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Maid for her Alphas

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A poor girl, three Handsome princes and she is meant to serve them all. Neck deep in her parent's debt, She sold her virginity to the highest bidder, S*xy Billionaire, Allan is who she encounters. He sells her a deal to save her from selling herself, and this deal is going to threaten to shake the core of her existence just yet. When she is betrayed by her best friend, the three wolves are there to protect her. But what happens when the time comes for her to choose who will be her mate among them? The three of them are quite insistent on her picking them

Chapter 1 - Working off the debt

Sophia repeated to herself over and over again, "Mama has to be alright! Mama's gonna be alright!" She wiped the dining table clean, although it was already spotless, and furrowed her brow, frustration evident as she tucked a few stray strands of hair behind her ear. Beads of sweat covered her chest as she worked, she had no time to rest.

Suddenly, her best friend and co-worker, Becky, coughed loudly, snapping Sophia out of her thoughts. Becky was in the same grade at school as Sophia and lived in the same neighbourhood. She knew all about Sophia's troubles and why she had been feeling down lately.

"The head chef needs you in the kitchen," whispered Becky as she rushed by Sophia, carrying a tray of food. The aroma from the tray made Sophia's stomach grumble, and she realized that she had not had time to eat yet. Unfortunately, eating was not allowed during work hours.

Sophia smoothed down her short working gown and made her way to the kitchen. The head chef was stir-frying spaghetti when she arrived, and the delicious smell made her mouth water. "Don't drool over the customers' food, girl!" he shouted, irritated, through his face mask.

Sophia looked away from the food and at the head chef instead, despite the fact that he didn't like it when she did so. He always said that her eyes looked like those of a scavenger, and he didn't appreciate them on him

"Did you call for me?" Sophia asked.

"You've been serving food like you've lost your soul," he retorted, his tone harsh. The other chefs in the kitchen gave Sophia sympathetic looks, but they didn't defend her. She wasn't exactly their favourite employee.

"I'm sorry," Sophia apologized softly, hoping that he would stop nagging her and let her get back to work. Denying the accusation would only make him more irritable, and she had already had a headache for most of the day. The head chef ignored her, and Sophia remained standing there. She couldn't leave unless he dismissed her. Even though she saw that the other waiters were having trouble serving the food, she knew that she had to help.

The head chef began serving the spaghetti, and the delicious aroma made Sophia swallow, though she didn't dare make a sound. Her eyes were fixed on the rich red sauce that coated the pasta, especially the meatballs that were nestled in it. Each plate was decorated with spaghetti and topped with carrots and bell peppers.

"You're not the only one who misses your mother and wishes that something could be done to help your family. Your mother was a sweet woman, and we all miss her," the head chef said. Sophia's eyes welled up with tears at his words. Not everyone knew about her predicament, but his announcement was sure to make everyone pity her.

But she knew the truth. He was being two-faced. When her mother had become sick with tuberculosis and had to leave the restaurant, he had been the first person she had contacted for money. He had been a good friend of her mother's, but he had refused all contact with them since then. Sophia just wanted to leave his presence.

Becky was her saving grace; she was the most popular employee at the restaurant, and the men rarely questioned anything she said. They always danced to her tune. "Chef Bob, we need help in the back. Can Sophia go back to work? We have a backlog, and I really don't want the manager to question me," Becky said.

"I'm sure your backside can handle all the questions," Mark, another waiter, joked. He was a good-looking guy with multiple tattoo piercings that Sophia never bothered to count. Mark was a charmer, hired primarily for his good looks, but he had proved to be efficient over time. He winked at Becky, who smiled back. Sophia didn't care about their secret communication - she just wanted to leave.

"Alright, you can go," the chef dismissed her with a wave of his hand, not bothering to look at her. Sophia walked away without a backward glance, ignoring Becky's sympathetic look, and focused on her work. She didn't want to mess up the job; she needed every penny she earned.

Sophia and her mother worked at the restaurant - her mother was a cook, and Sophia worked as a waitress. They both earned their income working alongside each other until her mother fell sick, and they barely had money to buy her medication. The initial treatment had cost them the mortgage on their house, and the deadline to pay up was fast approaching. Sophia could feel migraines hitting her regularly.

The restaurant's money only provided them with enough to eat, and the restaurant refused to pay any compensation fee, claiming that she hadn't contracted tuberculosis from the workplace. It was not a work-related illness, so she had only been laid off with that month's wages and nothing more.

Sophia was thankful that school was not in session so she could work full hours, but she was still a long way from paying the mortgage fees. She was exhausted and hungry.

By the end of the day, Sophia was tired, but she couldn't leave. She had asked for the duty of cleaning after work, which meant a little extra pay. With a sigh of despair, she watched as the staff members left one by one. Sophia took a seat on a chair, eyeing the dumpster that the restaurant had become. Her mother would need her help moving around at home, yet she had to clean.

