " I don't love you, Mr. Bernard Howard, please just let me go please " He knelt in front of me and held my face in his arm " Listen to me Olivia and listen real good I want you, you are my mate my long lost mate, so stop fighting it. ' You call this love, this is obsession not love. I only had a one-night stand with you, and now you are holding me here against my will, let me go " " Hahaha ..his laughter echoed in the dark room, suddenly his smile disappeared and he whispered into my ears. " You are mine Olivia " Tears kept flowing down my eyes, I kept asking myself the same question over and over again. How the hell did I get to this point? Olivia Hemsworth a 22years old beautiful girl, Who was desperate to get money for her father's treatment was left with no option but to sell her virginity, she fell into the hands of an obsessive monster Bernard Howard An alpha of the moonlight pack and also the owner of a multi-billionaire business empire in the human world.

Chapter 1

He sat on his king-sized chair admiring the beautiful woman standing in front of him, her skin glowing with the reflection of the moonlight.

He Stood up and walked up to her with both hands in his trouser pocket.

"What's your name, beautiful one?"

"Olivia sir."

With the way she responded to him, one could tell that she was nervous. Olivia on the other hand was having a second thoughts on the decision she had just made, to give her virginity to a stranger just because she was desperate to save her father's life.

"Look at me, Olivia." His deep calm voice echoed across the room, Olivia who had been standing in front of him with her both fingers intertwined together, raised her head and looked into his eyes.

She felt a wave of lust building up inside of her. "This is a stranger," she thought, chiding herself.

The handsome young man who was trying to hold back the beast in him took a few steps forward and caressed her hair.

"Don't be scared. I promise I won't bite you," he whispered into her ears, but his body, his soul was longing to claim her as his mate.

He rushed over to where she stood impatiently. He grabbed her by the waist slowly and pulled her closer before kissing her on the lips. It tasted like mint at first because he just gave her a peg on the lips to see her reaction and if he should continue or stop.

But to his widest surprise, she didn't even budge, there was a little bit of lust in her eyes that sent this tingling feeling down his chest. It felt like the beast inside of him was unleashed.

He pulled her closer as both her chest were intimately close, he bent his head slowly enjoying the tension in the air before placing his lips on hers, since it was her first he decided to go slow.

He grabbed her upper lips slowly and then next to the lower lip with his mouth slowly, letting her adjust to the pace.

The more he tasted her lips the sweeter they became, it was like he could taste flavors in her sweet lips. He kept on doing that for a little while before inserting his tongue slowly.

He thought she'd push him backward but she didn't, rather she place her arms around his neck and drew him closer. This singular act made him want to bind his soul to her. He had been searching for her for a very long time, and who could have thought that his mate will be the girl his suppose to have a one-night stand?

Bernard inserted his tongue deeper into her mouth slowly, letting her s*ck on it. The tension in the air became palpable, as he then raised his hands and started tracing every inch of her body.

She drew him closer as a sign that she wanted more. This made him feel the beast in him grow more restless, and the evidence of his arousal soon protruded his pants.

He moved his tongue deeper inside her mouth ravaging all the sanity she had left, suckling on her lips too and fro, making her beg for more. He moved his lip down to her cheek placing soft kisses on it and then down to her neck, kissing every inch of her jawline down to her shoulders. Deep in his heart, he knew he wasn't going to let her go. She was destined to be by his side, and to rule his pack with him.

A few moans escaped her lips, which made him want to do more. He wasn't don't yet, he told himself inwardly.

Their room was quiet and the moonlight stunned bright across the glass window making it perfect for a lover's night.

Bernard lifted her from the ground slowly, bridal style.

And slowly, he placed her on the bed and stared deeply into her eyes with pure lust and desire.

The beast in him kept whispering into his ears. "She's your claim her as your mate, she's yours! Claim her now!"

He climbed on the bed slowly and lay her down nicely. She was still holding on to his shoulder before she let go slowly. Bernard immediately took off his shirt and dropped them on the floor before facing the Goddess that was now lying selectively on the bed.

He got on her and kissed her lips more and more making her beg for every inch of it, but that was not enough. As the tension skyrocketed he used eye movement to tell her what he was going to do next and her body followed. He took off her ripped of her gown and slowly kissing every inch of her skin. Olivia on the other hand couldn't process what was going on. She wasn't supposed to be enjoying this. She was doing this out of desperation to save her father's life, but look she almost dying of pleasure. "Why am I feeling this way?" She asked herself.

When Bernard came across her panties, he thought of tearing them apart but that would be rude since it was their first time and he wanted to savor every taste and feel of it.

He dropped her, removed her pants and placed them on the bedside and got on top of her again kissing her shoulder down to her n*ppl*s slowly.

She moaned in pleasure. With every single touch from the masked man, it felt so good. Olivia had no idea about how s*x felt like because it was her first time but from what her friends told her, it was supposed to be painful. So, why was she having this unquenchable desire for this man?

She was lost in her world of imagination when suddenly Bernard whispered into her ears.

"Are you ready for me?"

She nodded her head in response. She had every reason to back out, but at this point, she couldn't because she had got too far to turn back.

He positioned his membrane at her entrance, and suddenly Olivia stopped him.

"Wait., can I see the face of the man I am giving my virginity to?"

She couldn't see his face, but with the expression he had, one could tell he was smiling.

"There will be no need for that, because you will be seeing me every day, every hour, every minute, and second of your life, my sweet girl."

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Olivia POV.

"Huh? I think this man isn't okay because, after tonight, I wish never to see him again," Olivia murmured to herself.

The masked man continued to stroke her nipples, and she felt the pressure building in between her legs. It increased with every passing moment, with her stroke of his hot tongue against her nipples, and with every searing kiss.

He claimed it on her, but this time in between her thighs, he then used his groin to rub the outside part of her cherry slowly, before sliding it slowly.

It was very tight and he could also see how she winced in pain a little, So he did it slowly, murmuring pleasing words in her ears as he did, all to make her adjust to his size.

When he had pushed in fully, he started moving his thigh front and back slowly. Then he kissed her neck. His fangs grew longer, and he sank his fang into her neck, marking her as his mate.

She held the sheets tightly, st


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