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Mated to the broken alpha

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Jax I called out quickly rushed over to him. Jax, are you okay?. I brushed his hair away from his face. His beautiful eyes were deep red and he was covered in sweat. A...Aurora.He called my name in a whisper " You're here?. He said, fear evident in his voice. Of course I am. What the hell happened to you? Did you get into a fight? Are you hurt?. I questioned. My blood boiled at the thought of someone hurting him. If there was then I would snap all bones out of the culprit’s body. He shook his head. It's none of those things. He grabbed my waist, burying his face in my stomach. Then what was it?.


JAX’S POVI leaned back on my seat as I watched, Scarlett Marvins, my P.A explain our business proposal to the clients. I would have taken it in me to convince them but I had a lot of faith in her, she has never let me down." I would also like to tell you that our company works hand in hand with Rock Foundation Inc. That should be able to convince you that we only work with A+ grade materials that will ensure a longer lasting high-rise building." She said.I looked at the clients and I could see that they were very impressed with the proposal " You've been able to convince us to give you this contract to your company Miss Scarlett.... And the knowledge of your partnership with Rock Foundation Inc has sealed this deal." Mr Avardez, the representative of Skyline Organization, said with pride." We only hope that you do not disappoint us.” Another man, whose name I can't recollect spoke with a stern voice." Rest assured Sir, this isn't the first High-rise building we are dealing with and yours will be no different." Scarlett spoke with a gentle smile." Well since that is settled, we will like to be on our way. The contract document will be sent to you in a week's time and it would be nice if you can start the building by next month." Mr Avardez said to me as he rose to his feet." No problem Sir." I stood up as well, accepting his handshake " It's nice doing business with you."" Our pleasure." He said with a smile and left with his entourage.Immediately they left, Scarlett jumped for joy." I can't believe we actually got the contract." She screamed excitedly." It's not a big deal." I said with a smirk.She rolled her eyes " Of course it is. This contract will help us big time. We will be able to receive more contracts like this and our name will be more popular in the market because the big dogs in the business sector trust us with their building.” She said and a smile curls up my lips.Scarlett was right. If I played my cards right, my company will be on everyone's lips. " We should celebrate." I said with a grin " The guys and I are going to meet up at the Beat Five club. Interested?." I asked, my eyes glued to her." I'll pass. I don't fancy clubs and you know that?." She responded and I nodded.That I knew but I had thought that she might change her mind." Well then, how about taking today and tomorrow off?. You are always working, I bet you don't have a social life outside your work." I joked playfully." Of course I do. I just don't make it public like most people do." She replied and I raised my brow in doubt." Whatever you say Marvins." I said, obviously not believing her.I grabbed my car keys and my jacket." I'll see you on Monday, my dear." I said and walked out of the room. I drove straight home from work, to release the days tension and freshen up before going to the club. I drove to the club in my expensive baby, a Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+, she's a beauty and the ladies love her. The security guard greeted me as usual and my very own personal chauffeur drove my car to the garage. Staring at my phone, I realized that I haven't heard the voice of my best friend, Aurora. I dialed her number but ended it even before it rang. She's probably busy, I'll just go to her place tomorrow and give her the good news, she'll be so happy. It was because of her I was able to get the contract in the first place.I thought.I stood in front of the mirror, prepping my handsome face. Not trying to be a narcissist but I am one hell of a handsome dude. My jet black hair had this manly curliness, my eyes were a mixture of hazel and honey brown. I've never gone to a gym because my body was naturally ripping with muscles.All in all, I am one s*xy hunk of a man, or whatever the girls say.I went into the VVIP section of the club and met my friends there, already drinking and laughing" Look! The man of the hour has arrived." Davison did a mock salute and I smiled in response." Are you guys drunk already?." I asked with amusement." Of course not. I'm still sober enough to drive." Victor said. He doesn't look drunk and his words aren't slurring too." Not me." Raymond said with a grin. " I'm sooooooo drrunk....... I can al..almost s...s..see A-Amaya". He clapped his hands playfully." y..your whooole life." Angelo pointed at him. " About Amaya?." He added.Raymond nodded." You are f*ck*ng whipped." Davison shook his head slowly.I sat down in their midst, asking the bartender to get me a flaming dragon, one of the hardest drinks. I wondered how I was to tell them the good news if they might not remember it tomorrow morning." Are you trying to kill yourself?." Victor screamed loudly, his voice almost overcoming that of the music." No! I'm trying to get wasted." I smirked." I'm already picturing the funeral of the lady that follows you home tonight. That drink ain't for kids." Raymond said, almost sounding sober, like he wasn't just confessing his