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What happens when a drug addicted usually horny reporter goes undercover as a student in a town full of magic, wolves and every other supernatural… Trivia Bells a young lady with no ties to her family works in a news company, she gets transferred as ordered by the direct boss to work undercover as a student in a town named Theed as rumors go by the town has actually more secretive than it is. She gets cut off by her drug supplier and with only a few pills left she takes on her journey to the town, however an unmated alpha who had been in love with his step sister forever, remains uptight with his hatred for humans, he clashes into trivia and sets up sparks he had never experienced before, trivia however had taken a liking to his best friend… an hybrid and his step sister had gotten smitten by trivias beauty. However her past, her true self, her parents, her origins and every other thing related to her existence all lays within the town, two siblings in love with the same girl, a best buddy betraying the trust of his friend and a horny drug addict off the pills with no knowledge of the secrets the town hold and what it has in stock for her and the hidden secrets of the town…

Cut off by the supplier


"What do you mean?" I asked into the phone, my teeth clenched as I tapped nervously against my counter.

"You've been transferred; that's all I know. You should check your phone; a mail should have gotten in by now," Claire, the only friend I had, responded to the phone.

"Thanks, I will." 

With a loud sigh, I kicked against the chair before slumping into it. I worked my *ss off today; my knees curled up to my chest as I scrolled through the content of my phone and opened my mail. I muttered a few words of prayer, and there it was.

A letter that I had been transferred to some town named Theed—I mean, where the hell does that fit? Instantly, I googled it, but there's not much to it—some shabby lakes, boring stuff about their new high school—apparently they did have some sightseeing about nature.

I rolled my eyes in my head before throwing my phone right beside me. I strutted up at the counter, poured myself a glass of beer, and straight away gulped down the whole content.

My life as a reporter was nothing but an absolute failure—a bloody mess. I graduated from school, and just like everyone else, I had bright dreams of being young, getting a high-paying job quickly, and setting down. However, I really got screwed over to have thought that far.

Job after job I searched for and got none; eventually, I ended up settling as a reporter for a small and shabby company, which actually did well. The pay was nothing more than to sustain my daily living, but I'll pass well.

However, news came today that a transfer was to be made, and each one in the office dreaded being chosen. Just like every ill luck I met, I ended up being the one, only that it's a negative phrase for me.

I yawned lazily before heading towards my room. I took a quick shower before wiggling into a different set of clothes. I felt a heavy bang right in my head, my pupils dilated, and my senses got all jumbled up as I walked towards the door, knowing what came next. Hastily, I stormed towards my cabinet in search of the pills, but all I found was an empty container, much to my dismay.

"F*ck," I whisper with shaky hands, wriggled into a mini gown just inches past my thighs. Sl*t back down to my lower waste with low levels to match.

I tripped hard against the stairs, stumbled forward, and almost fell. I was getting worse.

"D*mn it!" I cursed at no one in particular before running down the stairs. The hailed cab headed down to Single Rex, the only clubhouse with nasty people, and I fitted in perfectly. 

Highlighting from the cab, I can already hear the whispers, the voices in my head, and the flashes of several images of people whom I have no recognition of. With blurry eyes and a light head, I made my way through the crowd before heading on to his office.

"Joe," I called out, throwing my arms over his neck as the voices in my head increased.

"Easy, love, your pills, right?" He asked, and I nodded slowly, my hands still curved around his neck, knowing well that he''s the only thing that helps me keep my balance.

"The stuff; bring some for me," he ordered a guard who stood by the door. Joe eased me up into the chair, and then a high-pitched noise went off in my head. I let out a light screech, hating that part of me.

"Hey honey, easy, okay, I don't want news going about that a reporter had gone crazy in my clubhouse," he chirped in. I bit down on my lip so much that it drew blood while I tried hard to muffle my screams.

He tossed a pack to me, and I immediately took four of the pills, downing them before Joe offered me a drink. I held my silence for two minutes, and everything seemed to have returned to its normal way.

"You seemed really messed up, love," he muttered to me. He seemed to watch me from the corner of his eyes rather than gaze at me like he usually did.

"I'm sorry, I just could not find any left. In the room, I panicked; I threw a fuss, and this happened," I explained hastily. Something seemed to be off; usually he was the type to tease me around.

"I need to tell you something, about the pills," I added, thinking of the best way to lay the words down.

"Yeah, me too!"

I bent my head slowly to the right and gestured that he speak first.

"I need to stop giving you this pill trivia; you seem to be pretty f*ck*d *p; it is not helping you; it's only killing you, and usually I sell my stuff and shut the hell up, but you are one lovely lady; you need treatment, not some whacky pills; you are going crazy," Joe explained, and I got plunged into darkness immediately.

"No, you can't do this to me; I need them; I'll be moving tomorrow; I need more than this... I'll double the pay. No, I'll triple it." I pleaded with him, but he held his silence.

"What the hell do you want? Anything, just anything, I'll give it up. I pleaded once again, but he said nothing and stared down at me like I was some pity project.

"Keep the pay for this one; let's say it's our parting gift; go get yourself treated first; take her out," he ordered another guard of his pullsled. me by the arms.

"no! Joe… You can't do this to me, please! Anything you want, but please don't cut me off." I plead, but he doesn't listen. 

"I'm doing this because I consider you a friend trivia, and I'm hoping this will be the last time I'll ever see you," he added in, glanced up to his guards. "Don't ever let her in my office again, not for any reason. What are you waiting for? I said, Drag her out!" he yelled.

"Joe, please. You can't do this to me!"

Strange occurrences


Slowly, I glanced down from the window with a heavy heart and confused mind, worried at the gravity of my decisions and the future of my pack. As an alpha, the safety of my pack comes first, but I could not help but think I was letting my emotions get the best of me. The sky had gotten dark out, the clouds had gathered, and thunder struck constantly.

"It's going to rain soon," a voice called as soon as the doors were pushed open.

A smile creeped up the corner of my lips as she walked up to me. Her blue eyes stared into mine as jolts of electricity ran down my spine. While I watched as she bit down on her lips subconsciously as a habit that had formed in her, I gulped hard, trying to take control of myself.

"It is, and I've really got to get going," I answered. She pulled closer to me before reaching for my cheeks, pinching on them slightly before ruffling my hair with her hands.

"Be nice to them; father would have wanted this, you know?" Her


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