She stood up and went to the water dispenser, filling a cup with water. She drank it in one gulp, and the coldness made her shiver as her teeth clenched against each other in protest.

Sophia removed her apron and dropped it on a nearby table. She removed her hair band, combed her hands through her hair, and tied it up again. Then, she started cleaning the place by picking up the leftovers.

The sound of the main door being opened again made Sophia run to the emergency alarm button on the wall. She paused when she heard snickering and laughter coming from the doorway

She dropped the bin bag she was holding and waited for her co-workers. Becky and Mark were giving her all the adult scenes she could watch on a free p*rn site. They were assaulting each other's mouths and clothes. Mark had his hands inside Becky’s shirt, and her moaning sounds showed they had no interest in stopping their make-out session anytime soon. Sophia picked up a half-filled bottle of soda and spilled it on the floor. It was probably going to be a headache for her to clean, but she needed to get the attention of the couple.

They sprang apart, smiling sheepishly. Becky smiled, arranging her clothes.

“Sorry about that,” Mark said, coming to pick up the bin bag from the floor in front of her.

Becky only mouthed a tiny sorry, her s*xy lips showing she had been thoroughly kissed. “I guess we scared this virgin shitless. You could use some practice, you know.”

“Whatever are you guys doing here?” Sophia asked, ignoring Becky’s jibe. Her best friend could be a pain at times, though her cheeks coloured at the thought. She didn’t envy Becky. She wanted her first time to be special, with the man she loves and hoped to marry, preferably her husband. No way was she going to give herself to a thousand tattoo-wearing boys like Mark. She wanted a happily ever after.

Becky winked at her and dropped the handbag from her shoulder. Sophia wondered how the bag had not fallen throughout her friend's kissing scenario. Becky proceeded to pick up a brush, grumbling as she did so, “I wonder why that stingy manager can't buy a freaking vacuum cleaner. It's so hard on us.”

Sophia rolled her eyes. Drama queen. “Why did you come back to help, really? I am fine. I can get it done, and besides, you know I need the extra pay.” She said the last part sadly, laughing to cover up her shame.

If Becky heard her, she didn’t show it. She went to the far end of the counter to begin her sweeping.

“We came back because of what the head chef said about your mum,” Mark muttered behind her.

Sophia was shocked at how close he was to her, and she took a few steps back. Her legs bumped into a table behind her.

“Hey, careful. No need to be afraid, princess,” Mark said, smiling at her. His eyes were all over her breasts, his interest showing plainly. His wolfish grin was set in place. His muscles glistened with sweat, and his strong arm scared her. She didn’t know Mark to be violent, but then she had not known Mark at all. Her mother’s presence at the restaurant made the men stay clear of her.

"I'm not afraid," Sophia blurted out, though she hated the trembling in her voice. She bit her lower lip until she drew blood, but it only seemed to amuse Mark, who stepped closer to her. Sophia quickly glanced at Becky, who was pretending to sweep. Her friend could be such a ditz sometimes.

"Calm down, Sophia," Mark said. "As much as I'd like to ask you out, I still have some sympathy. And I think you need something else right now more than you need my love."

Sophia wanted to tell him she didn't need his love at all but stopped herself just in time.

Mark placed his hands on her shoulders, but seeing how uncomfortable she had become, he let them drop. "Hmm, Becky told me about your mortgage, and how you and your mum might lose your home."

Becky coughed loudly and sheepishly made her way over. "How could you? That was supposed to be a secret!" Sophia shouted at her best friend.

"Come off it," Becky replied. "I had to talk to somebody. You keep all your troubles to yourself, and I had no solutions whatsoever. I couldn't just watch you guys lose your home. And you know you can't board with me; I'm barely scraping by as it is." Becky's beautiful eyes were coated with pain.

Sophia felt bad for her outburst and took Becky's hands. "I'm sorry."

"Just hear me out," Mark said, regaining their attention. "I've got a solid plan. Do you know about the Zang Pack House?"

Sophia nodded. She knew of them—the werewolf gang of the city. Everyone stayed clear of them, and Sophia avoided their pack house like the plague. Those men were notorious and very dangerous. They were involved in most gang fights, and Sophia never envied the women who lurked in their arms.

"Becky told me you were a virgin," Mark continued, "and I think that alone can fetch you a lot of money."

Sophia's gaze went straight to Becky again. "I wish I was too, you know? So stop looking at me like that. I would have bought myself out of this poverty-stricken neighbourhood a long time ago," Becky defended herself, her guilt having obviously disappeared long ago.

Mark took Sophia's hand and made her face him, ignoring Becky. "The Zang Pack House has an underground ring where virgin girls can sell their virginity for millions of dollars. It all depends on how your client likes you, though. But you can be assured that you'll leave that place with nothing less than millions."

"What are you saying?" Sophia managed to ask, hoping against hope that he didn't mean what she thought he meant. She would not—she could not—sell her virginity.

