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Lycan Witch: Moonlit

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Envy never imagined that being rejected by her mate, the newly appointed alpha of the Night Walker pack Jared Blackstone, would lead her to the Lycan Alpha King or that she would discover an ancient power that lies dormant in her blood. When her life, her love, and her world is at stake, will she rise to the occasion and become the Lycan King's Luna or will she allow heartache and betrayal end it all?

Chapter 1

Chapter One: Moonlit Enigma

In the heralding Kingdom of Eldoria, several wolf-packs exist. Each one a testament to its own prestige and yet all contained under the Lycan King's rule. 

Jasper Whitlock, the Lycan King, sat on the terrace of his bedchambers. Orion, his wolf was incensed by the latest betrayal. Jasper was hurt, his eyes a portal to the storm of emotions within him. As he gazed up at the moon he sent a plea to the Moon Goddess, Selene. 

"Please, Moon Goddess, by your grace, I shall weather this trial. I know my one true mate is out there somewhere, I know she exists. I will find her." 

The door to his bedchambers opened and he turned to meet his Beta, Daniel. 

"I have removed Helena from the castle grounds. She is aware she is not welcome here. Thank you for not turning her rogue. I don't believe my father could have handled that in his current condition." Daniel said softly.

Jasper sighed as he nodded in acknowledgement, pausing before speaking. "I do not wish her to suffer as her lover will. I care for your sister, Daniel, but I cannot overlook her betrayal." Even the thought of Helena, the woman he had loved since his youth, sent an ache to his chest. 

Daniel, in an attempt to soothe not only his Alpha and King, but his best friend since he could remember, swiftly changed the subject. "Night Walker pack is crowning their Alpha heir, Jared, at the end of the next week. We should prepare our travel there so that we can acknowledge him." 

Jasper broke eye contact as he looked up to the moon once more. Orion, using the celestial connect between jasper and himself, spoke quietly. "I feel the threads of destiny pulling against us. Whatever may lay on our path to our mate, we must still act as the king we are." 

Jasper looked back to Daniel and was grateful to his friend and his wolf in that moment. Helena's betrayal ran deep, the hurt threatening to consume him. Jasper knew, despite himself, that they were only trying to help him. "I look forward to the coronation of a new Alpha. Please inform Grayson and Gabriel that I wish for them to travel with us. Also, invite their sister, Greer. I have use of her on this trip."

Daniel nodded and bowed to his Alpha King before turning and exiting. Jasper sighed as his attention turned back to the moon once more. His plea was heard by the Moon Goddess and as Selene manipulated the celestial threads of destiny, Jasper prepared for bed.


In his state of unconsciousness, Jasper dreamed of an unknown woman. Though her features remained hidden to him, two things were very noticeable, red hair that shone like liquid fire and the most beautiful laugh he ever heard.

Awakening from his slumber, bewildered, and covered in sweat, Jasper dressed for the day. He had not slept soundly due to the dream. He could not consider the dream a nightmare, but more of a glimpse of something to come. As he finished dressing, he reached out internally to his wolf through their connection.

"I do not know who that woman is." Orion stated and quickly closed their bond. Jasper, understanding that Orion was healing alongside him from Helena's actions, sighed softly and made his way to the dining hall to break his fast. 

His heartbeat, escalated by his bizarre dream, continued to race as he dined. He had to find the woman in his dream. Though he did not know what she looked like, he knew she was important. 

As Jasper slowly recounted his dream to his uncle and Beta, they both grew worrisome. Emmett unable to keep things from his nephew, spoke of an old story that told of the legendary Alpha Queen. "It was said that she possessed Fiery red hair, and her wolf was said to be the original companion of the Moon Goddess herself."

Jasper and Daniel both glanced at Jasper's uncle Emmett in bewilderment. Jasper, aware of the plea he had sent the Moon Goddess, responded indifferently. "I believe it was just a dream, Uncle. I have been through quite enough lately. Maybe my body is telling me I need rest." 

Emmet was not convinced that it was just a dream. Keeping his tongue, he acknowledged Jasper's word with a nod. The trio dined quietly for a few moments before Daniel broke the silence. 

"I have prepared all of our travels to Night Walker and sent a courier with the missive of your arrival. Grayson and Gabriel are more than ready to accompany us, though Greer has questioned why she is to come with."

Jasper swallowed the food in his mouth, giving him a moment to think. He did not know himself why he had requested Greer's presence, only that he wished for her to be with them. "Greer will come. I need her assistance with current Luna of Night Walker. I am not interested in dealing with the machinations of a woman right now."

Daniel nodded in understanding. He himself had hoped that his sister Helena would be the Luna. He had been hurt by her betrayal as well. 

"Why don't I join you, nephew? I could use a break from the politics of the kingdom as well." Emmett asked, breaking his nephew from what his knew was a painful inner turmoil. Jasper smiled for the first time in several weeks as he agreed to his uncle's request. 

As they finished breakfast, Emmett excused himself to go pack for the trip. "I will meet you at dawn." 

