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Meet Selena a naive little human girl who is always being abused by her parents and knows nothing about wolves but was claimed by an Alpha who holds a lot of grudge against the humans for Killing his former mate and also thinks Selena is too weak to be his mate. Will Selena become strong and probe the Alpha wrong? Would Selena be able to make the Alpha finally like accept her as his Luna? Will the Alpha finally settle scores with humans, through his mate? A newfound truth about Selena will be revealed, what do you think it's gonna be?


"You b*tch! Where the f*ck were you all this time and why is our food not ready?

"You foolish child, can't you just do things at the right time!

You can see him standing with his wife and son in the living room as he yelled at a small shaking figure in front of him.

"Can't you speak? you moron! He screamed again.

But, the little shaking figure was too scared to say anything, she knows if she says anything she might make him angrier all she has to do was to wait to get hit just like every other day.

He went close to her and before she knew it, he smack her across the face and kicked her on her abdomen. The girl screamed but no one was there to save her. Her mum and brother always ignore it anytime her dad hit her. Scratch that they all abuse her, it has always been like that. Get beaten for any little thing and also for what is not her fault.

Welcome to the world of the Daniels, they are back to their normal daily routine. A family of four. The father, mother, and their two kids. A boy of Twenty-one years old and a girl of nineteen years old.

"Dad, I am so sorry, my boss increased my shift by two more hours cause I mistakenly splash coffee on someone. I will go make it now." She replied painfully, rushing to the kitchen so she won't receive another beating of her life but she was wrong this was just the beginning he continued hitting and kicking her till she began to spit out blood. She just continues begging for mercy in the hands of the person she called a father but he wasn't ready to listen.

Well her name is Selena Daniel, a nineteen years old girl, she has always been abused since she was five what just happened to her a few minutes ago is little compared to what has always happened to her so she is used to it.

She has promised to continue bearing the pains given to her till she can move out. She has been gathering the money she receives from her per time jobs. She works in different places, but she didn't allow her family to know that.

She knows if that happens, she won't be able to do so anymore. She finished high school not quite long. She has always been a quiet girl, she doesn't have a friend throughout her high school life and she never tried to cause, if her family knows she talks to anyone in school, she's gonna be in big trouble so to avoid it she doesn't.

They have a reputation to protect so they can't allow anyone knows about what is going on behind their doors.

She was called the school mute throughout her high school life. Some students she ignored when they tried to make friends with her later became her worst nightmare. They think cause she is proud that's why she keeps ignoring them. Her high school life was not an easy one but she still managed to scrape through.

Her dad is a well-known Medical Lab Scientist in City X and her mom is also a well-known Model. Despite them being rich, Selena still does per time job to fend for herself, they never made the world know they have a daughter, so they turned her into the maid in the house. They made her do different types of work even though she is just a nineteen years old girl.

They didn't want her to go to college or university cause they think it's gonna be a waste of cash and a disadvantage to them.

But with her being a girl with determination, she promised herself she is gonna move out of the hell known as a house and go to the university to study her dream course.

Still holding her tummy and spitting out blood she ran to the kitchen to quickly make the food asked by her parents. She knows there is not much time for her so she made easy fast food so she won't stay long.

Not long after the food was ready and she quickly went to arrange the food for the dining. She went to her parents and brother to tell them the food was ready and ran back to the kitchen to clean the little mess she made while cooking. If her mum steps into the kitchen and notices a single stain, she will be so dead.

After she was done cleaning the kitchen, she used the opportunity of them being in the dining to go clean up their rooms including her brother's. She took their dirty clothes to the laundry and washed them, minutes after she went back to the dining room to pack their dirty dishes up and go wash them. By the time she was done doing all those things, doing those things wasn't easy for her cause she was feeling a lot of pain, but she couldn't avoid it because she going to put herself in more trouble if she doesn't do it.

It was already 2 am, she just had three more hours to sleep, so for her not to waste much time she quickly went to her room to have her sleep.

Her room is behind the mansion, a Little room with a bad rooftop, bad door, and little mattress, the floor isn't even covered with carpet. She always prays there shouldn't be rainfall else she won't be having a good sleep for a whole week. If care is not taken she can be attacked in her room. But since it is inside their compound, it's kind of safe for her to live there.

Getting to her room she took off her blood-stained clothes and had a cold bath to rinse off her blood-stained body. She wince as she had her bath. When she came out of her bathroom she did some dressing on her wounds put on new clothes and slept off.


"Dad! I am sorry, it won't happen ever again I promise not to do so again," I begged for him not to hurt me.

"You b*tch, it will be better if you never came into my life it won't be this messed up." He yelled at me still pointing a silver gun at me.