Mark didn't read her mood, Sophia thought. She was already stressed about her mother's treatment bills and the mortgage, and now her co-workers were piling on more pressure.

"You need to make that money for the mortgage and your mother's treatment," Mark said firmly.

Becky chimed in, "I overheard the manager saying that he might lay you off if you even cough in this restaurant. I had to watch you all day to make sure you didn't cough."

"My mum is getting treatment, and she isn't even coughing," Sophia snapped. She didn't appreciate their suggestions.

"Don't think about yourself alone, Sophia. Think about your mum. She's sick, and you could make her lose her home. The bills are probably piling up," Mark persisted.

Sophia nodded unconsciously. Their electricity had been cut off recently, and she knew that water was next. All of her money went to her mother's medication and food. She hated seeing her mother in pain, but they had mountains of unpaid bills. And the mortgage was just something she couldn't afford on her own. There was no magic solution to the problem.

"I can get you into the ring. I have some werewolf friends who were part of the gang. You can be assured that it's exclusive. No one will know what happens in there, only the man. You'll be blindfolded, and you won't even see him. You can just lie there, let him do his thing, and you'll get your millions," Mark offered.

Sophia didn't like the suggestion, but she knew she had no other choice. "I'll think about it."

"Alright, and rest assured that our lips are sealed on this. You can trust us, Sophia. No one will know about it. I wish I still had my virginity to sell," Becky said, winking at Mark.

Sophia asked curiously, "It works for men too?"

"Yes, it does. Becky was kind enough to relieve me of mine," Mark replied.

Sophia wished she hadn't asked. She knew Becky was a free thinker when it came to s*x, and she slept with whoever, whenever. The girl certainly didn't behave like a high schooler.

"Think about it and let us know when you decide," Mark said in unison with Becky.

They both left immediately, with Becky blowing her a kiss. Sophia was not surprised. She knew there was no way Becky would be caught cleaning a place. Sophia hurriedly cleaned up, making sure the restaurant was spotless before leaving. She placed the key with the security guard and departed. Their neighbourhood was full of hoodlums who wouldn't care about a security camera; they could bypass it any time of day.

Walking home gently, Sophia branched to the local grocery store and bought a few groceries. She kept her eyes low as people glanced at her with sympathy. Obviously, it wasn't only Mark; Becky had also told people about their house issues. Sophia sighed, knowing she loved Becky so much despite her faults.

The house was dark when she got in. Sophia sighed and put on her phone torch, placing the phone face down. "Mum," she shouted as she took off her shoes and socks. "Mum," she cried as she entered her mother's room. Her mother was seated on the floor, her hair was loose, and she looked haggard and sick. Sophia's heart bled.

"I hate your father so much," her mother rasped out slowly.

Sophia rolled her eyes as she sat beside her on the floor. "Why do you say that? He died so long ago, and we are better off without him in our lives," Sophia said, holding her mother's hands. She knew the trouble her mother had faced while he was alive. They had fought almost every single day of his life until he died.

"That thief! He borrowed money in my name, you know it's a joint account. I didn't even know," her mother said.

"What are you talking about?" Sophia asked.

Her mother handed her the folded letter that was in her hands. Sophia unfolded it, and the figures were staggering. Suddenly, her mother pushed her, and she hit the floor with her hand. "Go, Sophia. You can make it on your own. You don't have to sit here and mop up after me," her mother cried, tears falling from her eyes.

"How could he do this? Isn't he supposed to get your signature before doing this?" Sophia asked, bewildered.

"My signature is on it, though I don't know how it got there. You have to leave, Sophia. They can come here to imprison me anytime, and I will hate to have you in their clutches," her mother cried, pushing Sophia again.

"How can you ask me to leave you?" Sophia cried.

"You can. You just have to go out the door, rent yourself a nice studio room. At least you should be able to afford that."

"I am not leaving," Sophia cried. Leaving her mother's room, she entered her own room and flopped headfirst on the bed, her breasts squashed against the pillow. A thought came to her mind.

She stood up from the bed and went to stand in front of her mirror. Her own reflection spoke back at her.

Perhaps she could do this. She could save herself and her mother from living on the streets.

Chapter 2 - Encountering Prince Charming

Walking to work the next morning, Sophia made sure she left early so that she would arrive on time. The sky was still dark when she left home. Chef Bob wanted the place sparkling clean at all times. Every table should be so clean that one could see their reflection on them.

The sky was yet to clear up properly. Sophia could see a few joggers and stretchers lining the walkway, so she felt a bit safer. However, the neighbourhood was not entirely safe, and she had to be careful at all times. With the Zang Packhouse just a few blocks away, she had every reason to be wary. Werewolves and humans always fought over who owns what and who has more rights to enter what place. Their popular form of fighting was over a girl. Sophia knew her own body was a huge attraction, which is why she made sure to wear loose clothing on her way to work. She would then change into her uniform at work where they could not touch her inappropriately.

While walking by the Zang Packhouse, she could s


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