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Mated To The Shun Female Alpha

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She was sold out of her will to the prince of another clan by the people she considered as a family after the death of her father. As if it wasn't troubling enough on a full moon where her husband was supposed to shift into an alpha of their clan and take his red eyes, the doctrine changed in her favour thus changing the course of her life. She became a fugitive loved by no male leader. Her husband disappeared so as not to partake in her slaughter. She scrambled for her life as many wanted to kill her. However, dazzled by her beauty and his love for her, her husband the king decided to later come to her rescue but she was nowhere to be found. Will she forgive him? Or will he ever see her again?


Thank you for reading my book!. I hope you all enjoyed it and see what I try to portray.

Please don't read without leaving a comment. Please show support by liking my book. Encourage us and make us grow. Constructive criticism is welcome. Please don't be harsh with my soft soul.

Show love.

As I flew in the woods, the cold couldn't befriend me, as it swept across my face with rash; my fingers had married the wind as it went numb.

I throw my scarf over my head and tied it beneath my chin, trying to get little warmth, but it seems not to offer me any real comfort, neither from the cold breeze striking nor from the wolves in search of me.

My legs are filled with a burning sensation as i hurriedly stamp the cold grass, generating an uncomfortable heat. That was least of my worries as I went deeper into the woods.

If one ever told me in the past, that I would end up in this condition, I would have asked my dad to strike the person dead.


I'm Elite Eve Edward Jones, 17years old.

Edward Jones was my father's name. He named me after him being his only daughter and only child. Eve was my mother's name. My dad loved her so much, but she died birthing me and since then it has been my fault. For my father, I have always been considered a curse. Something I learned to live with.

Elite is the name my father had always conserved for a bouncing baby boy and heir. Unfortunately for him, the moon god gave him an heiress, who according to him and history, will never take after his throne. One of his greatest deceptions.

There was word around that he refused to carry me in his arms after my birth. They say that, when the nurse came with me in her arms, he left without turning back to her. He left me in the hospital and moved to his Palace. His Junior brother Edmonton took care of everything. He stayed back and made sure I was well taken care of.

On my birthday my dad lost two great things, first the love of his life, my mother and secondly the hope of ever having a male child. An heir to his throne. So you can imagine how much deception and rage he had towards me.


History always talks about very great male Alpha kings but no one ever mentions a great Luna Alpha.

The myth of 'no woman can be an Alpha' reigns amongst us!. Till date, it's a taboo!.

Thus, shall we get back into history?.

Where lots of female Alphas were been repudiated and killed by very selfish men as proof of their virility!.

Yet, no one dares speak out!. According to history, those women had never existed!. And will surely never exist!.

Why should women be killed for a gift from the god of the moon?. Again, Why is god of the moon doing nothing about this?. Or, Maybe Luna Alpha don't have a place as they have no value. This god must surely be a man!.

Regardless, I won't stand and watch these selfish men usurp my due, my gift, my freedom away from me!. Above all, I don't want to die!.

Here, I am today fighting to save my life. I ran away from my kingdom a few months after my Father's death, and a few months after my arranged marriage.

It's so weird to run few months after marriage, why will I get married before running, I wish I ran earlier the reason being that,

After the death of my father the Alpha and King of our clan, "the Solis clan". I wasn't given time to lament or cry like every other child is given. Instead, I was matched so that my partner will become the next Alpha and King!.

And guess who it was/is?.

OMG, Adams Toler, the only son of Alpha Demons Toler of "the Caelum" clan, the number one enemy of my late Father.

Mr. Demons Toler had always wanted to take over our clan in vain. Taking over our clan to be the Alpha of the two greatest clan. This will make him more influential and respected over the country like a semi god.

And I know my father would have been against this. However, marrying his son was a good way for me to f*ck my father's memory. Also, a good way to say goodbye to all kingship, Alpha-ship, and to all the childhood torture I endured just because of my s*x.

I planned to marry, make Adams king and alpha of our clan and later on reject him and move on with my life. Finish my studies. Why not?! Get married to a human. Have a normal life.

However, as they always say the bad seed never dies! Plans didn't work accordingly. My father's bondage kept on following me, and Adams wasn't made Alpha talk less of King after the long-awaited eclipse passed without rendering him Alpha. Instead, the red sight appeared in my eyes!.

And since that night, my life had become a nightmare. I keep running from one place to another.



They say I'm the first female Alpha!. The First Lady with the red eyes!.

Is it true? The myth of no woman can be an Alpha and king reigns amongst us!.

Now all clans want me dead. Even Alphas of other clans I never knew their existence emerged and wants me dead. This is because I'm a threat to all the selfish male leaders out there. Yet, hope to all the aspiring female leaders out there, "female king!." I say!..



I know you must surely be confused right now! It's because a lot had happened in just a few months than in 17years of my dormant miserable life.

So permit me to start from the very onset!


Chapter 1

•••• Elite's POV ••••


"Why does my father hate me?"

I asked the maid Maryline, who was in charge of me, timidly rubbing my eyes.

Her smile faded at the Sound of my sweet beautiful but in pain naive voice.

"Eve, how dare you say such a thing?"

She gently yelled in surp


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