His life is a mess? For crying out loud I haven't for once disturb him to get me the necessary things I need, I work per time job to fend for myself. Apart from paying my fees in high school he never does anything else for me. Then how the heck did I mess up his life?

"Dad please I am sorry," I begged him still wailing.

"Everything will go back to normal if you are no more in the picture." He said again pulling the trigger. I waited for it to get through me and made me end this useless life I have been living.


I screamed, Thank Goodness it was just a nightmare. I do have it all the time so I am used to it. I checked the time and it was already fifteen minutes past five. I don't have much time left.

I quickly rushed to the mansion before they are up, if I don't do so fast I am gonna be in deep trouble. Getting to the mansion I dashed to the kitchen to make their breakfast.

A few minutes later I heard someone come down the stairs. I dare not look back. So I continued doing my chores.

"B*tch where is my blue shirt?" I heard my brother ask me. Oh God, I just wash it yesterday I am so dead.

"It isn't dried yet," I told him indirectly, I know this isn't gonna end here this morning.

"What the f*ck does that mean?" He asked me furiously dashing towards me. Oh my, I am so dead he is not gonna take it likely with me. I tried to run past him but with the pain, I am still feeling from yesterday's beating I couldn't do so and he was also close to me already.

Before I knew it he pushed me against the wall and kicked me, I know I couldn't escape it anymore so I just covered my face and continued receiving the hits. I didn't scream or make a sound. I promised myself not to ever cry in front of them anymore. They don't deserve to see my tears.

He continued kicking and punching me till he was stopped by mum.

"It's enough James you don't want her to die in our house do you? She asked picking her nails. People do say no matter what your mum is gonna stand by you and protect you. But my mum is the exact opposite of that.

"She is just a b*tch mum I can't let her go that way! Imagine she just wash the shirt I planned to wear today." He yelled still kicking me with every opportunity he gets.

"Just let her go dear, don't waste your time on the tramp. You can go take my credit card and get a new shirt my prince" Mum said, which made him stop hitting me and went to hug her happily.

"Thanks, mum, you are the best," He said while hugging her. He threw me one more glare before leaving.

"B*tch where is our food?" Mum asked me glaring at me with her green eyeballs, Apart from the same eye color I share with mum, I look nothing like any of them. She has blonde hair and tanned skin while dad has brown hair and fair skin, James has dad brown eyes and brown hair.

While I have pale skin and ginger red hair, just like grandma. I love my grandmum so much, she gets me anything I need as she pampered me a lot, I remember how I would cause a lot of scenes and throw tantrums if she doesn't get me what I want.

I have always known my parents don't love me since I was three years old but my grandma would tell me they love me and that they were going through some things why they behave coldly toward me.

I lived with her till she passed away. She died when I was five, I could recall vividly that my parents started abusing me the night my grandmum passed away. I hate them so much.

I was in the room still crying about my grandma's death when mum came into my room and screamed at me to stop crying I should pack my things that I was going to start living with them from that day. When I refused my dad slapped me hard that I saw stars that day. I first thought my dad hit me because I did something bad. But no it wasn't it has continued from that day onward they hit me for any little mistakes and sometimes for no reason at all.

"It's in the dining room," I told her trying to stand. She didn't look at me for one second before going to the dining. I wince in pain.

I quickly finish my chores for the day and dash to my little comfort zone outside the mansion. I couldn't wait for more beating. If my dad also meets me downstairs he is going to find one thing or there other to beat me. I got to my room and quickly clean my wound, dress up, and went to my place of work.

On my way there I felt my stomach, rumble d*mn it I forget to take my breakfast. I will take some when I get to the coffee shop.

I work in a coffee shop for the first five hours, then I go to the library where I always spend four hours then I go to my last per time job where I deliver pizzas to different houses. My parents only know I work in the coffee shop. And I would like to keep it that way.


"Boo!" I heard someone scream behind me. He was expecting me to freak out but I didn't, I just stare at him weirdly and walk inside the cafe.

"For once Selena, try to pretend as if you are shocked, or should I say try to reply to humans when we talk to you," Jason said to me, he has been trying to make me talk to him. But I don't. He even does different things to make me talk to him. I just left him standing there and went to change my dress.

And I slipped. I wince not because I fell down but because my bruised part touched the ground.

"Yay, and the freak is back." I heard cheers. I stood up from the ground, clean my worn-out dress, and went to the closet to change it. It has become a norm to me. Beatrice and Jenny always do all sorts of things to hurt me because Jason talks to me only. Well, I don't mind since I am always abused at home I no longer see it as pain.

I changed my dress to the cafe wear still putting


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