love to the stars a while ago." I'm not like you weaklings. I can handle my alcohol better than you and I'm sure the flaming dragon is nothing." I defended. I wasn’t ready to prove that to them anyways." Suit yourself." Angelo dismissed me with a wave. Weirdo!." I just signed a contract with Skyline Organization." I finally said and watched their faces lit up.Raymond choked on his drink.Angelo tumbled over his drink.Davison stared at me with his drink pouring down his mouth.Victor looked at me so fast I could almost swear his neck snapped.It was as though they had heard a miracle happen instead. Like I had said that I turned water to some amazing juice." Holy Fudgecake!!!." Angelo screamed and slapped his palm on his cheeks " Tell me you are joking." He said, his voice filled with excitement and plea." I'm as serious as they come." I said with pride."Dude! Congratulations." Victor hugged me tapping my back gently."You didn't say anything about you owning Rock Foundation, did you?." Davison asked and I shook my head in denial."No." I responded and he smiled in return.I heard someone call out my name and I immediately turned towards Davison.“ You called me?.” I asked and he shook his head in denial."Okay" I responded and gulped down my eighth cup and that seemed to do the trick because immediately my head started buzzing. I couldn't hear clearly almost like I just escaped an explosion.My eyes were turning seriously, and the world appeared upside down."Jax! Are you okay?." Victor asked worriedly."No. I think the drink just hit the spot." I responded and grabbed my car keys then shoved it into my pocket "I'll just go outside for a bit." I added.I walked out of the bar into the little forest just opposite it and sat on the bench. Breathing in fresh air and just staring at the stars.Jax!.Someone called out and I looked around me but no one was there. It called out again.Then the third time.Jax!.It was louder and this time I fell off the chair. The voice came from behind me but no one was there. Was I hallucinating?.I wondered." Who is it?." I screamed out into the night. I was starting to feel mad and maybe act like one." I'm in your head silly." The voice responded.But I knew that wasn’t possible. I knew if had to be the work of the alcohol." What!" I yelled and let out a laugh." I'm the voice in your head." It said and I let in more air to drive this out of my head." This is a joke. I’m sure." I said to myself and hit my cheeks twice to snap me out of it." You need to stop. Not that it matters, you are only hurting yourself." It said and I almost screamed.Why was it still talking? Why could I still hear it’s voice?."That's because I'm not your imagination, I'm your wolf, Jayden." It said and I immediately froze.W-wolf!.What wolf!.I said inside my head. "You know, wolf as in werewolf. The children of the moon goddess herself." It responded.How was it able to respond to my every thought unless….unless it was really true." Woah woah woah, hang on. What the hell are you talking about? Why am I even speaking to myself? I should never have taken that drink. I'm going mad." I said."Look, I don't have time to explain. What you need to do now is leave where you are and go deeper into the forest." Jayden or whatever it is said. But I can't believe I'm actually having an actual conversation with myself.“ And why would I listen to you?.” I questioned.“ Because I am about to shift.” It responded and all I did was laugh so hard.I settled back on the bench and relaxed my back instead. Never was I going to listen to a voice inside my head.The next thing I knew was that my wrist snapped. I was so shocked, that I didn't feel the pain for some seconds. My wrist f*ck*ng snapped! I howled in pain, as the rest of my bones snapped too. It felt like my body broke into a fever. My bones didn't stop breaking and reshaping.I couldn't stop shaking and my mouth continue to release screams and shouts of pain. And then it felt like a bucket of cold water was poured on me. The pain stopped and my body was finally at peace.I opened my eyes and my vision was cleared and sharper. The voice in my head was gone. The pain must have made me sober. The minute I tried to stand up, I fell back on my side and that's when I saw it........PAWS!!.What the.... I looked down at my body and I was a freaking wolf. A wolf!!!!.I screamed but it came out as a growl. The shock sent me flying backwards and I rolled on the ground, completely human but naked.I grabbed my car keys that were lying on the floor and raced for my car at the other end of the club. Everywhere was pitch black except the light from the club. I couldn't be more grateful for the extra shorts I kept in the back seat.I drove back home with one thought in mindWhatever happened tonight was definitely not an hallucination.


Aurora’s POV.

" You're fired!." The managing Director thundered and all I could think of was where had I gone wrong.

I couldn't think of anything I might have done that would have warrant this sudden termination of my job. It made no sense, you just can't wake up one morning and decide to fire your workers, it just isn't done that way.

" Sir! With all due respect. I don't think you've told me my crime or why I deserve a punishment as huge as this." I glared at the wolf who in his little narrow mind thought he ruled the world.

" How dare you question me? You're fired!." He roared loudly.

I laughed. " I don't think everything is alright with you sir. You can't fire someone you've already fired." I mocked.

No!. It wasn't an offense or a crime I committed. My job was terminat


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