Emmett went to the archives first. He knew he had to find the ancient tome that contained the story of the Alpha Queen. Something in his old bones told him that Jasper was in for than he could bargain for. Emmett had failed to protect Jasper twice now, once during the death of his parents and now again with Helena's betrayal. He vowed to himself to protect Jasper moving forward, even if that meant protecting him from himself.

As Jasper prepared for his travels, he couldn't stop his mind from wandering to Helena. She was a gorgeous woman. Standing at a little over 6 feet tall, her long legs and flowing auburn hair had been her most attractive traits. As he thought of her, he thought of the night he had discovered her betrayal. 


Jasper had gone to her chambers to invite her on a walk in the gardens. He had the mindset to take her as his chosen Luna and Queen, having never found his mate. Approaching her bedchambers, Jasper's superior hearing could make out the noises of an act he knew well. Anger burned in him as he sped up. 

Not wasting time to knock, he opened her door to find her astride another man in her bed. The bed they had shared so many times before. Her moans were like nothing he had ever heard. She seemed not to notice his presence as she continued to ride the man below her. Recognition clicked into place for Jasper, and he growled as his alpha aura released into the room. 

Helena turned, seeing him for the first time, and scrambled off the man. She reached for her dress that lay on the floor beside them, as words tumbled from her mouth. "Jasper, it's not what it looks like." she gasped. She dressed quickly, as did Robert, the captain of the royal army. 

"What does it look like, Helena?" Jasper spit. Orion was beyond angry, and Jasper was having a hard time controlling him. "Jasper, you don't understand." Helena started and Jasper growled again. "You are right. What I don't understand is why the woman I chose as a mate is in bed with someone else." he spit. 

His grip on Orion was slipping fast. Sending out a desperate mind link to his Beta, Jasper tried to keep Orion under control until his arrival. "Robert, he-he is-" Helena stuttered. She could see the anger in Jasper and was struggling to find words. She turned to look at Robert for help, and that was when Jasper saw the mark on her neck. 

Even though he understood the mark to be that of mates, Orion broke free of Jasper's control. Overpowering Jasper had been easy once Orion had used a fraction of his true power. He launched himself at the other man, attacking in blind rage. Orion was satisfied hearing the sickening way in which Roberts bones broke. He wasn't even trying to defend himself. Helena was screaming and crying in the background as Orion used his claws to scar the man's face.

It was only as his Beta made his presence known that Orion paid any attention to the others in the room. "Orion, you must stop. You will kill him." The Beta's wolf, Ulysses, said to him. Orion withdrew, only turning his anger on the woman before him. "You dare disrespect your King!" he growled. Jasper was fighting to regain control before he hurt the woman. 

"I didn't mean to. You don't understand." She pleaded. Orion growled, shaking the room around them. Jasper regained control only because Orion allowed him to. 

"I understand fully, Helena." He spoke. He only glanced at the wounded man before he came to a decision. Stowing the pain and betrayal within him, Jasper addressed his Beta. "Daniel, remove your sister from my castle and grounds. She is never to return here. If I see her again, she will suffer as Robert will." he said. 

"Jasper, he is my mate." Helena pleaded, tears still running down her face. Daniel had already grabbed her and was moving her towards the door. "Robert from this moment forth you are banished from Eldoria, to live as a rogue or if another kingdom should shelter you, so be it. You may visit the healing center to care for your wounds but if you choose to remain after you are healed, you will be executed." Jasper's words were cold. 

Helena screamed in pain as she felt the pack connection to Robert snap under Jasper's words. Anger returned to him in that moment and Jasper growled in his Beta direction. "I said remove her, Daniel. Now before I kill them both." his words carried the weight of an alpha order and Daniel did as he said.


As Jasper pulled himself from the memory of that horrible night, he sighed. Orion had been more than willing to kill everyone in that moment. If not for the love he bared Daniel or their father John, he would have banished Helena alongside her lover. 

Jasper closed the suitcase in front of him and went to his office to finish the work he knew was waiting for him. As he sat down behind his desk to work on the reports stacked in front of him, his dream from that morning crossed his mind again. He needed to find the woman from his dream, he was determined to. 

Unbeknownst to Jasper, the woman he had dreamed of was waiting for his arrival in Night Walker. Neither of them was prepared for the storm brewing on the horizon.

Chapter 2

Chapter Two: The Lycan King's Arrival

In the heart of the Night Walker pack, people moved around with an air of excitement. Everyone was preparing for the crowning of the Alpha heir, Jared. Everyone except Envy Misthaven, was more than excited for the ceremony. 

For Envy, it was nothing more than a direct slap in the face. As the Delta's daughter, Envy had grown up beside Jared all her life. He was mean and cruel to her, teasing her unrelentingly through most of her childhood. She was more than aware that this was just another dig at her on behalf of Jared. She felt that he had purposely scheduled his coronation on her 18th birthday.

Envy stood in her bedroom within her family's home, contemplating what was to be done. Her mother, Amy, entered without knocking. 

"Envy Misthaven, why have you not dressed yet?" The question held the intonation of a mother on the verge of losing her temper. Envy said nothing as she turned to face her mot


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