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Next-door man

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“MATE!” Marion screamed excitedly. “Oh my gosh, Jimmy is our mate!” I was excited; happy even that this was the grande present the moon goddess had in store for me. This out- of- a- fairytale concept that was about to turn my life around for good but--- “I Jimmy Flicher of the Night gazer pack hereby reject you, Anna Jenson as my mate” My dream, my hopes were all shattered in that moment there and then. The moment of shock only lasted for just a short while before I felt a great and unbearable. Clenching to my chest as I slowly fell to the ground, I watched as jimmy turned away from me without unfeeling, leaving me alone by the doorstep. I gasped as I struggled to make my way back to father but it was to no avail. I’d given up all will to struggle back to my feet and remain on the ground but a loud sound; like a Vaseline crashing to the ground behind me jolted me up. On getting to my feet and looking back, I saw father on the floor. Adding two and two together, I knew he must have seen Jimmy reject me and that had caused him to pass out. I’d immediately rushed over to his side, shaking him fervently, imagining the worst. “Father! Father, wake up!” But he didn’t budge and with that, I was left with no choice than to call the ambulance which brings me to how I got to this hospital. Today was my birthday, the day Jimmy rejected me, the day father passed out from shock, the day I would never forget in my life.


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